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01-09-2010, 15:29
The Tale of Gandork Da Madd

The loss of Morko had been a big blow to the Orc race, and it was now time for a new warboss to rise from the ashes. The only question was who would be brave enough to step up in this brave new world...

Miles away from where Morko fell, the orc known as Gandork, who was just a big 'un at the time, was part of a Waaagh!!! making their way into a dwarf hold. He got separated from his group and was making his way through some halls when he saw a spectacular sight... a human mage fighting a large deamon!

Gandork smiled as he expected the deamon to rip the puny human apart (while at the same time thinking about how he would take on the deamon) when suddenly the wizard yelled something, hit the ground, and both man and deamon fell into a large hole that opened up beneath them.

The only thing that remained was the wizard's hat...

Looking to grab it before someone else did, Gandork rushed over and grabbed the hat, and then promptly tossed it on his head. The second he did this his mind was filled with a jumble of arcane knowledge.

Symbols, hand gestures, and secret magical ingredients all became known to him as if he had been in training for years, yet at the same time it was so much knowledge that it was overwhelming!

Gandork would have taken the hat off, but just then he was startled by a number of dwarf ironbreakers that had found him and were currently encircling him.

With his mind still a blur he looked at the stunties with rage, and then... half of them burst into flames! He couldn't understand what was happening so he tried again... melting the armor off most of the rest, making the dwarfs scream while they were burned alive.

Gandork smiled and tried to finish off the last one, and this time the ironbreaker fell to his knees as his strength was stolen away from him, making it a simple case of walking over and slamming his choppa into the back of the dwarfs neck.

Maybe this wizard's hat would be some fun after all...

It wasn't long before other greenskins learned of Gandork's power and flocked to him.

Now was the time of a new Waaagh!!! and The Tale of Gandork Da Madd...

The List:

Orc warboss w/ wizard hat, light armor, shield
Lvl 4 night goblin great shaman w/ staff of sneaky stealing

Black orc bigboss BSB w/ spirit totem, heavy armor
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon

50 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
50 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
50 night goblins w/ nets, banner, musician
50 night goblins w/ nets, banner, musician
50 night goblins w/ nets, banner, musician
20 night goblins w/ bows, banner, musician
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician
5 spider riders w/ musician

5 squig herds
Orc chariot
Orc chariot
Orc chariot
Wolf chariot
Wolf chariot
2 chukkas
2 chukkas

Doom diver

Total: 2999

The Challenge of the Tale:

I will play ten games with this list and see how many I can win. If I win more than six I will deem it a success.

For you guys, as usual, the challenge is to guess how well I will do :)

The Reports:


01-09-2010, 15:35
Where are the fanatics? :(

01-09-2010, 16:16
How are you going to run the bosses?

And 170 night goblins with 0 fanatics... why not trade the 20 man unit for some?

Certainly an interesting list, still voted for 5 wins though. (That way it's more likely you suprise me happily)

01-09-2010, 16:33
Fanatics don't do as much against hordes, and the bosses will be placed as needed.

Default would be 2 per main unit, but at times I will toughen up one more than an other.

01-09-2010, 16:52
Please tell me that you are making a Gandork model. :)

01-09-2010, 17:12
Made and being painted :)

Pretty simple stuff though, just a wizard hat one a warboss model with a converted weapon. Nothing too crazy :)

01-09-2010, 19:46
sweet, make sure to post a pic :)

Ultimate Life Form
01-09-2010, 19:52
Oh no, the return of Azhag! :eek:

And what happened to Morko? :(

BTW I think Gandork should have a thorougth luck around, I have a hunch there are Halflings nearby. ;)

01-09-2010, 20:37
And what happened to Morko? :(


also found here


01-09-2010, 22:59
K that's kinda ugly lol. You are going to be facing DarkPeach tonight so this shld be interesting :D.
Btw I voted 4wins :)

The Blue Guy
02-09-2010, 06:42
First time I've seen a Black Orc warboss with only light armour...

Anyway, you're a pretty tricksy bugger Mal and your list is quite strong so I voted for 8 wins. A Black Orc warboss with a crazy hat what can possibly go wrong? :evilgrin:

02-09-2010, 13:55
First time I've seen a Black Orc warboss with only light armour...

Sorry, he's just a plain warboss.

List fixed.

My game last night was INSANE!!!

I'm writing it up now and I promice it will be a good read :)

02-09-2010, 14:02
Hmmmm... well mal, list is solid. Good luck.

i voted 10 wins anyway ;) WAAAAAAGH!!!

02-09-2010, 15:37
I approve of Gandork and his Dunce Cap!

I voted 7 wins. The Dunce Cap keeps my TK in every game I've played so far that I've fielded it in...even otherwise bad, off-the-wall lists that shouldn't work in the slightest that I run when feeling "emo." The right BRB lore can make even the worst list somewhat functional!

I predict nothing less for Gandork and this list is actually good imo (even if is conspicuously bereft of Savage Orcs) :D

02-09-2010, 17:23
Aw Hell, It’s Hellebron!

Gandork’s Waaagh!!! had only just started when it ran into a serious problem.

As the horde made it’s way toward a simple settlement they had the unfortunate luck of having a witch elve coven attacking it at the same time, and to make things worse it was being lead by none other than Crone Hellebron herself!

Screaming like a banshee and slaughtering the peasants like sheep, even the orcs had to appreciate the fury and raw brutality.

Neither force had really expected to be facing another army, and as such regiments on both sides were still straggling behind. Tactically minded generals would have waited to be in full force and to rank up before running into battle… but come on, this was some raging orcs and berserk witch elves we were talking about…

Opponent’s list(ish):

Crone Hellebron
Lvl 4 supreme sorceress (dark) w/ dagger, pearl

Death hag w/ cauldron of blood
Death hag BSB w/ ASF banner

48 corsairs w/ FC, frenzy banner
30 spearmen w/ FC
20 witch elves w/ FC
20 witch elves w/ FC
10 crossbowmen w/ shields
10 crossbowmen w/ shields
10 crossbowmen w/ shields

~20 executioners w/ FC


I’m going to make this a Youtube report on the week end, but for now here is the written report.


The mission we got was the Meeting Engagement one, the one where you deploy diagonally. We used a 6X4 board and there was quicksand against the left board edge, blood wood one my bottom left, an obstacle in the center of my zone, a good guy settlement in the bottom right, a wild wood on the top right, and a building in the center of her zone (that’s right, we have two women in our group now!).

I won the right to pick sides (and deploy everything first) and after rolling I had a unit of night goblins, the bunker, and the doom diver in reserve (not too bad). I deployed from left to right: orc horde, 4 chukkas behind the obstacle, all five chariots w/ night goblins behind w/ warboss, BSB, 3 big bosses, and shaman, a herd to their right, and a night goblin unit guarding the right side w/ 3 big bosses. I also had spiders in the wild wood and the wolves to the right of it.

She then deployed from left to right: both RBTs on the left board edge (just off of the quicksand), corsair horde w/ crossbowmen behind, witches w/ Hellebron and cauldron behind, executioners w/ BSB and hydra behind, *building*, crossbowmen, and finally witches. In reserve she had another unit of crossbowmen, the spearmen, and her supreme sorceress.

After deployment I vanguard up my spiders, and then (to my horror) she steals first turn by rolling a 6!

Pre-Game Thoughts:

This was going to be interesting. To start off with I had never played against this player before (DarkPeach), and although she was relatively new to the game I knew that she has beat Seabo several times, had been given a dark elve tactical lecture before the game, had help on her list, and she knew my list from seeing it on Warseer. So really I had no idea what I could take for granted going into this, and had no idea how she would play.

Originally I had the fast cav set up to hit her war machines that I assumed would be at the back, but with the RBTs being on the left flank, and her getting the first turn, they were basically useless.

Now because of my chariot line most of her units were further back so I wasn’t too worried (only the corsair horde looked to be in range) and since Gandork got lore of life with throne of vines and flesh to stone (nice!) I figured I would have some time to beef things up.

So really the plan was to beat the horde first, shoot up the hydra, and smash her center blocks with chariots so that when it came time they would be weak enough for my blocks to take on. On the right flank I just planned to be defensive.

Turn 1 DE:

The corsair horde and Hellebron’s unit declare a charge into my orc horde, and after rolling an 11 for Hellebron’s charge they are both in :eek: (this was bad…), and the right witches charged my wolves who fled and just barely got away after she rolled another 11.

She brings all her reserves on, with the spearmen w/ sorceress coming on the right side and the crossbowmen coming in the left side. Mean while the cauldron rushes up to support her charge, it is guarded by the hydra, and the rest holds back.

In the magic phase I stop the first two spells that tried to blast my spiders but then she gets off black horror with IF, killing 2 and I pass panic. The miscast losses her 3 magic levels and the only spell she now knows is word of pain. This was critical as now even though it looked like I was about to have my butt handed to me in combat, at least I would dominate the magic phase.

Shooting wipes out the spiders and 3 wounds are done to one of my boar chariots.

In combat, yeah you guessed it, my orcs are slaughtered (although I kill a handful back) and the corsairs run them down (barely staying on the board) while Hellebron’s witches overrun into a bolt thrower.

Looking at the board it was obvious I was in BIG trouble, but I had one trick up my sleeve… hand of gork…

Turn 1 Orcs:

Stupidity is passed (and always will be) and animosity does nothing of note.

A wolf chariot and a boar chariot charge the cauldron while the other three chariots charge the hydra. I also bring all my reserves in on the first turn and have the night goblins head after the RBTs, the orc horde comes in behind the corsair horde, the bunker comes in behind my center night goblins, and the doom diver comes in by the settlement.

The orc horde swift reforms and moves to face the rear of the corsair horde (the blood wood eats two of them and moves towards the RBTs), the main characters move to the bunker while the center night goblin unit reforms to face Hellebron, and the right night goblins move towards her right witches (I’m thinking I can beat them thanks to my characters and hunt down the spearmen) and the wolves keep running.

In the magic phase I get off throne of vines on Gandork, skin to stone on the center night goblins, and then (most importantly) hand of gork the orc horde into the rear of the corsair horde.

Shooting kills 2 executioners.

In combat Hellebron kills the spear chukka with poison alone and the unit reform to face the center night goblins, my horde beats his and I let him run off the board while I reform to face hellebron’s rear, the cauldron is wiped out (which panics the crossbowmen) and my chariots over run, and my chariots manage 3 wounds on the hydra and she wins after she destroys both boar chariots but the wolf chariot holds.

At this point I felt I was taking back control but I still had Hellebron in the middle of my lines, bad placement of my general and BSB due to the late bunker, and the chariot/hydra combat had been very costly.

Turn 2 DE:

Hellebron’s witches charge the center night goblins while the right witches charge the right night goblins. The crossbowmen rally, the executioners reform to face my overrunning chariots, and the right crossbowmen and spearmen move up.

Her 2 dice magic phase is shut down, and then in the shooting phase she kills some orcs and does 3 wounds to the boar chariot.

In the combat phase the hydra finishes off the wolf chariot, the right witch elves kill so many night goblins that it brings them out of range of the general and BSB so they break but luckily get away, and then after some back and forth from Hellebron and my toughness 7 night goblins (even netted she wounded me on a 2+!) I lose and failed my LD 9 steadfast break test… so I reroll… and fail again (!!!) and she runs me down!

Things had just gone from bad to worse. I now was down two hordes, one was fleeing, and two units of witch elves (including Hellebron!) bearing down on my bunker… and it was only the top half of turn 2!!!

Turn 2 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing of note.

Left night goblins charge the first RBT, the wolf chariot charges the rallied crossbowmen, and the boar chariot survives stand and shoot to charge the center crossbowmen, and both the night goblins and the wolves rally (the night goblins are set up to have both witch units on their front arc).

The orcs swift reform to get ranks and move towards the hydra, the squig herd also looks to pin in the wounded hydra, and the bunker scoots to the side to be out of charge arc of Hellebron.

In the magic phase I hand of gork the rallied night goblins into Hellebron.

In the shooting phase the doom diver scatters, and the spear chukkas fail to do anything to the hydra. *sniff*

In combat the RBT is beaten and ran down as the night goblins run into the second RBT, the wolf chariot beats the crossbowmen but fails to catch them, the boar chariot beats the crossbowmen and runs off the board, and Hellebron and my night goblins trade blows (Hellebron now has 8 witch elves left).

Turn 3 DE:

Hydra charges the orcs (terror passed), and right witch elves charge the flank of the right night goblins. The crossbowmen fail to rally but stay on the board, and the executioners start making their way to my left night goblins.

I stop her magic but then she dispels flesh to stone (oh oh…)

In her shooting phase she kills a good amount of squigs.

In combat I kill just one crew member and then the RBT rolls insane courage to hold (so much for running away from the executioners…), I do a wound to the hydra but the hydra wins by one and I break but get away, and in a scene of massed slaughter so many night goblins are killed that the night goblins aren’t steadfast, they break, and are ran down.

So my bunker now has two units staring them in the face (Hellebron + 4, and 12 in the other unit), and my last two hordes looked doomed. Yikes… nuff said.

Turn 3 Orcs:

Animosity has it’s only real effect all game and makes the squig herd squabble (no hand of gork for them…).

The wolf chariot forces the fleeing crossbowmen off the board, and the bunker makes a desperate charge into the right witches. However the orcs fail to rally and run off the board. Then the boar chariot comes back on and the wolves move towards Hellebron.

In the magic phase I give the bunker +4 toughness, but it’s in the shooting phase that a miracle happens… one bolt thrower kills the hydra, the other two and the arrows kill Hellebrons guard, and then a doom diver lands straight on Hellebron’s head to kill her… THANK GOD!!!! *deep breath of relief*

In combat the night goblins finish off the RBT and reform to face their doom, and in the bunker/witch combat… yeah… that didn’t go as planned… you see even though I was toughness 7, she rolled a bunch of poison, so in the end the bunker was 9 strong, she had 4 witches left, and thanks to steadfast I held.

Things were going better… maybe I could pull off a tie…

Turn 4 DE:

Executioners charge the night goblins.

Magic phase makes the squigs WS1 and in the shooting phase more squigs are killed (so they are pretty useless now).

In combat the night goblins are massacred with no damage done back and I’m ran down after a failed steadfast, and in the bunker combat the bunker is down to 3 and the witches are down to 2 (die damn you die!!!).

Turn 4 Orcs:

The wolves run away, the herd makes a desperate run for the building, and the chariots move towards the right side.

Magic and shooting brings the crossbowmen down to 3.

In combat I finish off the witches but now the bunker consists of only 1 model.

Turn 5 DE:

In a move that surprised me, the crossbowmen and spearmen dual charge the herd, mean while the executioners swift reform to move towards the center.

In the magic phase the squigs become WS 1, they are beaten in combat and explode, killing off the rest of the crossbowmen.

So as it stood now I wasn’t sure if she was winning or if it was a tie so once again I had to try something desperate…

Turn 5 Orcs:

Wolves continue to hide, and the warboss and BSB break away to fight the spearmen block on their own (mainly hoping to assassinate the supreme sorceress).

Magic and shooting bring the spearmen down to 12.

Turn 6 DE:

Executioners make a desperate long charge but fail, and spearmen decide not to charge (drat!).

A 3 dice magic phase is shut down.

Turn 6 Orcs:


The general’s unit (him and BSB) auto pass and move up, and then charges the spearmen while both chariots hit the rear.

I skip the pointless magic and shooting phase and go straight to combat where the spearmen are completely wiped out and I run down the supreme sorceress!

Thanks to this last turn effort there is no doubt that the orcs are victorious.

Victory to the Orcs! (1 win for Gandork)

All around him the earth was stained red with blood… his horde had suffered unthinkable losses… however, they had won!

What remained of the dark elve force retreated from the field, and Gandork’s forces were left to claim the corpse covered field.

It would take time to rebuild, but without a doubt such a victory would soon bring scores of greenskins to Gandork’s feet, all looking to fight for this strange warboss with the weird blue hat.

Post-Game Thoughts:

That… was… BRUTAL!!!

Out of the 330 models in my army, only 15 remained at the end of the battle. That’s only a 4.5% survival rate!!!

So what happened?
1. Obviously having first turn stolen away didn’t help,
2. Getting the initial long charge with Hellebron put me on my heels,
3. High toughness means nothing against poison, and
4. Failing rerollable stubborn Ld 9 break test was a kick in the nuts.

Tactically I also have myself to blame as I think I spread myself out too thin, and didn’t keep my hordes within my general/BSB bubble. I also should have charged the regular witch elves rather than Hellebron with my rallied night goblins so I could avoid an additional round of Hellebron damage plus having shooting and magic open on Hellebron’s witch elves.

But in the end it was a hell of a fun and exciting game, coming right down to the final turn to determine the winner.

I don’t know how often DarkPeach will be able to make it out to our gaming group, but it looks like I need to fit the vicious Hellebron into my local meta-game ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

02-09-2010, 18:40
A great report as always! Hellebron seems to be a beast in combat if he can kill T7 goblins easily.

02-09-2010, 19:55
well done darkpeach ;)
A nice start for the guy in the aluminium hat then, I think O&G has greater potential than ever with 8th, and your goblin chief spam is a cool way to fit in some killyness as well.

I vote for 8 victories out of ten (one loss will be due to animosity, remember I called it first)

02-09-2010, 20:19
I'm running a tournament this weekend, but if there are odd numbers then I'll get to join in as the alternate :)

So I might have three more battles right away here.

02-09-2010, 22:13
Bravo on an impressive start :D.
Also extremely good showing for a list that we threw together on the fly lol. And to think she wanted to take 4 units of Witches......
This is just the start to the Heelebron pain lol. Wife loves the Khainite fluff and is planning on a very, very heavy Witch, Executioner and DeathHag army...
Be afraid....be very afraid...

03-09-2010, 02:59
What was the final points tally because it sounded like a really close game? Well, done on both sides.

03-09-2010, 06:14
That is an amazing game - sounds like a hell of a time and was a great read as well! Congrats on the win, and I think that you should listen to Seabo and be very afraid.

03-09-2010, 12:49
What was the final points tally because it sounded like a really close game? Well, done on both sides.

I had 1098 points left on the board and she had roughly 450.

If I hadn't wiped out those spearmen and supreme sorceress last turn it probably would have been a tie.

03-09-2010, 19:51
Nice to see dark elves without the Deathstar unit, good job both sides

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
04-09-2010, 03:38
Definitely a fun thread for a fun army list. I'm looking forward to Gandorkk's next battle.

06-09-2010, 23:15
Youtube reports added.

The Blue Guy
07-09-2010, 06:27
Now that hat is just full of WIN and it's blue too! :D

But is it worth 100 points?

07-09-2010, 14:06
Now that hat is just full of WIN and it's blue too! :D

But is it worth 100 points?

Well I would be spending about 100 points on a shaman anyway, and this way I have access to all the great new lores :)

08-09-2010, 20:24
Gandork's blue, dabedidabdy, bidabedidabey!

Gotta love that hat.

10-09-2010, 10:56
Awesome Report! That was a bloodbath.

Cheers for the written report. far easier to read at work where Youtube is banned :)

11-09-2010, 05:27
Vampire Pass

As expected it didn't take long for hordes of greenskins to form up around Gandork da Madd and his fancy wizard hat, and so the warboss's Waaagh! could continue.

Along the way the grunts and growls you would expect from a mass of orcs and goblins was replaced by oooohs and aaaaws as they watch's their leader turn trees into rabbits, rabbits into dwarfs, and dwarfs into pancakes. They had no idea that Gandork had very little control over what he did, and if he didn't keep his attention on other things his own army would most likely suffer the same fate.

Eventually they slowed as the world's edge mountains came into view. They would have to make their way through one of the passes, and one could never be sure where the dwarfs could be hidding a fortification.

Slowly they made their way over the pass, spreading out for safety, and eventually they did run into trouble, but it wasn't dwarfs... it was vampires!

Neither army really had anything against the other; they were simply two armies traversing a pass in opposite directions... but in the warhammer world there is never time for tea and only time for war!

Bellowing out the order to attack (while at the same time accidentally lighting his pants on fire) Gandork lead the horde to war...

His List(ish):

Lvl 3 vampire lord w/ frost blade, reroll to fit, dread knight, +1 CR
Vampire w/ dread knight, infinite hatred, blood drinker
Vampire w/ sword of might, 2+ save
Wight king BSB on barded steed w/ great weapon

42 ghouls w/ ghast
50 zombies
20 skeletons w/ FC
Corpse cart w/ balefire
Corpse cart w/ balefire

17 grave guard w/ great weapons, FC, banner of barrows
6 black knights w/ FC

3 wraiths w/ banshee



Post-Game Fluff:

Gandork was laughing as he turned the enemy's weapons to ice and covered them with hamsters, but then something weird happened... the wizard hat farted...

The spells and images that had once filled his mind disappeared in an instant and all of a sudden he was just a plain orc in a stupid hat... this would have to be corrected quickly before someone figured it out!

Once the vampires were beaten, and the last of them rode off, Gandork commanded his army to make camp at the top of the pass.

When his studies of the hat were interupted he did his best to fill in with card tricks, but he it became more and more obvious that if he didn't find out what was wrong with the wizard hat, and soon, his army would lose faith in him and leave him to his fate... while being tied to a squig... covered in jam...

The Blue Guy
11-09-2010, 08:21
Another awesome report, thanks a lot, Malorian.

Just some good advice for Gandork:
1. Find a big pot.
2. Coarsely slice a dozen or so magic mushrooms and ad water and stale beer.
3. Soak hat for twenty minutes.
4. You're good to go.

11-09-2010, 09:57
nice rep (for a youtube) and that boiling river is a real pain to hordes :)

15-09-2010, 13:57
Gandork is really excellent, so cool to see somebody using the wizard's hat, and honestly it isn't a 100% terrible idea either. Hilarious model too, good on you for modeling it up :D

And on the boiling river, glad your opponent let it turn off after the first batch of orcs was cooked up. Last time I played with it I lost 13+ tizz warriors before I asked if we could house rule it down to S3 AP (ala steam cannon I think) and reroll all those wounds - ended up with 3 dead warriors, which is "fun" and "thematic" without breaking the game.

- Salvage

15-09-2010, 14:30
To be honest I should have been smarter about it and put a fast cav in it first just to 'test the waters' ;)

Overall though that was a brutal deployment zone for a horde army like mine... you have a large settlement with a haunted mansion on one side, and the river on the other... if it wasn't for the buildings I simply wouldn't have been able to deploy all 330 models unless I just hid behind the river.

15-09-2010, 18:19
Just had a chance to catch up on these. I have to say mal I prefer your written reports to your you tube ones. Thanks for the reports :)

15-09-2010, 21:14
Woo battle two ! Do you find it hard to maintain the one inch rule with such a narrow battle?

16-09-2010, 16:32
Hoping In The Wizards Tower

Warboss Gandork was starting to really get desperate. It had been a week since his wizard’s hat had farted, and still the relic seemed drained of its power.

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out that their leader was powerless…

Depressed and lost in thought, Gandork was suddenly surprised by a tingle in his brain… a flash of an image, and then all of a sudden a nearby tree burst into flames.

Looking in the direction of the tree the warboss could make out the silhouette of an abandoned wizard tower. Could it be that it held the power to restoring the wizard hat’s abilities?

Some quick orders changed the march in the direction of the wizard tower, and each step he got closer to it Gandork’s mind was filled with more and more imaged and arcane knowledge.

The warboss couldn’t be happier! Until he saw that the wizard’s tower wasn’t exactly abandoned, for surrounding the tower was a host of deamons…

This wasn’t going to be easy, but it was Gandork’s only chance to revitalize the hat and keep the Waaagh! going…

I used my regular 3000 point list (although I was close to dropping the squig herds for something/anything else).

My opponent had: (I’m just not sure on the gifts)

Lvl 2 herald of tzeentch (general)
Herald of khorne w/ juggernaught
Herald of khorne
Lvl 1 herald of slaanesh w/ steed of slaanesh
Lvl 1 herald of slaanesh w/ +2 attacks

39 bloodletters w/ FC
39 deamonettes w/ FC
~24 horrors w/ FC

14 seekers
6 screamers

6 flamers
2 bloodcrushers

The mission was dawn attack and we played on a 6X4 board, there was a wizard tower on the left flank with a woods on her side of it and a building on my side of it, I had a sinister statue in the middle of my deployment zone (sigh) and a hill with a quicksand swamp in front of it on the right side, she had a forest just right of center of her deployment zone, and finally there was an alter of skulls on the right flank.

She deployed first and left to right she had: screamers, *wood*, horrors w/ herald, flamers, deamonetes w/ herald, seekers w/ herald and bloodcrushers with herald behind the forest, bloodletters w/ herald.

Then I deoployed from left to right: wolf chariot, wolves, squig herd, night goblins w/ 2 bosses, 2 chukkas, 2 boar chariots in front of the building and a unit of orcs in the building, night goblins, night goblins w/ 2 bosses and behind them was my bunker w/ Gandork, BSB, and great shaman, orc horde w/ spiders behind, chukka behind the marsh, 2 night goblin bosses (I forgot to put them in units), doom diver and chukka on the hill, and a boar and wolf chariot to the right of the hill.

She kept first turn.

Pre-Game Thoughts:

Interesting to see a no greater deamon in her list, but then again it meant she had a lot of units backed by a lot of heralds. In fact her deamonic line pretty much spread from one edge to the other.

My plan was to concentrate on the left flank and not fight those bloodletters at all if I could manage it (redirecting from chariots most likely needed). The wolves on the left would either keep the screamers at bay or take them out, and then I could rush the horrors and fight off the deamonettes. I really wish I hadn’t been stupid and had those two night goblin bosses in my center night goblin unit, but what can you do. The bloodcrushers would be target #1 for my warmachines, chariots should be able to rush the flamers, and I wasn’t too worried about the seekers.

Gandork got shadow magic and so got some debuff spells.

Turn 1 Deamons:

Screamers move up to about center board, so easily in charge range, and I had to wonder if she was doing this to draw over my units to keep them from flanking the deamonettes. The horrors move into the left wood (it’s a plain forest), the flamers only edge up a bit (not wanting to be charged by the chariots right away), and the line moves up. As the seekers and bloodcrushers move through the right woods they turn out to be a wildwood, but as usual my opponent’s ward saves were stellar and she only lost 1 wound on a blood crusher.

She rolled an 8 for magic but thanks to the spirit totem and staff of sneaky stealing I shut it down other them a spell where a character had to make a leadership test (which I easily passed).

In the shooting phase the sinister statue kills a couple orcs and night goblins.

Turn 1 Orcs:

Animosity makes the center night goblins squabble, and I pass stupidity (and always will).

Left wolf chariot and wolves charge the screamers.

The herd heads towards the screamers just to be sure, and then the left night goblins and the 2 boar chariots move up to allow the orc horde to pop out of the building. The right orc horde shifts back and is joined by the 2 stray night goblin bosses, and the 2 chariots on the right flank shift to the board edge and back.

Magic is lame with 4 dice and I get nothing done.

In the shooting phase the statue blasts a couple more night goblins, and after a scattered doom diver I only kill one bloodcrusher.

I combat 3 screamers are killed by impact hits and the rest crumble after they kill one wolf. Both units over run.

Turn 2 Deamons:

The altar of skulls gives the herald of khorne on foot +2 initiative.

The deamonettes charge both the center and the right night goblins at the same time, then most of the line moves up other than the crusher unit that shifts to behind the bloodletters (looking for cover, and to get the alter bonus I think). The horrors move into the wizard’s tower.

She has another 8 dice magic phase that is shut down.

In the shooting phase the statue leaves me alone, by the flamers do 2 wounds to the left boar chariot.

In combat I net her, she kills a handful of night goblins, ninja ward saves save her herald, and I hold.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Animosity moves the left night goblins up slightly.

The squig herd charges the tower, the two chariots charge the flamers, and the left orc horde hits the flank of the deamonettes.

The wolves swing around behind her line while the left wolf chariot moves behind the tower. The right orc horde moves back.

Another 4 dice magic phase is shut down.

In the shooting phase the statue fails to kill any orcs, and then I kill the last bloodcrusher and put a wound on the mounted herald of khorne.

In combat the herd puts a world of hurt on the horrors with no damage done in return (but I’m repulsed), the chariots kill 3 flamers and she holds, lots of death on both sides in the main combat however even though I lost (damn ASF reroll to hit) I manage to kill of the herald.

Turn 3 Deamons:

Altar gives the mounted herald of khorne +2 strength.

Seekers charge the orc horde (no biggy), bloodletters try to charge the chukka behind the quicksand but I flee and get away, however she passes a leadership and goes far enough to join the seekers against the orc horde (oh oh…). At least I have high hopes of her losing a lot of models by most of them going through quicksand… nope, just one dies…

The mounted herald of khorne moves towards center.

A 7 dice magic phase is shut down.

The statue has nothing to blast as everything is in combat.

The flamers kill a chariot and the other one breaks, and then she runs it down and hits the flank of the orcs that are in the flank of the deamonettes. In that main combat the loss of ASF means she doesn’t kill as much, but there is still more grinding all around and at the end she passed her tests and still had 23 deamonettes and 3 flamers. Finally in the right combat I’m lucky because a lot of the bloodletters aren’t in combat however she still kills a LOT and I’m now in a desperate situation to stay steadfast. I direct as many attacks as I can against the bloodletters, and luckily do enough damage to knock off the back rank and I hold.

Turn 3 Orcs:

Animosity puts the herd into the wizard tower (no biggy).

Left wolf chariot charges the flank of the flamers, and the fleeing chukka runs off the board. Spiders move/flee towards the left as do Gandork, the BSB, and the great shaman. The bunker looks to stall the tide while the two chariots on the right move in to support.

Magic is better with 11 dice, but with so much in combat all I manage to do is make the bloodletters -2 strength.

Shooting phase is a wave of fail as I can’t manage to take that last wound off the mounted herald of khorne.

In combat the herd kills a bunch more horrors although she kills 4 back. In the main combat there is a tone more killing and in the end, and after tests, she has 1 flamer and 15 deamonettes. Then despite the debuff support the right orcs are slaughtered and ran off the board by the seekers while the bloodletters reform to face the main combat.

It’s at this point I start getting really worried. I was really hoping to have finished off her left side by now but it just wasn’t happening…

Turn 4 Deamons:

Bloodletters try to charge the flank of the night goblins but roll poorly and are out, and the quicksand kills 1 of them (hey, I’m just happy they aren’t in combat), both the mounted herald of khorne rolls well and charges into the front of the orcs.

The seekers come on the board and face the bunker.

A 8 dice magic phase is shut down (keep in mind that this works out to 7 PD vs 8 DD and my wizard is a higher level), and the statue zaps a couple of seekers.

In combat I beat her by a good amount (and actually my orcs are able to kill the herald of khorne), the flamer pops, and after a HORRIBLE roll the last 9 deamonettes pop. The right night goblins reform to face the seekers and the left one reforms to face the bloodletters (both units are just over 30 strong) and I make a huge sigh of relief.

Turn 4 Orcs:

Spiders and orcs squabble.

The squig herd charges the now 8 strong horror unit in the wizard tower, and the right night goblins charge the flank of the seekers.

In the magic phase I get 8 dice and, after some bad rolling on her part, gork reaches down and kills the herald of khorne, I blast a few more, and then Gandork miscasts while making the seekers -2 WS and is now a lvl 0 wizard (doh!).

Shooting does very little to the bloodletters.

In combat the horrors are wiped out, and the seekers are beaten and only the herald remains after the test.

With only a unit of horrors to face the majority of my army she throws in the towel.

Victory to the Orcs!

As the tide of battle went his way, Gandork gained more confidence and started shooting out spells just like he used to. It all seemed like the good times were back when the hat farted again and his mind went blank.

Luckily his horde was busy finishing off the deamons, so the warboss hurried towards the wizard tower.

The battle had taken its toll on the tower, and it was littered with dead deamons and squigs, but Gandork still had hope that something here would save his wizards hat.

Outside his horde was cheering, meaning the fight had been won and the warboss had precious little time to find what he was looking for. Frantically pushing over tables, rummaging though shelves, and smashing into chests, he found what he needed.

It was an old tome, weathered by time, and on the front was a drawing that looked just like his wizard hat. Gandork opened the book, grumbled that he had to flip through to get past the French part (Canadian joke) and finally found the troubleshooting guide. On the page was one simple instruction…“Push Reset.”

“Wat?!?! Ar ya serious?”

Pulling off the wizard hat and looking within it Gandork easily found the red button. It made a serious of beeps, and then finally a ding, and the warboss put the hat back on.

Instantly his mind was abuzz with symbols and ancient languages, and without knowing it he tumbled to the ground as the wizard’s tower was turned into milk, and as he stood up to meet the cheers of his horde he turned the greenskins into pinkskins…

It was good to be back…

Post-Game Thoughts:

Things were getting a little dicey there for a while, but in the end the plan basically worked.

Some obvious mistakes I made were not putting my characters in units before I started rolling (luckily most of them were in the right spot anyway), and the two chukkas on the left flank constantly were struggling to get line of sight.

One thing that came up that I don’t know how it’s suppose to be played is the line of sight on the bloodcrushers. At times the juggernaughts would be blocked by my infantry but the bloodletter on top would be in plain view, so do they get a cover? We played it that they did but I can easily see it being argued that since I can see 100% of the real thing I’m shooting at that they wouldn’t. Meh, didn’t matter.

So Gandork is going strong with three wins, but I’m going to have to take a break from Gandork next week as the bunker owner wants to take me on in a massive 6000 point game. Did I mention he just finished putting together his executioner deathstar horde? Yeah… I’m being told that my best bet is to bring a lot of lube and bend over as far as I can… :eek::p

Anyway, thanks for reading! And I’ll have the youtube report up this weekend :)

Edit: Here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsW6N5mIzMI

16-09-2010, 16:35
Do you find it hard to maintain the one inch rule with such a narrow battle?

We try to stick to it as best we can, but at the same time we know that the reason for the rule was to make it clear what unit is what and to avoid strange charging issues.

So we try for an inch but a lot of the time it's less. The main thing is that we leave a space.

The Blue Guy
20-09-2010, 09:52
Im having problems with your youtube report. It gets stuck after about 5:54 :(

20-09-2010, 09:53
A great start to the tale 3 wins, looks like you'll be able to pull it off! :D

20-09-2010, 17:42
cool game, and not dominated by weird terrain :)

o&g's magic defense is impressive indeed

20-09-2010, 19:12
o&g's magic defense is impressive indeed

Some times I worry that it's too good...

21-09-2010, 06:52
On that note, Mal, I have started slacking a bit on the Magic Defense by not bringing the Staff of Sneaky Stealin'. I might have to put it back in and take out the Spirit Totem and see how that works since I am still generally blocking a good chunk of the enemy magic phase. I think it makes it a bit more fun for the other player when they invest in wizards and don't hear "Okay, so I've got X+1 dispel dice to your X power dice" every turn.

02-11-2010, 20:20
Game 4: Zombies zombies everywhere and not a drop to drink!

The horde of Gandork, and his fancy magic hat, had been on the march for quite a while with not a scrap to put their name to.

Maybe they didn't find an army to fight because everyone was too afraid of them... or maybe it was because they were hopelessly lost in the thick woods of the empire... either way the signs they passes that said 'Turn back!', 'Danger!', and 'Zombies!' would lead to some fun.

Soon the 'fun' was found in the form of a skittering bunch of skaven, busy chopping down trees for some contraption. Gandork thought about waiting to see what neat thing they were going to make first, but his true nature got the best of him and hem, and his army, started charging forward.

Little did they or the skaven know that they were surrounded... by zombies!!!


The battle had been bloody, but worse yet was the fact that all around them there were countless zombies, and these zombies were making even more zombies!

Being that their only hope was in an alliance the orcs and skaven declared their battle a tentative tie and turned on the zombies all round them.

It wasn't long before they had hacked their way out and parted ways, for now...

02-11-2010, 20:28
Game 5: Trick or treat!

Gandork and his men had moved on and were surprised to find that behind every tree, hut, fence, or even large rock, was someone offering a 'trick or treat'.

Many of his orcs and goblins could not hold back their interest, and after scarfing down some candy they each had different effects: some became stronger, some weaker, some became fasterm some dumb as a boulder, and some just exploded.

Oh this was going to be fun...

Or it would have been had it not been for the Black Bat Gang who were moving in for the score...

Determined to protect the delightfully destructive booty the orcs and goblins formed ranks and marched on the army of undead in front of them.

They had fought for many things in their lives, but this was different, this was serious, this was for candy!


Once the last of his body guard were hacked down the elderly vampire gave up. He wasn't willing to give his (un)life for candy, and now realized he had been a fool to stand in the way of an orc and his treats.

To Gandork it wasn't enough however, this vampire had to be made an example of so that one else would dare steal their candy!

However just as Gandork was preparing his Holy Vampire Dispatcher (aka a pointy stick he found), movement from across the field caught his attention... it was the skaven! They were back and ready to even the score!

02-11-2010, 20:35
Game 6: Battle for the Vampire!

To be honest the skaven had no idea what the orcs wanted with the vampire. All they knew was that their enemies wanted him, and if the orcs wanted him then they wanted him too.

Their ranks now swelled thick with storm vermin, and Gandork called a meeting to talk tactics.

"Ok di iz wat wez gunna do..."

Suddenly the orc beside him burst into flames.

"Er... not dat, wat I ment waz..."

Suddenly the next orc in line turned into a pig... and exploded...

"No no no! Wat I mean iz..."

By now everyone was backing away...

"FINE! Just charge! Who needs a dum plan a'ny way..."


He didn't know what had happened...

His lack of a plan had been working perfectly unit some berzerk rats had blitzed through his lines and stolen the vampire away before rushing into the woods.

The vampire was gone, and apparently that meant they had lost...

Gandork stompt his foot (turning the ground into cheese as he did) and the Skaven general who took this as a way of giving their loot to the winner accepted the offering and let the remaining orcs leave.

This was the first set back in Gangork's Waaagh!, and the mad warboss with his magical blue wizard hat was determined for it to be his last.

03-11-2010, 06:19
Thanks for the new videos, they were definately great. Those looked like some fun scenarios, although I can see how the Zombie one got out of hand very quickly.

I can see that your local players are really getting into the large unit mentality. Around here, large units still means ~40 on average. 60+ of Queek's Stormvermin is a scary prospect indeed!

04-11-2010, 11:13
Great work again, Mal. I must say your 3000pt army looks bloody scary on the field. A true Waagh!
I was just wondering why you bunker your characters in that small unit (often close to your own board edge). Even with the bsb, a failed panic check can cost you a lot of points. I know which unit would be my first target... hehe.
Keep those juicy reports coming.

04-11-2010, 22:19
what a nice halloween tourney thing :)

that zombies! game need some streamlining, all those scatter rolls could drive anyone insane. How about they just move 2d6 towards the closest unit? that way you get the added tactic of 'drawing in the zombies'

game 3, orcs are indeed not meant for defensive play

05-01-2011, 17:11
Gandork stretched and rolled out of cot... only to find it wasn't a cot but rather a pile of jelly and marshmellow covered doughnuts. Yup... he had been dreaming again, and his wizard hat had made it come true.

While he worked worked on his unexpected breakfast the warboss pondered the last month:

After he and his boyz had raided a Dwarf brew house the time had kind of slipt away. They hadn't seen combat for the entire month it had taken them to drain the massive storage drums, and to be honest it would be a sad way for his Waaagh! to end (although it wasn't like any of his boyz were complaining).

With his belly full, Gandork stumbled out and bellowed for every one to come to him, and now wanting to show any disloyalty to the magic casting warboss the horde soon gathered around.

"List'n up, wez been sitt'n ere way too long. Pakk up yer stuff cause iz leav'n first thin' in da morn'n. Da Waaagh! of Gandark da Madd is bakk on da move!!!"

The greenskin horde bellowed out their approval and rush off to take down their tents and sharpen their choppas, and Gandork, content with himself, made his way back to the brew house to get his things ready.

A quick glance down showed something terrible though... in a rush to act the warboss hadn't dressed... and was still wearing what he got up with... or rather what his dream had turned his typical 'sleeping loin-cloth' into...

Why had no one told him he was in a pink hoola skirt?

Because he was the frick'n warboss baby!!!

I really need to get this tale finished.

I've played a good number of games with my orcs since the last one on this thread but I have been using my ninja warboss build rather than the wizard hat.

Not wanting to let anyone down I'm now returning back to this tale and should have it done by the end of the month.

On the 22nd there is a three game 2250 tournament and will be using this list:

Orc warboss w/ wizard hat, heavy armor, shield

Black orc bigboss BSB w/ spirit totem, heavy armor
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon

50 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
50 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
49 night goblins w/ nets, banner, musician
49 night goblins w/ nets, banner, musician

40 black orcs w/ FC


Total: 2250

Shooting is for chumps :D

Before then I should get a game in this weekend.

So stay tuned, this isn't over yet :D

06-01-2011, 17:01
Gah that looks painful lol. I dunno how I'm going to deal with that!
GL in the tourney, so far there's my Beasties, WoC, Wood Elves and I'm pretty sure a Dark Elf player is goin to take the last spot.

06-01-2011, 17:02
There is also an empire player I was told.

I'm mostly worried about the WoC list as it could be extremely good or just plain good depending on how he made it.

07-01-2011, 14:17
Good luck for the tourney. Its a lot of greenskins on the board.

Seabo, what list will be using against the green tide?

07-01-2011, 16:41
Well I know the WoC player is going with a Slaanesh themed army and has a couple big blocks of Warriors, lots of Marauders, at least 1 shrine and I believe a Hellcannon.

Still workin on the list. Thinking either going with a tooled-up combat Doombull or a more defensive Beastlord.
Will post possible lists probably very soon.

08-01-2011, 19:23
So when is Gandork going to pimp out an Orc chariot with some spinners?

09-01-2011, 20:41
So when is Gandork going to pimp out an Orc chariot with some spinners?

He's madd... but he is't that crazy ;)

Athough I interestingly do have an extra chariot set up with no rider...


09-01-2011, 23:47
Hang on, are regular orc warbosses able to take heavy armour? Have I been missing out?

11-01-2011, 01:49

This may be a stupid question, looking at the O&G army list, at 3000 points it says max 6 lord and hero choices. It seems to contradict itself also by giving you 2 lords and 6 heroes. This gives me the impression that I could have 8 characters.

You've got 9, 2 lords and 7 heroes. A Warboss, Great Shaman and 7 Night Goblin Big Bosses.

Am I missing something? I'm looking at my 7th edition O&G army book.

Great videos also, been watching them all. Do you have any where you actually lose?


11-01-2011, 06:03

This may be a stupid question, looking at the O&G army list, at 3000 points it says max 6 lord and hero choices. It seems to contradict itself also by giving you 2 lords and 6 heroes. This gives me the impression that I could have 8 characters.

You've got 9, 2 lords and 7 heroes. A Warboss, Great Shaman and 7 Night Goblin Big Bosses.

Am I missing something? I'm looking at my 7th edition O&G army book.

Great videos also, been watching them all. Do you have any where you actually lose?


Read the FAQ's and the new rulebook. The limited # slots are no longer in effect, everything is based on % of total points:

Up to 25% Lords
Up to 25% Heroes
At least 25% of Core
Less than 50% of Special
Less than 25% of Rare, no more than 2 of the same choice

11-01-2011, 16:39
Lose? Lose????
Malorian does not lose! He stomps and crushes all that dare oppose him! Ok, sometimes he does strategically retreat but never lose!
I've actually beaten him...once...on a technicality...but yeah, a couple others have beaten him, it's rare but it does happen. He's just a guru when it comes to the strengths and weaknesses of his armies...
It's almost like he thinks like an Orc....or a Goblin, they are cunning.....:shifty:

11-01-2011, 21:08
Mal is a very good player- from his battle reports I've noticed the following- which are also good points for any player to follow-

1. Solid army builds- usually not overpowered-

2. He deploys very well, and tends to get the match-ups he is after-

3. This goes along with number 2- he is very good at assessing what he is going up against-

4. He stays very objective and rational and doesn't get drawn into ploys he also stays tactically flexible- he rolls with the punches-

5. He makes few obvious mistakes

12-01-2011, 15:01
Great videos also, been watching them all. Do you have any where you actually lose?

Well I lost the last one in this thread (damn rats stealing back the vampire at the last second), and I've also lost a game with my bretts against some deamons in a watchtower mission.

I'm by no means unbeatable, and anyone who plays enough games with players of relative skill should be getting losses now and then. If you don't lose from being outplayed the dice eventually get you.

The main trick I've learned is to spend more time thinking about tactical game play than I do thinking about my kids. It might not be enough to get me past St Peter, but I'll just challenge him to a game and that will be that ;)

12-01-2011, 20:06
He's madd... but he is't that crazy ;)

Athough I interestingly do have an extra chariot set up with no rider...


Yeah- darn point and click artillary makes the game a lil less fun- but it would be boss if the new book let's you upgrade the other rider into a black Orc or another character !! :D

22-01-2011, 15:10
Biting Off Too Much?

Looking forward to get back into the fray, Gandork didn't care who he fought or where, and so the orc with a wizard hat and his horde wrecklessly smashed forward.

Many armies wisely got out of their way (and even towns emptied until they passed) but there was one that firmly held their ground.

Unfortunately Gandork was in such a rush to finally fight again that he didn't even bother to form up rank and organize his battle line before the battle... something his commanders thought was a poor choice seeing as they were up against Warriors of Chaos...


What a mess... his legions of night goblins had all been slaughtered, not to mention most of his war machines were in ruins... and even though his orcs regiments were mainly in tacked Gandork would now need to pause his Waaagh! to gather more troops or risk being caught at half strength...

On a seperate note I had to cancel my tournament due to family sickness :(

I'm still on a mission to finish this tale so don't worry, you won't have to wait long.

23-01-2011, 06:19
Gandork still has to meet up with Rakkashi :D
Or possibly Oreg Stonefist, Tyrant of the Mawseeker tribe.....

23-01-2011, 13:29
Man, we need to get you to Ontario for a battle with one of our locals. Only guy I know with a comparable win/loss record to what I see from you. We beat him....occasionally. But that's about it.

23-01-2011, 14:08
Also, as someone on youtube mentioned, you WOULD have destroyed that Nurgle Warrior unit, as it is the Standard who is the last model left in a unit now, not the champ, and he automatically dies if he flees. So belatedly I proclaim Victory to Gandork!

23-01-2011, 17:15
Sorry to burst the bubble but- pg. 95 small rulebook- look at the command group casualties summary- it goes musician, standard bearer, champion-

23-01-2011, 22:22
Yes but if the unit flees then the standard bearer auto dies.

24-01-2011, 02:23
It was only the champ left... a champ that got away by a single inch :(

Oh well, that's the way it goes.

I'd rather play a game I lost on the last dice roll than one where I won on the first turn.

24-01-2011, 04:41
Too true :)

24-01-2011, 08:06
It was only the champ left... a champ that got away by a single inch :(

Oh well, that's the way it goes.

I'd rather play a game I lost on the last dice roll than one where I won on the first turn.

If only you were able to allocate one of the attacks that hit/wounded onto the champion instead of an RnF then it would have been the standard bearer forced to flee since the champ would have already been dead.

25-01-2011, 21:00
nice rep, I love seeing hordes on the table :)

05-02-2011, 19:19
Rubber Rats

Gandork had been forced to pause his advance, but in a few short weeks his ranks had swelled back to an acceptable level. They were planning to leave in the morning, but that night Gandork had an awful dream...

He dreamed about being swarmed by dragons... his armies destroyed... and him left powerless... The warboss woke with a start and then went back to sleep determined to only dream of good things... safe things...

Twenty minutes he was forced to wake again, but this time to screaming!

The camp was in a panic and everyone was scrambling to get into ranks, and looking why... moving towards their camp was a 60 foot high rubber rats! A rubber rat that oddly looked like his favorite (but secret) stuffed animal... and also was the 'safe' thing he had dreamed about...

Stupid wizard hat...


What an amazing success! The skaven horde (including the giant rubber rat) had been defeated and the rest was running for the hills.

A great victory for the Waaagh!!! of Gandork and his crazy wizard hat, and as orcs and goblins cheered him the warboss just wondered what would happen if he dreamed about doughnuts...

05-02-2011, 20:05
Aww. For a moment it look like all the skaven player needed to do was just mAke a few charges into the river for the win. At leastt next time that player will know to be more agressive. Grats on the win.

05-02-2011, 22:24
yeah not using your best unit will cost you the game :)

and a skaven player being heavily outnumbered? that's just wrong!

06-02-2011, 07:40
A Crazy Idea:

Gandork and his horde were about to march out again when the warboss had an idea: maybe instead of marching out and looking for trouble he could just have them come to him!

It had worked before when he had magically made a rubber rat attack them, and if he could manage to do it again he could save some time.

Sitting down he started thing of rats...

Suddening a handful of Empire taxmen appeared (who were quickly slaughtered). Apparently the wizard hat had a sense of humor...

This time he thought of skaven...

One clan rat appeared (who was beheaded by Gandork's choppa). Not big enough... if his whole army was going to fight Gandork needed MORE!!!

This time he thought about hordes of skaven... rats of all kinds marching on their camp...

The warning horns sounding from all sides of the camp meanrt that it had worked, but maybe too well... their campw being swarmed!

Jumping into action they saw a run down tower that they could defend themselves in while he commanded his army into battle.

Would this stupid wizard hat ever not get him into trouble...


It was pretty insulting to be turned into a rat... and it was even worse to be stuck as a rat at the top of a tower and being forced to watch your entire army be picked apart while you couldn't lead them.

Luckily for him a bunch of night goblins came to his aid and defend him in his state of weakness until the tide was turned, but still it didn't put him in a good mood...

His antics had gave them another large setback, and by the time he figured out how to turn back into an orc, and then regrow his forces, it would be weeks if not months.

The Waaagh!!! of Gandork was winning victories, but it seemed ever second one nearly killed them all...

06-02-2011, 13:12
a good battle, with severe casualties on both sides, good stuff. I guess your brother wont deploy 100 slaves like that again ;) at least not when heavily outranked

06-02-2011, 15:33
Bravest goblins ever, you better paint medals on those braves souls.

07-02-2011, 05:23
These two reports highlight one of the hardest problems facing a skaven player/warlord- the skaven have so many cool toys, and fun units-and unlike a lot of other armies the Skaven are not really better at one style of play over another- the army book allows for both an extremely aggressive playstyle, as well as very defensive builds and anything in between--

This means that a lot of lists that look good on paper have poor synergy- or in practice become very difficult to use effectively-

That and of course Malorian makes very sound tactical decisions and almost always has a clear idea of what he is trying to accomplish on the battlefield-

Fun reports as always-

07-02-2011, 07:24
Thanks for the great reports as always! As for the first one ... what to say other than what has been said about using that giant death star of Queek's Bodyguard? I've had that same problem with a giant "hordestar", but hopefully the opponent has learned from his mistake and the next time he'll rock that unit right up front and if he's scared for his general he'll bunker him in a cheapy Clanrat unit behind.

As for the second report - wonky list, but it seems like it was fun to play. His magic was really brutal to you, plague and the 13th are sick... poor Gandork! Also, +1 for using the phrase "severely depleted"! Tough luck on the Gutter Runners - I thought for sure that your chariots and Giant were goners when they popped up. Your brother looks like he is becoming a canny opponent as well, I'd not like to be you after he gets a few more games under his belt and a bigger model collection as well.

07-02-2011, 18:46
well done darkpeach ;)
A nice start for the guy in the aluminium hat then, I think O&G has greater potential than ever with 8th, and your goblin chief spam is a cool way to fit in some killyness as well.

^^mirrored sentiments & looking forward to the rematch.

07-02-2011, 19:20
I don't think I'll get another game against darkpeach... she and Seabo moved to Edmonton and on top of that I think Seabo said she lost interest...

If she's up for a game though I'd take her on ;)

Gork or Possibly Mork
08-02-2011, 00:09
Bit surprized on the rubber rat one. Seems like everything went wrong ( besides mashing the HPA ) and you still pulled it out. As said already opponent could have been more aggressive.

The one against your bro what can i say total blood bath. I love games like that where nobody hardly has anything left at the end. A shame about his hundred rats. Live and learn though.

Thanks for the reports as always.

01-03-2011, 05:35
A Quest to End a Quest

Gandork's forces where less than half it's usual size, and it was during this state of weakness that Sir George Sigmaris came looking for him.

Just as the orc warboss had been on a quest with his magical hat, so too was Sigmaris on a quest with his family's magical sword, and in fact he aimed to prove it by doing away with the pesky insane warboss.

Up the challenge, Gandork rallied what little forces he had, gave a motivational talk, stopped talking after he accidently turned his remaining black orcs into pigs, and then charged into battle.

My 1K List:

Warboss w/ wizard hat, shield
Black orc BSB w/ heavy armor, waaagh banner
Night goblin bigboss w/ great weapon

40 orcs w/ shields, banner, musician
50 night goblins w/ nets, banner, musician

Wolf chariot
Wolf chariot


The Empire army had been crushed and Sir George Sigmaris was overran with orcs.

Gandork left to celebrate his victory and headed back to his tent with a content smile on his face (this victory would only bring more to join his Waaagh!) how ever in the middle of the field he was a open target.

An Empire sniper in the trees took careful aim with his Hockland long rifle and fired. The bullet wizzed through the air, ripped into the wizard hat, and tore into the orc's brain.

Gandork was dead before he hit the ground...

Around him his horde only slowly realized what had happened and it was more than hour later when the army knew that the warboss had been killed.

The burial system for orcs was simple, the horde just gathered around, yelled out one final and thundering Waaagh! and then left the body for the wolves. Orc and goblin alike warted ways in search for new Waaagh!s to join.

Gandork's waizard hat, the item that had shot him into power, was left with the body. What happened to it only Mork (and possibly Gork) knows for sure...

01-03-2011, 05:40
So I ended the tale with seven wins which is great in my eyes.

Congrats to: Aflo, Ancre, Atzcapotzalco, brother slaughterer, Chaos Undecided, ChaosCajun, DarkPeach, Elfboy, Enigmatik1, Golden Lion, GreyHam, GuyLeCheval, kormas, Naestran, Offspring, Proctorkorps, rmb43, russellmoo, SamVimes, Shadow Lord, Tarian, the_slosh, and vinny t, for guessing it right.

Thanks for following along and I hope if nothing else this has made you at least want to try out the wizard hat in your own list :D

01-03-2011, 19:02
and a nice ending, runefang and wizard hat in a 1000 point game, who'd have thunk? ;)

I take it you'll start a new tale after checking out the new book?