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07-09-2010, 01:15
Hey there all. I was just wondering what the opinions are on a purely Khornate Daemon army are in 8th edition nowadays. I'm rather unfamiliar with Daemons of Chaos as a whole, but the models interest me quite a bit, and well...I'm curious. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

07-09-2010, 02:24
For starters, I would think:

Large blocks of Bloodletters, typically led by a Herald of Khorne
Bloodthirster...maybe, if points allow. Heralds seem a bit more important.
Skulltaker...again, possibly
Units of 3 Bloodcrushers, potentially accompanied by a Herald on Bloodcrusher
Units of Flesh Hounds, again, potentially in rather large units of 10 to 12?

07-09-2010, 05:26
well with so few options the army is going to write itself. I would probably utilize 2 thirty man + bloodletter units or so. I like the blood thirster, hes expensive but did lose a good deal of luster from 7th so be careful with him since he isnt auto breaking anything anymore with a frontal charge. Skulltaker is nice but again there might be a cost issue point wise since the bloodletters need heralds to muscle your victories. Id go with two units of min flesh doggies for mobility, then after a comfort level is reached on the other selections spend the rest on crushers. This is assuming 2500 to 3000 at 2000 points and lower you probably need to drop the blood thirster since hes the cost of a whole bloodletter unit.

Honestly there is little variation, more so than any other fantasy army mono god lists in Daemons need tons of practice. Aside from one or two options the army got toned down considerably in the 8th edition transfer. Khorne will get killed against hexes and buffs. Bloodletters who drop to 1 toughness, or face 7-8 toughness foes will drop in a hurry. The army also being so expensive means there isnt much the enemy has to target. Even in a 'big' khorne army you have only really two blocks of bloodletters and if they have issues your going to lose more than likely since larger blocks shrug off all your other options.

One other setup option goes for characters spamed on Juggies with crushers, this can work but again its slim. 35 points a wound gets expensive quickly when you have no defense in the shooting or magic phase. Saying you have magic resistance sounds good on paper however you will only find the first game someone plays against khorne it comes into play. Magic resistance wiffs on everything except direct damage. Crushers cannot kill a 50 man toughness 8 Temple Guard unit, or strength 9 Phoenix guard, ect. A full half the lores feature too much magic for you to typically just shrug off.

I honestly think aside from the occasional sucker punch tournament viability of mono Khorne is very suspect. Mono Tzeentch and Slannesh can still be very viable armies do to tricks however no magic OR shooting makes for a sad blood god.

If your willing to just hedge just a smidgen the with changing one option and adding one unit or two the army becomes very difficult since bloodletters would appear to be the strongest of the 4 basic troopers and thats going to be the workhorse of your list. Switch out Khorne for a Keeper or a Lord of Change then add Flamers and your pretty much set for viablity, though if you honestly want to be mono god then go for some Khorne and dont look at the win loss record against quality opponents.

07-09-2010, 11:03
Well my army is mono Khorne, with moderate success (7 games, 3 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses), but if you keep it themed you can add other things to it. I got my inspiration from one of the GW articles, where someoine wanted a thirster in the tzeentch army, so modelled the changeling in mid-morph into a thirster.
Im in the middle of converting a HoT (hes a bloodletter wearing a robe, he has a background story as well if you want to hear it), and though ive not used him yet, taking master of sorcery and either lore of life or light(ironically) on paper looks like it will be pretty effective. So if you can theme it and convert a model its OK to include models from other gods IMO.
And with bloodcrushers, everyone always seems to expect units of 3 or 5, so i take a unit of 4... works fairly well.