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07-09-2010, 13:59
Been thinking of buying a Night Lords army.

However they are extremely boring with their current rules so might go the Black Legion way to gain some flavour model wise.

However do you think the good old Night Lords will be more usable in the far off future Chaos Codex

07-09-2010, 14:05
To be fair you can make a interesting NL army using raptors and bikes and infiltrating chosen.

It wont be the most competitive no but sure wont be boring, also unsure what model variation you are gonna gain from going black legion?

Or you could totally flip the script and use the blood angels rules with a crap load of jump packers as troops. I tend to envision the nightlords as more of a unvided selfish and terror causing army than the fast attack white scars like force people seem to envision them as these days.

Col. Dash
07-09-2010, 14:23
I would say BA as well. I agree that the current chaos codex sucks and has zero flavor even more so for a legion that doesnt use cult troops and laughs at the idea of using daemons. BA has access to jump packers with terrifying masks which fit the motif perfectly, actually I think the BA codex, special characters and specialist vehicles aside, fit Night lords better than it does the BA. You still have tac marines which in some companies of NL thats all they have left, terminators, lots of nifty veteran assault troops with various capabilities, scouts which can easily represent serfs in supporting roles(if they can live and survive on a NL ship they can definately be useful on a battlefield). I would stay away from chaplains, death company, all the special characters except maybe the dude with the two handed chain sword, and baal preds. Everything else seems to fit right.

We might get lucky though and get Legion rules back again in the next dex if hopefully GW realizes the foul up they did with the current one. Dont hold your breath and I havent even heard any whisper of a rumor that there is one on the horizon.

07-09-2010, 14:39
Flavour you can add yourself via modeling. I quite like the current Chaos Codex, if only for the streamlining. A Jump Pack lord with something evil (Bloodfeeder) could be converted from Gabriel Seth and then you add in Infiltrating Chosen (who it has to be said are complete B*stards when flanking and planting daemons near your lines) Raptors and Bikers and then mech up your troops choices for added speed.
Given the 'open' daemon rules you could convert something appropriate like harpies or some other winged creatures to act as lesser demons because there are no modelling restrictions on them. My father uses old Dryads and Treemen painted to look like they have been corrupted by Nurgle for his greater/lesser daemons and they look fantastic.

07-09-2010, 16:59
How about using codex space marines?

Hold the flame fest and hear me out!

Use shrike and use all the goodies that can be used in both armies. ie raptors/assult marines, rhinos, tacticals and termie and land raiders(Godwyn pattern). Also only use equipment that can be taken for both armies...

Modelling wise use whatever you like, thanks to soul hunter we know they steal and what not. So you can kit bash. If you preffer plastics to metal you can even do a whole plastic army!

Obviously paint them in a night lords scheme. It will also mean you can use two codexes if you liked?


07-09-2010, 20:39
Too bad Raptors and Bikes are overcosted in todays metagame. I like raptors but they cost too much for a CSM without a bolter. Bikes cost a lot, can't get to 2nd story of a ruin, have a single wound and don't pack enough punch in shooting.

A better choice in 5th is a squad of CSM in a Rhino. Scoring, more firepower, cheaper and safer in a Rhino.

A Night Lords army using the CSM codex has it work cut out for them in 5th.

07-09-2010, 21:57
When codex: Blood angels came out I thought it would be awesome to do a night lords army based upon them, I then proceeded to buy the bitz to make some assault marines into night lords, got over it and gave the models to my friend. You should totally do it though as it would be very cool!

08-09-2010, 03:58
kit bash some night lords from some loyalist and csm marine troop boxes, add some rhinos and vindicators, tasty stuff, while it may not be super tournament effective, it sounds fluffy and fun to me.