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06-03-2006, 15:38
Helly guys, I stopped doing my Sláine list a while ago, due to some terrible losses. But just after I had red some cool army Blogs I just got back the WFB fever.

It's suppossed to be an all incomer tourny list, and I would like you guys to rate it..

Thanks in Advance.


Sláine (Exalted Champion of Chaos):
Great Weapon; Additional Hand weapon; Gaze of the Gods; Enchanted Shield
Barded Chaos Steed

Rudraige (Exalted Champion of Chaos):
Great Weapon; Additional Hand weapon; Book of Secrets; Shield
Barded Chaos Steed

Kharnok (Sorcerer of Chaos):
Sword of Battle; Dispel Scroll(x1)

Morgain (Sorcerer of Chaos):
Dispel Scroll(x2)

Core Units:

2x 6 Marauder Horseman:
Flails; Musician; Champion

2x 29 Marauders of Chaos (Joined by the Sorcerers):
Light Armour; Shield; Full Command

2x 6 Warhounds

Special Units:

2x 5 Chosen Knights of Chaos (Joined by the Exalteds)
Musician; Champion

2x 6 Wolfkin (Flayerkin)

Total: 2000 points
DD: 5 (3 Dispel Scrolls)
PD: 5
Total Models: 96

06-03-2006, 21:52
you need to work on the characters. You do need the hand weapons, stick with great weapons, toss out the book of secrets and make your sorcerers lvl2s and give them 2dispel scrolls and a powerstone. as for the marauders, take em down to 24 give your knights the mark of of slaanesh .

06-03-2006, 22:14
The characters will join the chosen for some hard punch, I do know that they arn't that good in duels but I will just have to accept that.

I was planning to keep most of the army Undivided or Unmarked. So I will not change their marks. The big marauder units never have failed on me. If seen them soak up 3 turns of multiple BT fire, I really love these guys.

The Magic idea is a good one, thanks for that tip. I think that I will try both armies, one with more Magic and the low-one (this one). Because I'm not a huge fan of magic, though they will be using lore of Shadows...

I'm still not sure about tossing the book, an 3rd lvl 1 wizard does give you a nice 5 DD that 2 wizards can't composate.

09-03-2006, 12:57
You have a point, however, it costs around forty something and gives on more dispel dice? I would rather pay 50for a scroll and an extra power dice and an extra spell. I personally (don't hate me) carry 4-5dispel scrolls when I face magic heavy armies 4xscrolls for the sorcerers and as for my other exalted I give him the enchanted shield, talisman(6+ward save), and the fifth dispel scroll, now if I face ogres and other expensive armies I give this exalted here the berserk sword and enchanted shield and stick him with about 24marauders. Fun, no?

09-03-2006, 16:54
Yeah thanks for the tips, I do think you have a point about the magic. I will drop the shield on Rudraige and the Sword of Batle on Kharnok for an extra level.

Please remeber this will be an all round list to thake up all incomers and indeed Bezerker sword is a real nice combo against Ogres.

Also I could add a scroll, but I also face a lot of low-magic armies and I think 3 scrolls just is ballenced to deal with non-magic and heavy-magic. At least that's the plan ;)

I still have to test the army though.

09-03-2006, 18:59
hmmmm, I just noticed that we did not mention much about chariots......do you like chariots? having a chriot or two can really give your opponent a scare. 3+armor save S5 and T5 with D6+1 attacks...ouch! I had a very successful all cav army, (it was a marauder/ chaos knight army). well anyways, good luck!

09-03-2006, 21:18
They rock, but in Archy's Horde they are special choises, I do need the flayerkin (wolfkin) and so I don't have the options.

Thanks for saying though.

I also will have a 250 edit after the 2K is finished, something like 2x Slaanesh spawn (will be a converted stag and a bear hence the speed increase )and a unit marauder horseman, or some heroe upgrades ;)

More ideas welcome.

09-03-2006, 23:02
Killax: is this based on the judge dredd mini comic book character? If so, it would be cool to see slaine in his guise as robin goodfellow and use the bloodthirster stats.

09-03-2006, 23:12
A nice, someone who knows the comics ;)

I indeed semi-based the sláine model on the comic. In my first list I hold on much more to the comic than to the WFB fluff. Now it's a mixture of WFB the Comic (wich includes many more mixes) and on a true Celtic god "also" know as the horned god.
I've changed that a bit now. It will be more fitting to WFB.

Using the stat lines for a Bloodthirster however I think is a bit overdone, I have tought about a Deamon Prince with some nice stuff tough. But there's only one comic where he does really change in a slaughtering beast with wings.

Hence I took gaze of the Gods, the name is more suitable and the effects also the spasms he has make him look more like a spawn than a daemon.

Offcourse, more comment is welcome.

10-03-2006, 00:35
hmmmm, How about makiong one spawn into a fiend of slaanesh and the other to a firewyrm of tzeentch S3 flame template yeah! especially when you fight a bunch of nude or light armored models, plus it can slow down skirmishers, say, wardancers? and definatley get more marauder horsemen, and bump up the flayer kin, they have but T4 to protect them and they have2attacks with the killing blow!

10-03-2006, 08:31
Bumping the Flayerkin also is a cool idea, still have to test them though :skull: Firewyrms are pritty cool, have to see if they work though. Most of my 2/d6 moving spawns are dead before they reach CC...

More tips welcome.