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01-09-2010, 16:52
So back in 7th I started up fantasy daemons and decided I did not like how powerful they were. Thus I converted all of them over to 40k and have been having a blast there since. However, with the GT circuit in North America, a lot of my local friends who travel to them are finding that our lack of local Daemon player's is hurting them when they go to the GTs (they get no practice against DoC). So being a lover of daemons and with a new wave of releases that took place while I was deployed to Haiti this summer, I want to make a fantasy list of Daemons that I can magnitze and also use in 40k with my already monsterous horde.

So as the title suggests, I am imposing a restriction on myself of only using models that I do not already have for this project( and no special characters). So what I already have:

50 metal Horrors
40 Bloodletters
60 Daemonettes
20 Plaguebearers
12 Flamers
3 Metal Daemon Princes
2 Bloodthirsters
1 Skarbrand (made him myself)
1 Keeper of Secrets
6ish Fiends of Slaanesh
3 Metal Juggers
(and 3 Soulgrinders, but they don't count)

So pretty much that leaves me all the new releases (I consider new varients of what I already have acceptable for this project's purposes), LoC, GUO, Furies, Flesh Hounds, Screamers, Nurglings, and Beasts of Nurgle. So with that in mind, I tossed together a list that just uses the new releases. I'm very open to suggetions so this is by no means a final list. Feel free to comment on it or suggest completely different ones. Here it is:


Daemon Prince w/ Khorne, Unnatural Swiftness, Winged Horror, Armour of Khorne, Collar of Khorne 410pts


Herald of Khorne w/ Jugger, Soul Hunger, Armour of Khorne 190pts

Herald of Tzeentch w/ Spell Breaker, Master of Sorcery (Life) 165pts


Pink Horrors x30 w/ Full Command, Icon of Sorcery 405pts

Pink Horrors x30 w/ Full Command, Icon of Sorcery 405pts


Seekers x10 w/ Full Command, Siren Standard 295pts


Bloodcrushers x4 w/ Musician, Standard 310pts

Bloodcrushers x4 w/ Musician, Standard 310pts

Total: 2490pts

So there it is, using all new models pretty much (might snag an old Horror for my Herald of Tzeentch. Like I said, its by no means my final list, just something I put together to make use of only models I didn't have (ie all the new shiny toys!!). Fire away!

01-09-2010, 22:04
Just one comment about the project.
The restrictions you are auto-imposing will imho hurt the goal: you're friends still wont have any practice against the normal DoC lists, i fear.
(Greater Daemons, large infantry units with heralds etc)

Apart from that if you want to maximize the power of your list inside your limitations I'd go for Kairos general.

02-09-2010, 07:26
Kairos is indeed a tempting addition for both his cool looking model and what he does. My only issue with him is that he is a special character and it seems like most of the west coast GTs ban special characters.

Outside of my possible army list, everything that I listed in the paragraph just above it is still available for me to use (GUO, LoC, etc). I honestly don't really know whats going for power gaming with daemons in 8th. Unfortunatly I missed most of my summer being deployed to Haiti, so what I know was from after the black box with the 8th BRB hit stores but before the actual release of the BRB and FAQs. I remember the KoS being theorized as being the best GD, is that still true post-FAQ? Would a GUO or LoC be more powerful of an option than a daemon prince? Which big blocks of infantry with heralds are the best and what is considered big for daemons in 8th?

I'm trying to get the best of both worlds here by giving my friends some practice but not having to buy more of what I already have in 40k. I guess I should probably do some research on what the most powerful builds are and then try to incorporate them into my overall plan for this force. I suppose my biggest hang-up is the core/troops as I already have a ton of each and I am kind of dragging my feet on buying more, but sadly they are necessary for both systems. Thanks for the comment though! If you could be a little more specific I'd greatly appreciate it, if not then I'll do some digging.

03-09-2010, 05:33
Ok, been crunching numbers all evening long after reading through the DoC tactica thread. Still not really close to a workable list that meets my standards and is what would be considered "competitive" but, hopefully I am inching in the right direction. I was going through my stuff and found some fiends and a box of daemonettes that I hadn't put together yet, so that means I can magetize them to work with both systems. Working that into my list-building I came up with this:


Daemon Prince w/ Khorne, Unnatural Swiftness, Winged Horror, Armor of Khorne, Collar of Khorne 410pts


Herald of Khorne w/ Jugger, Soul Hunger, Armour of Khorne, BSB, cant decide which of the 50pt banners to take 265pts

Herald of Tzeentch w/ Master of Sorcery(Lore of Life), Spell Breaker **General** 165pts

Herald of Slaanesh w/ Many Armed Monstrosity 140pts


Pink Horrors x29 w/ full command, Icon of Sorcery 393pts

Daemonettes x29 w/ full command, Siren Standard 403pts


Seekers x5 w/ Champ 132pts


Bloodcrushers x5 w/ full command, Icon of Endless War 425pts

Fiends x3 165pts

Total: 2498

I'm hoping this is a little more on the competitive side than my first list. Its easier on the wallet since I am using some units I already own and cuts down on some of the boxes I was going to buy. Any comments would be great!