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05-09-2010, 19:52
Hello everyone. As the title states i need some help against these cold blooded b@$%@&#s. We are starting a mighty empires campaign here at my gamestore and i unfortunately drew against the stores owner who to say the least loves to tool his lists to playing certain armies, in other words he only runs all comers tournament lists. Having researched my opponent (aka looked in the glass case where he keeps his armies) this is what i know i can expect for the our 2500 point game which will be taking place this week:

-Massive block of Sarus Warriors (think 30? not in horde unit formation)
-10-12 Cold One Knights
-x2 units of skinks
-x2 stegadons (tryceratop things)

Im pretty sure this what he will be running as that is what i can remember i saw what he has. This is what i am thinking about bringing against him:

-Teclis (lore of shadow)
-Horde unit of Lothern Sea Guard (x48)
-x21 White Lions
-x21 Swordmasters
-x10 Elleryian Reavers
-Possibly 2 Bolt Throwers

I may change this up in the future but as for now do you think i have a decent list to counter what i know he is running?

vinny t
05-09-2010, 21:39
Teclis by himself should be pretty insame. Run Lore of Death and throw out a purple sun a turn. Game over.

06-09-2010, 01:47
I agree with just running teclis and casting purple sun. It should decimate his army very quickly. I'd also take some white lions to deal with his high toughness and good armor save units and monsters.

06-09-2010, 02:20
You have Teclis in your list.

It really doesn't matter what you have after that.

If you want to **** him off take nothing but naked Spearmen and Teclis, you'll still annihilate him.

06-09-2010, 05:33
Wow, you all must be ignorant beyond belief. Um, no, Teclis agianst L.M is a not "guranteed win."

If your going to take LSG take more than 48, take in the 50's mainly because you want to be able to attack in 5 ranks (I have taken 57 and 63 both times I have done it) run a BsB with A.P banner and run the BoEF on the unit (perfect for stand and shoots against steg and animal/ undead charges). Even if your unit gets flanked in two sides, having A.P banner and maybe even a Noble with AOC and G.P w/ G.W can add punch and accept challenges after your unit champ dies and really don't want the BsB accepting it.

The Ellyrion Reavers I would drop. IMO not as good as G.E and really way over costed for what they do. I would take perhaps a unit of 25 spears and one 30ish unit of W.L or P.G instead of S.M which will die in droves, (depends on what you want your army to be doing anchoring your main battle line or attacking, etc. . .).

Lastly I would advise taking a LvL 2 with either S.W and RoF or RoFireball-BRB- for the extra spell and Shadow, or A.C to boost dispell phase aginsat the Slann. You wont be abel to stop the slann, but you can at least make it hard on him.

*****Important***** Don't get within 24in' of the Slann with Teclis as Becalming Cognition will ***** Teclis up as the L.M gets to remove all 6's rolled from a designated caster per turn -only within 24in' however. Which might make it a good idea to put Teclis not opposite to Slann or not take Death just for Purple Sun; Shadow like you stated earlier.

06-09-2010, 16:27
I would take 3 units of 7 swordmasters and 14 WL + 7 WL. Send in 2 waves of SM against the Saurus. Later waves can kill it off. Multicharge is even better, but harder to do.
The reason for taking more, smaller units is to mitigate Slann wrecking your big blocks with dwellers.
I prefer shadow magic too.
Keep your mage far away from the Slann. With Shadow you can do this, because it has pretty high range (better than Death), and you can fly 18" away after your last spell, provided you keep another character in the back lines.
just my 2 cents

06-09-2010, 17:18
You can't run MSU agaisnt Slann lists very well cause they can just spam LoL spells. Sending in a couple of waves of troops against Saurus that are T6 or T8, have a 6+, 5+ regen, and or can be regrown pretty much gurantees your T3 5+ save troops death.You need to be able to generate some form of C.R whether thats in the passive form like bufing medicore troops or just have an anvil troop type there instead.

P.G are really good against Saurus and high T things in general because they got a Ward and can be a sucessful anchor because if it. Also W.L I rank, and use more than S.M because they have forset strider and also are S6 wounding everything +2 or big gribbles things more reliably on +4.

*However, I didn't mention yesterday, but I don't think you have much wiggle room mainly because it looks like you have IoB models minaly utilised. Thus, if you have to use Reavers (because our model restricted), use them to clean up Skinks and the Terradons that can be a deterement to your LSG horde (if you still bring that) also if you can GET A SECOND MAGE if Teclis should run Shadow since the Slann is going to be running B.C and take away your sixes and Shadow is all debuffs, buffs and nothing really killy except for Pit o' shades. This leaves your second mage to cast whatever he feels like at will and draws out the Slanns D.D (assuming Teclis dosen't irresitible) either life or H.E magic with him can be really useful espically with Silver Wand and Reaver Bow.

Stick that LvL 2 the A.P banner BsB and Noble in the LSG (Noble be in general and as I stated in my last post to accept chalenges after your champ dies) and you got a a S3 -1 A.S, that are flamming, mobile missle platform that will destroy with the same ferocity in combat -rally who dosen't like five ranks of attacks? Oh, and the LSG will have other bow shots, and 6 S6 attacks from the Heros. Semi deathstar enough said.

Lastly, a unit of D.P would also be adviseable as they have the ability to destroy anything they charge and can help out in a combi charge against things.