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06-09-2010, 19:47
Here's my go at a 3K HE list, let me know what you think.

Lords: 652

Prince (297)
Dragon Armour
Barded Elven Steed
Great Weapon
Vambraces of Defense
Radiant Gem of Hoeth

He goes with the Dragon Princes and takes High Magic for Shield of Saphery, plus he gets Drain Magic free. I reckon this is better than taking Life for Earthblood as it's pretty much guaranteed on 2 dice needing only 4+ compared to 7+ for Earthblood and could even be 1 diced.

Archmage (355)
Level 4
Forliath's Robes
Talisman of Saphery
Jewel of Dusk

She takes Lore of Life and goes in the Phoenix Guard.

Heroes: (452)

Noble (170)
Great Weapon
Armour of Caledor
Guardian Phoenix

He goes in the block of Spearmen.

Noble (137)
Shadow Armour
Foe Bane

He goes with the Shadow Warriors and kills Warmachines with his nifty sword of always wounding on a 2+.

Mage (145)
Level 2
Silver Wand

He goes in the Spearmen and takes the Lore of Metal for damage dealing.

Core: 765

30 Spearmen (315)
War Banner

15 Lothern Sea Guard (220)

10 Archers (115)

10 Archers (115)

Special: 972

6 Dragon Princes (280)
Razor Standard
Ironcurse Icon

5 Shadow Warriors (92)
Shadow Walker

14 Swordmasters of Hoeth (305)
Banner of Sorcery
Amulet of Light

17 Phoenix Guard (295)
Banner of Eternal Flame

Rare: 100

2 Great Eagles (100)

Other things I could include:
Lion Chariot of Chrace
Tiranoc Chariot x 4
Repeater Bolt Thrower x3
Shadow Warriors x 10
Prince on Griffon
Dragon Mage
Prince on Star Dragon
Dragon Princes x14
Mage x3
Noble x 4
Swordmasters x6
Phoenix Guard x7

07-09-2010, 03:10
First greast eagles are 50pys apice; not 100.
Go beasts on your noble for wildform. 1+S and 1+T is beter than sheild of saphery
Give the archmage seerstaff.

07-09-2010, 03:57
6 DP's, 2 Eagles, and Shadow Warriors are slightly overkill for the roll they all share in your army.

Shadow warriors probably aren't worth it, with the new rules for skirmishers added to the semi free reform you get if you don't over run/pursue mean they aren't useful for redirecting charges, nor will they be able to easily hide in woods. Drop these for more Eagles/DP's.

Only 15 Seaguard? This unit is probably too small to do much of anything other than act as another unit of archers, I'd stick 10 archers in the seaguard unit and call them seaguard for a unit of 25.

Warbanner really isn't worth it anymore, combat rez isn't what kills units, it's about taking away that stubborn from more ranks. BoAP might be a good alternative.

I would forget about the casting Prince as he is only getting +1 to cast, his spell would be too easy to dispel or a waste of PD as you already have 2 strong casters. I'd rather arm him with the White Sword and have him hunt heroes.

I'd switch the banners on the SM's and PG, and add those 6 SM's to the unit so they survive longer.

I'd love to see some chariots in this army, I think it'd give you a huge advantage both in deployment and controlling the battlefield.

07-09-2010, 06:27
Really I'm not a fan of commeting on lists, but really, not a fan of what you done.

For some anti-regen and big gribbley killyness, stick the LvL 2 in a LSG block with BoEF and also give the mage the Reaver Bow, he won't disappoint. Among the many "friendlier" things this list contains the lord is really a huge point sink.

Vambraces of Defense in my opinion is pointless in this case, becasue if you are planning on giving the unit a +5 Ward/Regen save every turn then why give him specifically a +4? Backwards. . . Anyways

If it were me I would run Tekamadors Gauntlets perfect for this scernaio because it works agaisnt S4 and up (the only things your Lord should be afraid of) and it gives him a back up Ward incase he dosen't get the spell off, at not too many points. You can do alot with 25 points, so have fun!!!

*(maybe amulet of light if going agaisnt W.E, Demons, or Undead? Or just more kit? . . . Silver Wand or the other item in the Brb that lets you take a 2nd Spell. [if you do the former you can't give the LvL 2 mage the R.bow]).

Ugh, your list needs work -for me anyway.