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05-09-2010, 13:58
Basically, I've got an old 5th Edition army and am adding the IoB guys to it in the vain hope of making up a proper army for a game tomorrow.

I'm not really interested in making a fully competitive list or anything, in saying that though, I don't want to make a blindingly stupid list either!

High Elf Prince Lance, Dragon Armour, barded steed

High Elf Noble Standard, Heavy Armour
High Elf Noble Great Weapon, Dragon Armour
Mage High Level 2
Mage Life Level 2

31 Spearmen Banner, Musician, Champion
27 Seaguard Banner, Musician, Champion

6 Shadow Warriors (Are actually Marauder Elven Raiders, they're that old!)
19 Swordmasters Banner, Musician, Champion
5 Silver Helms Shields. Champion
5 Ellyrian Reavers bows, spears

There's The Battle Standard inside the Spearmen unit, a mage with the Seaguard, the Noble with the Swordmasters and my General with the Silver Helms (I know Dragon Princes are better, but old models!).

I'm considering dropping the Shadow Warriors for assorted magic items in my army (I can fit about 20 points worth on my heroes and whatever on my lord). Another option is I've got a total of 27 Sword Masters (inc 2 command groups), so I could use them as well, or instead of things. Sadly I don't have any Phoenix Guard or White Lions, but I've got plenty more spearmen, seaguard and archers, 4(!) Bolt Throwers and 2 unassembled chariots.

The General Plan for the army is

^________________^________________^___________^___ ____________^_______^
Silver Helms ---- Seaguard ----- Spearmen ----- Swordmasters + Shadow Warriors ------ Reavers

It doesn't seem too bad a plan I think.

Any thoughts or suggestions for improvements?

05-09-2010, 14:54
With the models you have and assuming you don’t want to proxy units, then I would go with the following set-up @ 2000 pts:

Lords (17.8%):
- Archmage, 4th Level, Folariath’s Robe, Loremaster’s Cloak, and Silver Wand (Lore: Life)
Heroes (18.1%):
- Mage, 2nd Level, Jewel of the Dusk, Sacred Incense, and Ironcurse Icon (Lore: High)
- Noble, BSB, Great Weapon, Shield, Dragon Armour, Banner of Sorcery
Core (25.5%):
- 21 x Spears, Musician, Standard Bearer
- 20 x LSG, FC, War Banner (Archmage and BSB go here)
Special (28.8%):
- 18 x Sword Masters, FC, Razor Banner, Talisman of Loec (Mage goes here)
- 5 x Reavers, Spears, Bows
- 5 x Silver Helms, no command
Rare (10%):
1 x RBT
2 x Great Eagles

Clearly the plan is to get the Throne and Re-growth on you 4th level mage and Shield of Saphrey plus another spell on the 2nd level.

14-09-2010, 02:09
Alright, a complete rework of my army after I got utterly hammered with it - organ gun managed to take out my General and his Dragon Princes in one shot. Admittedly, he rolled well, and I (re)rolled and horribly.

The good news is, it's at least developing a theme now by including a single magic weapon with an awesome name.

High Elf Prince with The White Sword (+2str, killing blow), Armour of Caledor (2+ save), Guardian Phoenix (5+ ward save), Talisman of Loec (reroll... everything for 1 combat, then automatically loses a wound)

(I'm not a fan of Archmages really, I prefer some proper choppiness!)

High Elf Noble - Dragon Armour, shield, Battle Standard
Mage - RandomspellloreIhaventpickedyet, Silver Wand (+1 spell), level 2
Mage - High Magic, level 2

31 Spearmen - Banner, Musician, champion
27 Seaguard - Banner, Musician, champion

14 Swordmasters - Banner, Musician, Champion
14 Swordmasters - Banner, Musician, Champion
Lion Chariot

Great Eagle

--------- Comes to 1998 points.

I can switch out the Lion Chariot for 6 Ellyrian Reavers and some equipment for my BSB, like a ward save or the Talisman of Light (makes him + whole unit have magical attacks) or some other light tweaking (maybe the Razor Standard somewhere - Gives attacks armour piercing).