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06-03-2006, 20:04
Hey Is anyone willing to be in a Rpg based around Mecha's fighting?

I had a few idea's of what type of Mech's we could could use here a list of what I came up with

Metal Gears

but we could also just go with a Genreal Mecha design's.

If there's enough people interested I'll set up the recruitment thread.

as of right now heres what i have for the 4 different Mecha Universe's. once we pick which one I will develop the Story line farther.

Metal Gear:

Big boss's dream finally came true. A world where Soilders could live as they wished. now with factions figthing over the ruins of the world Metal gears are allmost revered as god like machine's.

In this RPG the PC's would be aboard a vessel similar to Arsenal Gear wether they be Gear pilots, foot soilders, or support personal is up to the PC's.


This would be silmar to the Video game Robotech: Battle-Cry.


Gundam (set in Gundam Wing after Endless Waltz)

After EW most mobile suits were destroyed but on Mars which is currently being terra formed a group know as a "Mirage Snakes" have been making raiding strikes against unarmed Terra forming stations with a new kind of Mobile suit.

The PC's jobs would be to figure out who is behind the attacks and why.


Either apart of a Titan force (the name escapes me) or conflict on a knight world.

so which one do you guys want to use?


06-03-2006, 21:13
Nice idea...
As for what kind... erm, Metal Gear or Gundam Wing sounds cool to me.
Titans are just boring...
Never heard of the other one, so I'll look at it, but I still think I'll prefer Metal Gear or Gundam Wing, :p

06-03-2006, 21:21
Let me make this into a poll as well

Tanith Ghost
07-03-2006, 06:00
I once GMed a Titan RPG on Portent. Quite interesting, as people could rp an entire titan crew, not just the princeps. We made it all the way to a figh against a necron construct out beyond the spiral arm in Ultima Segmentum, on the very boundry of the galaxy.

New Cult King
07-03-2006, 06:38
What about Mechwarrior type Mechs? Vultures, Mad Cats, etc...

07-03-2006, 17:37
I thought about Mechwarrior and battletech but I Know nothing at all about those two Universe's and it would be simply unfair for me to run a RPG when I don't know enough.

now with the Metal Gear RPG you could fesably make your Mecha look like one of them that would be okay with me.

One thing with all of these I was thinking that your mecha would allmost be like another Character so i thought of 2 options for selection.

1. the PC makes there own mech and I ok it (I prefere this option)
2.I make a number of mech's and the PC choose form them.

Aslo depending on which universe we pick to have the rpg in will aslo determine how powerful the mech can be. A scout titan form 40k will have much more weapons the lets say Metal gear RAY.

But rember that if you would rather be a foot soilder or drive some sort of vehicle thats a option as well. and you would aslo be allowed to be much more powerful then if it was just simple RPG set in that world. just to try and balance out between the regular foot soldiers and the mecha.


a assassin in the 40k one would be fine or in the metal gear having your character have a exo-skeleton armor similar to gray fox or Mr.X

08-03-2006, 05:33
I had a question.

When you say metal gear, do you mean heavy gear? or are you actually talking about a metal gear solid type rpg.

The metal gear solid rpg Iwouldnt classify as a mecha rpg really, where as a Heavy Gear one i would. Thus i ask.

Also what you say about "your mecha", lends me further to believe you mean Heavy Gear.

Which if you do, what time period and would we be north or south or mercs etc.

08-03-2006, 13:58
No I mean Metal Gear Solid.

It would occur after a sort of 3 world war which would leave the entire world fighting amongst them selves. Outer Heaven would have finally been created.

If you remeber that in most of the games the Terrerriost weather it be dead cell, renagade FOXHOUND,, or big boss him self. they are allways trying to create a Outer Heavean.

Outer Heavean is simpley s setting where a soilder is no longer a tool of any goverment or enetiy at all. the world is in total anarchy.

now the reason i say Mecha.

is if you remeber in the beging of Metal Gear soild 2: Sons of Liberty in the tanker level the genreal talks about how allmost every single conunrty and rouge faction in the world has a metal gear thats why the the marines made RAY. so it would be safe to assume that meatl gear devlopment has still taken place and if not anything it incresaed during said 3rd world war. so for the pc's haveing the mecha's it wouldn't be that hard.

I hope that made sense.

13-03-2006, 03:18
It looks like Metal gear will be the RPG i'll do but i'll wait a few more days to see if anymore votes get in