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03-09-2010, 05:12
I am starting up an empire army. It is the first time i have played them since 5th edition. My two tactics questions are based on a tournament army which should be able to deal with everything. The debate i am having is such...

Rocket Battery vs Mortar?

I am leaning towards mortar since it is accurate and uses the large template. I know the rocket battery is devastating when it hits but it is a little more random than the mortar and like 30 points more.

Pistoliers vs outriders?

I want to take the pistoliers but i have a few concerns. Now the pistoliers are usually hitting on 6s considering two shots and at long range. They are still cheaper then outriders. What worries me about outriders is they are more expensive and fast cav can no longer see 360 so you have to set them up and hope they can keep that position. I know vanguard helps but they seem less versatile.

Any help or light on the situation would be great!!!

03-09-2010, 05:47
For the mortar vs helstorm battery, if you can take them both, especially if you field an engineer....with no partial hits now even short deviations are devastating, and the fact that you can reroll the dice of the helstorm using the engineer can help a lot with it's accuracy...

I like pistoliers, as with them getting into the enemy lines they are a nuisance worth more than the value of what they may kill.....if I were to get outriders it will be because I would like to get the champion which has a bs of 5 and give him a hochland long rifle for sniping guys like Teclis....

03-09-2010, 08:30
I'd opt for Mortars over Helstorms. Cheaper, more accurate, and with ST6 D3 wounds under the hole it's more versatile (take out blocks or big nasties).

As for outriders vs pistoliers for me it's still up in the air. I'm leaning towards pistoliers for marchblocking (now a ld test), as well as positioning them behind the enemies when they flee.