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07-09-2010, 22:10
Hey all,

well I've just been informed that my next few local tourneys will be 2k so its back to the drawing board! Comments and Criticism would be greatly appreciated as I'll be going into the tourney with very little practice-time.

LORDS - 425pts

Vampire Lord - Lvl.3, Forbidden Lore (Light), Master of the Black Arts, Summon Ghouls, Talisman of Preservation, Dispel Scroll
Lore of Light gives a lot of good buffing options for my generally low stats, and helps against gunlines and the like as well. Wondering whether to keep the scroll or get the re-roll miscast item from the BRB

HEROES - 345pts

Necromancer (Invocation) - +1 spell (Vanhels Danse), Staff of Damnation
Support caster, primarily raises and throws the Danse/ Staff as required

Wight King - Great Weapon, BSB, Drakenhoff Banner
Sits in my Great weapon waving Graveguard unit and gives them regen. Greatly upping their survivability.

CORE - 588pts (508pts true core)

22x Ghouls
22x Ghouls
Have a decent weight of Poisoned attacks and T4 so I'm hoping they'll be able to see off the majority of minor threats and cover the Graveguards' flank/s.

18x Skellies (HW & Shield) - standard, musician
Lord Bunker... thats about it! Will house Necro and Lord and hopefully not see combat. Main idea is to soak up shooting/ templates (look out sir) and to scare off minor threats

5x Dire Wolves
5x Dire Wolves
Delayers and missile screens

SPECIAL - 465pts

30x Grave Guard ( Heavy armour, Great Weapon) - full command, Banner of Barrows
Hard hitting, but a touch flimsy and striking last... hence the Drakenhoff banner. With light buffs it will be hitting and wounding most enemies on 2's

RARE - ***pts

Would like to get something more but he's the cheapest option and fairly durable

Hows that looking? Obviously the list revolves around the Graveguard, with the Ghouls/ Vargulf in support, the skellie bunker bringing up the rear, the dogs either zip between the enemies lines to go after warmachines, or act as missile screens and delayers to hold off enemies so I can pick my fights a bit more...

09-09-2010, 03:26
Helm of Command for your lord will make this army list soooo much stronger:D

15-09-2010, 14:14
Maybe consider Ghoulkin to get those large blocks of Ghouls close to the enemy quicker?

15-09-2010, 21:40
Thanks for the input guys!

A slightly amended list, please tell me how it looks now...

Vampire Lord - Master of the Black Arts, Forbidden Lore (Light or maybe Vamps), Summon Ghouls, Earthing Rod, Helm of Commandment, Crown of the Damned.
Caster Lord or "Controller" as I like to think of him. Helm is a great idea, as it means my GG will always have at least WS7, WS/I10 is just gravy (and probably more for the 5+ to hit from WS4 enemies), Not sure whether to stick with Light or go to Vamps...

Wight King - BSB, Helm of Discord
Dropped the Drakenhoff for more points, he's now a challenge-guru who I've had a lot of success with so far...

Necromancer (Invocation) - +1 spell (Danse), Staff of Damnation
Sits behind the lines for support and also uses the staff to help trim down enemies before the combat phase (a free round of strikes from WS7, +1 to hit GW waving GG is just plain nasty lol! Though unfortunately I don't think the helm can be applied till the combat phase....)

24x Ghouls - Ghast
24x Ghouls - Ghast
Probably still a bit small, but will buff them up a bit before they see combat I hope. Could possibly drop a few skellies to up these numbers?

18x Skellies (Hand weapon & Shield) - standard, Musician
Bunker duty for my 2 casters

5x Wolves
5x Wolves
Giving them a bit more of a go, for re-directors(translates to "delayers" these days though I think) and screens. Might drop them for more Ghouls though...

31x Grave Guard (Great Weapons) - Command, Banner of the Barrows
ranks up 8x4 with the BSB. +1 to hit for all of them is nasty, especially if I go with Vamps and throw the Danse at them for re-rolls on whats likely a 2+ to hit anyway!

1x Varghulf
Handy for the opposite flank and faking out the enemy deployment, hunting softer unranked targets, etc.

Thinking strategy-wise, The Ghoulkin might throw them out-of-whack with my GG a bit, so I haven't tried to lever it in yet... Basically the strategy is to bulk out one flank, with maybe the wolves/ varghulf on the opposite, bringing the Grave guard up the extreme flank and (hopefully) rolling down the enemy line whilst the Ghouls tie down the bottlenecked enemy line and the Varghulf and wolves try to move in around the flank and draw some attention...

Hows that sounding now? Any further thoughts'd be great!

16-09-2010, 12:00
Simular to the list I'm running at the mo - without MOTBA - I take Dark Accolyte and +1 lvl to make the Lord Lvl 4 - MOTBA just doesnt do it for me being garanteed 4 dice min. Necro I give scroll and black perepit (sp?) with only 1 spell (dance).

Ghouls I combined into 1 big horde unit (30) which I raise more of. Then another unit of skelies as (as well as the lord bunker) potential tar-pitting (30) 6 ranks so enemy looses the Steadfast where possible. Thus maintaining 3 front line units and 1 Lord bunker in the rear...

Wight King I run as a BSB with Blood Keep 4+ ranged ward in the Ghouls, to annoy the heck out of people vs magic + shooting and everyone comments how it works REALLY well - regen banner - hmm, yer lots of things can combat that. In combat just have to worry about I order and when the Ghouls strike - I try and get VDM off for the ASF (except vs HElves) and thats when the ward is lost...