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01-09-2010, 22:17
Hello all.
I decided to start Warhammer FB with the release of 8ed. I had the battle of skull pass, but never really got into Warhammer and forgot about them. The following list was created in the attempt to use most of TBFSP models and a recently purchased regiment or orc boyz(which are currently turning out to be very sexy looking XD), so anyone commenting please take that into consideration.

Warboss Scraagy's Mob o' Greenies

Special Notes
- Scraggy and Big boss with 40 night goblins. Shaman with archers


Lord: Night Goblin Warboss(Scraagy): 99
- Great Ax, LA, Effigy of Mork


Hero 1: Night Goblin Shaman: 50

Hero 2: Night Goblin Bigboss: 87
- BS,LA, Warboss Umm's Best


Core 1: x25 Orc Boys: 180
- Shields,FC

Core 2: x40 Night Goblins: 180
- Spears,FC

Core 3: x20 Night Goblins: 80
- Bows,FC


Special 1: x2 Spear Chukka: 70

Special 2: x6 Boar Boyz: 170
- FC


Rare 1: x2 Troll: 80

Army Total:996

So there it is. I tried making large units (for 1000pts tht is) and a BSB to hopefully keep my mob from fleeing due to low leadership.
The Boar Boyz are for taking out war machines and possibly shooting units. I could also use them as a fast support unit for any unit that needs help. the trolls are there to help get rid of any pesky heroes or elite units because a few night goblin heroes aren't gonna stack up against a dwarf thane or slayer. The trolls will most likely stick close to the BSB

I plan on playing a few proxy matches against a dwarf player soon so I'll test this list out (with your revisions that I see fit) and will probably post a BR and thoughts on the lists performance.

Thanks in advance!