View Full Version : New VC list needs critique fill 10 pts and make a few decisions

02-09-2010, 13:25
Lords = 440
Vampire Lord + crown of the damned + blood drinker + flayed hauberk
with red fury and forbidden lore + magic lvl

heroes = 275

Vampire + Skabscrath with dread knight and walking death

Necromancer + Dispel scroll + extra spell (IoN and VD)

Core = 540 (730 with wolves and cart)

20 Skeletons with full command

20 Skeletons with spears and full command

10 dire wolves with doomwolf

19 Ghouls with ghast

1 Corpse Cart with lodestone (100)

Special = 370

20 Grave Guard with Great weapons and full command (290)

4 Fell Bats (80)

Rare = 175

total 1990


So thats my new list im thinking of running, im trying to go less on the full out casting and get a little more fight out of my Vampires but keeping it balanced enough to take advantage of the dice when i get them. Im stuck between a couple choices right now.

Lore for the lord = vampires or death? i like the ability to drop undead hored from time to time but there are so real nice debuffs and assassination spells in death.

For the mounted vampire im stuck between infinite hatred and walking death for the second power and im not sure if terror is worth it or should I get a + attack or + str sword.

I intend to use my mounted vampire with the wolves as a fastmover backed up with the varghulf and bats to start hitting warmachines and any weak units or killing solo characters and monsters. The Core section of my army will stay together o support each other while the cart helps them do their thing. Not 100% sold on running my Lord in the grave guard but i was thinking about going with 3 ranks of 7 with him in their to make them full, and maximize the killing power, i also may run him with the ghouls.

There is also the last 10 points to think about, i had thought about making the ghouls a 20 man unit but alas the 20th ghoul suffered permanent death at the hands of a great house cat that no invocation or glue will remedy.