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05-09-2010, 02:16
As I'm doing a themed Vc force, I've sat down and started to work on a army list with a lil flair too it's presentation. Think much akin to how the Vc book covers things (and pics showing what is what and who is who etc) and in the case of characters, in a similar vein to the special character entries (including what their items and powers do within the entry).

But then decided to flesh out my characters with a little fluff [just like the vc book], however I'm very bad at proof reading so gonna leave what I write here for some c&c&flogging. Do plan for leaving a few details out of the fluff on purpose like how my general has an empire-ish name [only to drop in that he was an orphan]. But less rambling, more fluff, and more caffeine for me...

The Vampire lord Siegfried Schwarzheim

Originally like a fair few vampires of the Blood Dragon line, Siegfried Schwarzheim was born in Bretonnia. As an orphaned son of a knight living in a small manor in Montfort in fact. However his success in his grail quest hit a snag as shortly after he was turned into a vampire.
In these early years He spent many decades training ready to use his immortality to gain the things he lacked as a child: A home, a family, servants and power.
Ironically even with his desires to sit back and watch the decades pass away in his manor, he has become quite cynical towards the bi yearly hunting of Bretonnians to the point that he’s provoked several wars with Montfort and even struck down an Orc force at the boarder princes just out of boredom.
But woe betide any mortal he sets his eyes on, as Siegfried is still a Blood Dragon. Therefore he will take pride in honour and will duel those he thinks worthy, with damnation awaiting those who impress and undeath to those who does not...

The Vampire Trall Lilith Schwarzheim

The wife of Siegfried Schwarzheim, Lilith was in fact the first piece in his scheme to carve his own realm and army. As a mortal she was said to have the mind of a child, and a naivety that made her an easy target for luring into tricks and pranks However Siegfried found this did not off set her raven like beauty, and thus found himself a seemingly perfect candidate for a immortal wife.
So with great urgency, He [half] posed as an orphaned mortal knight, and proceeded to win her hand and heart in a typical Blood Dragon style (although those he fought were left living, until a year later). Thus Lilith went with him willingly, and by the time they reached Siegfried’s manor, she was as much a willing thrall than a willing and much adored wife.
As a Vampire, Lilith’s child like mindset has become more akin to a sadistic kitten. Because of this her husband and master keeps a strong hold over her. This hold is necessary as she has a habit of playing with her pray more often than killing them or following orders, to her husband’s amusement or more often annoyance (the latter often softened by his love for her, and her charms).
She has also acquired several knights which she has granted a weak blood kiss too, which she refers to as ‘her toys’, she often pits them against each other for fun, and thus has a regiment of skeletons that failed to impress/please/amuse her. This bond is made more deadly when in her presence these knights and skeletons act much akin to errant knights would in the presence of a Damsel. Therefore throwing themselves into combat to perform great (and oft unexpected in the skeletons’ or even zombies’ case) feats of arms...

The Wight King ‘The Schwarzheim Herald’

Little is known about the bearer of the Schwarzheim icon of a grim reaper bearing a skull encrusted shield. From scraps of
information gleamed, the original soul forced into such a service was in fact a suitor for the hand of Lady Lilith. One that made the error of following Siegfried and her to their new home and was promptly caught and fed upon brutally to Lilith once she awoke from her blood kiss.
Other hints lie in that any time the banner falls, a piece [and the soul] of the one responsible is merged with the Wight to repair it. Apparently even some have maybe replace the faceless herald’s skeletal vassal altogether. Thus by now this being may be one tormented love struck knight or many souls who died fighting it over the years.
What is true however is that the Banner’s presence has been known to make the wights of the Schwarzheim guard even more deadly, most likely by magical means, which no less helps when their charge is nearby to add her own motivation to them...

So yeah thats the stuff for the 3 characters, there is another piece that shows their personalities, but it's at work, and the vamps been downgraded from a keep to a manor so need to rewrite a lot of it anyway... Edit speaking of which...


Siegfried von Schwartz stood at the window of his chambers, watching the army that marched towards his manor with a cynical distain. At least it saves me the effort hunting for food he mused in his thoughts, as he watched the men at arms form regiments and a trebuchet’s crew gather suitable ammunition.
“Typical of Bretonnia, sending the maggots in first to do their job…” he sneered seeing handfuls of knights forming up the rear “…and here comes the prancing peacocks now. Tell me; are such gaudy colours really necessary in battle? After all they all smell and taste no less different to their peers…”

“They do make killing them easier on the eyes, milord, but maybe we should be making them welcome. After all are we not noble and gracious hosts? They seem to want to come in and say hello, and they have brought a feast for us…” Purred Lilith von Schwartz as she casually strode to stand beside her lord, grinning with a pleasantness that hid the almost child like relish to kill that her eyes displayed vividly. As she reached her lord she stopped to survey the army sent to kill them and gleefully sighed “…and they brought plenty of new playthings just for me. Aww how sweet of them.”

“Calm down my dear, get your knights ready, we can let them have a little sport in due time. Maybe that will give that Montfort mistake you made something to do with his mouth other than stroking his own ego. Or even if we’re very lucky maybe he can somehow manage to find a lance to impale himself on this time…” Siegfried muttered coldly, losing interest with the army arrayed against him, focusing his attention on the lone knight riding ahead of the army.

“I think this one wants to say something; however I think we should skip the introductions, and skip straight to the hospitality…please my husband” soothed Lilith as she mockingly pointed at the Bretonnian lord “All this waiting is making me thirsty and cranky, especially as they served themselves up so boldly…” she half purred, half pleaded with an almost crazed eagerness.

Siegfried glanced at her, sensing the mental command she issued to ready her thrall knights to action. They have chosen to give him the treatment he gave every other settlement, every year or so. A good change of pace I suppose he thought and just as this routine was growing too boring, too tedious…and now it was too quiet…Apart from Lilith getting excitable of course, but that’s a near constant…

“Let us make them comfortable at least …” Siegfried replied dismissing the mortal lord’s speech of evils and then chuckled at the familiar lady dogma. Lilith gave him a knowing look as she giggled. Focusing he sent a command to his necromancers to draw the skeletal and zombie men at arms from the manor’s extensive tunnel crypts. The enemies’ responded with the same horror as before every battle for the past decade or two. The enemy presented with the rotting corpses of their own gathering outside his home and as per usual they recoil from their dead kin, but stay because of the knights. “…and my dear, please try not to play with your food. I’m going to find my axe…”

As Siegfried walked to his armour case the trebuchet started to find its range, and there was only a single though in his mind: At least it saves me the effort…

C&C welcome as is corrections...