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the godfather
03-09-2010, 12:40

Mannfred Von Carstein / Barded Nightmare 495pts


Mehlinger Von Carstein / Master of the black arts
Crown of damned / Enchated shield 200pts

Nercomancer / Dispel scroll 80pts


20 Skeleton Warriors / Spears / full command
Banner of hellfire 210pts

20 skeleton warriors / full command 180pts

37 Zombies / full command 160pts

Corspe cart / Balefire 100pts

Corspe cart / Balefire 100pts


5 Crain wriths / Tomb banshee 275pts

Black Coach 200pts

Total: 2,000pts

Mehlinger Von carstein is a normal Vampire

03-09-2010, 12:44
Black coach is a risk in this magic heavy army as it could suck up all your power dice. Also units of 20 skeletons are not really big enough, nor are spears really worth it for tarpits (the 6++ is more useful than you might think).

It would be an intersting army to play though, although you may struggle to cause enough damage to gain massive victories.

03-09-2010, 12:54
Why are you mounting Manfred? And where is your fighting block??

the godfather
03-09-2010, 22:16
This army is to have fun with and
is part of Mannfred's history

Mounted will give a 3+ save

The army is about Mannfred's history
and he would have a Black coach

I don't have massive units and like the
20 man units a part from Zombies

03-09-2010, 22:29
Safer unmounted I think, as he will then get Look Out Sir tests.

the godfather
03-09-2010, 22:33
Safer unmounted I think, as he will then get Look Out Sir tests.

It dose not take to much to make unmounted

But the main thing is that the rest of the army is right for Mannfred

04-09-2010, 15:36
What other units could you include that fits in with fluff? Herminard is right, wheres the ooomph? Maybe there is a unit you can fluff wise put in but don't have the points for.