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Lord of Divine Slaughter
02-09-2010, 08:35
So I've started 8th out playing my new darkies, and thats been quite fun. My next battle however will feature the vampire counts. It will be a 3K battle and I'll probably run into a bunch of empire cattle.

So here is a lose sketch:

2 x 28 Spear skellies + FC + Warbanner/+1 Rank Banner 604 pts

1 x 20 Ghouls + champ 168 pts.

1 x 30 Grave Guards, FC, GW + Barrows 465 pts.

2 x 5 Fell Bats 200 pts.

1 x 10 Black Knights, barding, FC, Strigoi Banner 360 pts

1 x 5 Blood Knights, musician 285 pts.

1 x 1 Black Coach 200 pts.

1 x 5 Wraiths 250 pts.

Lord Vlad von Unheimlich 435 pts
Helm of Command, 4+ wd 2+ AS
Full Lore of VC + 2 PD
Extra level

This are the basics, I'd like to include a wight BSB for the knights... And I do have a varghulf sitting on the sideline to substitute any rare choices.

So If you've got any good suggestions, please spill your guts, and I'll be sure to lap it all up :)

02-09-2010, 13:56
with only 1 character to cast invocation just remember the spells range when you deploy, also remember that summon horde has no range but can only raise 1 of its 3d6 wounds in a non infantry unit. also remember that your coach can potentially eat all your lords powerdice if they hang out together.

you will also need to kill those war machines that he is sure to bring so make sure to keep those fast movers headed there, i like to jump fell bats ahead with wraiths (i run a varghulf with this to keep em marching) and smash his ranged units, wraiths are perfect for killing units with little to no rank bonus and that rarely contain magic weapons such as hand gunners and crossbow men.
investing in a few spirit host models will have some benefit too,wind of undeath can wreak havoc on an empire army who makes use of detachments as the unit count leads to more small units taking woulds and more wounds on your new and free spirit unit (also great for low rank bonus non magic item bearing peoples)

as a last note if the enemy caster is lore of death look out, he can snipe your general if he gets the dice with a few of those sick spells, like caress and fate.

one magic defence i find that works awesome is to drop remains in play spells on him (curse of years is easy to cast on 2 dice and can be a killer) this causes the enemy to lose some offensive power dispeling them in his own phase and means when he is done you should get nearly a 1 to 1 ratio of dispel to power dice, never overlook a remains in play spells benefits from that point of view.

now with all that said if you have to deploy 1st make sure the blood knights are not standing near anything important and never in front of or behind anything you would like to keep alive, he will deploy to kill them, and he likely has the capability to do it as well on his first turn by shooting, try not to look at this as a waste, but make an opportunity from it give them some cover and make it so his war machines don't get a good shot at other things when they line up on them. use cover if you think he means to shoot them with ranked up hand gunners you may get lucky and not lose as many after the cover and long range get taken into account.