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09-09-2010, 13:02
Arch Lector
War Altar
Van Horstmann's Speculum
Sword of Might
Dragon Helm
Heavy Armour, Shield

Wizard Lord (Level 4, Light)
Crimson Amulet
Dispel Scroll

Battle Standard Bearer
Enchanted Shield
Full Plate
White Cloak

Engineer with the shirt on his back

29 Halberdiers
Full Command

29 Swordsmen
Full Command

5 Knights

5 Knights

5 Pistoliers

5 Pistoliers





Steam Tank


My main areas of concern are:

1. Lore - I've been using Light exclusively in 8th because I've used it since 4th ed Battle Magic came out. In 7th I almost always had 2 level 2s, one with light and one that chose according to opponent. Life is an obvious choice (for regrowing the tank, dwellersing stuff, and generally being the best lore), but I'm also tempted by Shadow. Any feedback from Empire generals on how Shadow might work with this list is very welcome.

2. The engineer. He's expensive. I could have a naked level 1 mage instead. I won't say he isn't useful (Misfires appear with alarming regularity with 4 machines on the table) but his 3" range means he pretty much has to sit in the open to operate the machines.

3. Lack of detachments. It just feels weird, but it's very hard to squeezer them in without losing something I think is probably as useful.

I've played one game with the list, against High Elves. Everything seemed to do the job I wanted; the Tank took his focus and tied up a his attention while I took out his support; Mortars were devastating one minute (10 archers wiped out turn 1, leaving Archmage somewhat exposed) and utterly useless the next (26 hits on lothern sea guard. 3 wounds.) I don't suppose I can blame the mortar so much as the dice for that though.


10-09-2010, 14:49
No comments at all? I'm pretty sure it isn't perfect. Go on, tell me why it's rubbish.

11-09-2010, 01:23
shadow is WOOOONDERFUL!!! it brings other troops down to our level just in time for a sweet occams mind razor. it's a pretty nasty suprise.

The archlector seems a little overloaded. i dunno,if he's on a waralter then i dont really see any reason to give him the speculuum because he survies pretty well.

you know, i would take out one unit of pistoliers, upgrade the other to outriders, and use the remaining points to field some kind of shooting detachment, and perhaps even lose one unit of knights to get even more detachments. i just really like the detachment system, it's ours, and ours alone and i feel was given to us for a very good reason.

Kiras of the flame
11-09-2010, 05:15
hmmm... That's alot of Light power... Shadow is a good lore I have to say... we get to whittle our opponents to near death and then some... and then you use the mind razor... if not then we just make them weaker and weaker...

I'd merge two of the knights and give them a full command... ditch the other one for a Razor Standard and some detachments

Stummie is right get Outriders and detachments...

also get a regular preist... trade the Lector for either a General or a Templar master... Now that's a killy guy!

Fox Of 9
11-09-2010, 13:16
if you want to see a way to use cheap detachments to support your large infantry block have a look at my 2.5k list that i've just revised.