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06-09-2010, 20:41
Hello, i'm looking to put together a list that will win more than it loses, while at the same time not making people hate me and not want to play me again. So, this is what i came up with on my first try at the WoC book. I haven't got anything but 2 boxes of warriors yet so the list is mostly open to change.


Sorcerer Lord 405
Mark of Tzeentch
Level 4
Disc of Tzeentch
Talisman of Preservation
Blood of Tzeentch
Bloodcurdling Roar


Exalted Hero 185
Battle Standard Bearer
Sword of Swift Slaying
Ironcurse Icon


17 Warriors 332
Additional HW

18 Warriors 318

35 Marauders 242
Shields, Light Armor

10 Warhounds 60


6 Knights 295
Razor Standard


Hellcannon 205

Hellcannon 205

07-09-2010, 20:49
Take another look and tell me what you think if you will

08-09-2010, 20:41
This is definitely a bump

The reason i want to know if the list works and can/will win (without being cheese incarnate) is that i haven't bought most of the models yet and i would like to have something concrete(ish) to build around

09-09-2010, 00:11
Couple comments:

I'd definitely use another marauder unit, mark tzeentch the warriors with shields for 5+ parry save, change hounds into marauder horsemen and change the setup on the BSB (give him a ward save and possibly change Khorne into Tzeentch).
If you want to keep him Khorne marked mount him on a jugg and put him with the knights.
I'd also buy shields for the Khorne warriors (16 warriors with shields have better odds to survive shooting than 17 without shields).

If you're concerned about being cheesy my rule of thumb is to avoid duplicate choices of particularly strong units, so i'd find the points for all the above by cutting the second hellcannon.

09-09-2010, 00:37
Thank you for responding

The BSB was to be with the Khornate warriors with 3 attacks. They were meant to be a shock and awe unit that could do some serious damage in CC. I had them like this because a few years ago i bought a box of warriors because i liked the models and built them with extra HW as opposed to sheilds. however; the other unit i already have does have shields. If necessary though i'll just paint them up for larger battles and for the 2250 go with 2 units of shield warriors.

The setup on the BSB i can definitely change and put him with a tzeentch marked unit.

The reason i put the 2nd hell cannon was because i like artillery and it's a really cool unit.

I have no problem dropping the hounds i just thought they would be cool because then i could just buy the battalion and have some war machine hunters.