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04-09-2010, 04:25

i'm gonna verse my friends ogres soon, and i got my hands on a friends dark ellves army book for a little.

i'm thinking on doing a magic based army, 1 supreem sorcerus, 2 other sorcerus and 1 couldren of blood, but i'm not sure how to go on combat troops.

as we all know ogres are stupidly strong, so i need help with the rest of my army

any suggestions? not an armylist but advice on what troops to take.



04-09-2010, 05:57
Forget the supreme sorceres. Make a dreadlord named Dark Elvis. Could be a fun conversion.

Don Zeko
04-09-2010, 05:59
That's almost a good character load-out, but 3 sorceresses are too many. Take the Supreme and one regular. The Cauldron is an excellent choice, keep it. If you're in a WAAC mood, then Black Guard and Cold One Knights are your best bet for assault troops; BG should be in a block of 20 with the AP banner and the Knights should be in units of 6-7. Crossbowmen are good, and hydras are better. Have at it.

04-09-2010, 07:53
Ogres will still die if you shoot them, and are still a low leadership. Take lore of death and hope for Doom and Darkness/Purple Skill.

04-09-2010, 21:53
I fought against the Ogres just recently.

I took a very magic heavy army, with Morathi and 3 sorceresses. It was my shadow sorceress that did alot of damage to the Ogre hoard that my opponent sent my way. I lucked out and got the Pit of Shades spell, swallowed most of his hoard. The rest were shredded up by my crossbowelves (the men part is just plain insulting!)

My fire sorceress did some pretty nasty damage too with her fireball spell. But I have to say that the star of the dispell show was Morathi, I gave her the staff from the main rulebook that adds to casting and dispell rolls. She, after all was said and done, was adding 5 to dispell rolls and 6 to casting rolls, just sick!

My corsairs took out 2 of his lesser units, the Black Guard took down 3. My Cold One Knights took down 2. Overall, it was mostly a slaughter.

If you can manage to get the charge on his Ogre units, you will deny him the Impact Hits AND get to go first. Otherwise, you'll have to weather the hurt.

I havn't had the chance to use the Cauldron yet, but it looks like fun. I imagine that giving a either the Witch Elves or a frenzied unit of Corsairs an extra attack would be pretty nasty. If you get a Hydra Banner Battle Standard bearer in that unit also, the shredding would be legendary!

09-09-2010, 10:15
okays. i have come up with a list.

lords n heroes

supreme sorcerus
lvl four
darkstar cloak
tome of furion

lvl 2
seal of ghord

lvl 2
Dark magic??? not to sure

death hag
couldren of blood


Crossbowmen 20

Crossbowmen 20

Crossbowmen 10

just to fill out the core and have some shooty to eat them with


black guard-25

black guard-20

combat troops.

so, i know this is completely crap, but do i have a chance at winning?

09-09-2010, 14:31
Your list is illegal in 2 places:

Lvl 4 can get 1 arcane item, give the sceal to the lvl 4, and the tome/cloack to the lvl 2
Black guard are 20 max. It's the biggest downside of this unit in 8th. The main reason I have trouble with my dark elves lists.

For the list:

3 mages is not good, 2 is enough. Shadow is good, dark is nice too, as death. Forget fire, more if you face ogres, S4 against T4 won't hit that much.

Having full magic, a 100 shots per turn and 2 block of black guard is a WAAC list. Not even the strongest of all, but one of the less funny to face. It's up to you. You can play some witch elves (but it's the best unit against ogres... worst than black guard!), corsair, warriors. the worst part of your list is probably the 100 shots per turn, I think i've never played that much, even in a no limit tournement. You can kill 4 ogres per turn of shooting... Add magic to that, and near half of his army would be dead before close combat.

But if you want to go this way: you can give armor piercing to both unit of black guard (one at 25pts and one at 45pts from the BRB) or flaming banner to one and armor piercing to the other. Ogre can cast regen so it's nice to get some flaming attacks. Give them the champs too, 3A, always reroll is as strong as a noble. Can give one the crimson death and maybe the GW armor piercing (soulstealer or something like that.. don't remember) to the other. Did you put shield to the RxB ? A must against any ennemy.

Other than that, I hope your friend like you, because after your game, I think he'll liked you less...