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09-09-2010, 16:21
Hi all,

I know this isn't the ideal moment to start a TK army, being Gw's ugly ginger bastard child and all, I'm willing to give it a go. All constructive comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Tomb Prince
Great Weapon, Collar of Shapesh
129 pts

Liche Priest
115 pts

10 Skeleton Warriors (Bows)
80 pts

10 Skeleton Warriors (Bows)
80 pts

20 Skeleton Warriors
FC, Hand Weapon & Shield
185 pts

24 Tomb Guard
318 pts

Screaming Skull Catapult
90 pts

Total: 997 pts

10-09-2010, 00:24
Ugh...1K Tomb King lists are brutal! The most glaring thing for me is that you will definitely not have enough magical support to even out the army. This isn't a fault of your list, it's an army design issue. Tomb Kings don't really work well below 2k and I happen to think it starts getting silly magically above 2.5k, which doesn't leave us much wiggle room.

First things first...get some sort of protection on your Liche Priest since he's the linchpin of our army. He dies, our army begins to crumble. Give him the Collar instead of the Prince. At this point level, a Tomb Prince can pretty much take care of himself. He pretty much has to honestly. Give him a GW and maybe the Dragonbane Gem to protect him from those harmful, flaming attacks and call it a day.

I'm crying as I type this, but I...suggest...:cries:...dropping the Tomb Guard unit and increasing the skeleton unit to 25. Tomb Guard are our best infantry unit by leaps and bounds, but they are an expensive luxury below 2k. With those extra points you could take a Tomb Scorpion or two, which are the best values in our (or arguably any) army and still have points left over.

Hell, with a little adjusting you could field a naked Tomb King, which opens up the Banner of the Undying Legion for your skeleton block and pretty much keep the rest of your list the same. So that's a total of 195 points which brings an additional 3 spells to your magic phase.

TL;DR: Try this character set-up:

Tomb King (replaces Prince)
Liche Priest

:cries:Drop Tomb Guard:cries:, increase your main skeleton unit to 25. Add Banner of Undying Legion to this unit.

Add a Tomb Scorpion.

10-09-2010, 06:45
Without a King leading your army so you can fill your core requirement with some Chariots, you'll probably seriously struggle to put together a competitive/fun list.

If you swap the prince out for a king, and drop the hw&sh skeletons for 3 chariots, I think it just fits into 1,000 while keeping the list legal - if not you may have to drop 1-2 tomb guard.

I agree with the above about Scorpions, and would suggest one over the Catapult at this points level (templates at 1k are no fun for either side usually anyway).

12-09-2010, 00:25
I would field a basically naked Tomb King and a Liche Priest (with Collar or maybe cloak of dunes)

As for the core my suggestion would be 25 Skeleton Warriors with bows, Standard+Musician and Banner of the Undying Legion. (exactly 250p...)

My 1k points would look something like this:

Tomb King

Liche Priest 140p
+ Collar of Shapesh

25 SW -Bows 250p
+ Standard, Musician
+ Banner of the Undying Legion

2 Tomb Scorpions

20 Tomb Guard 270p
+ Full Command

Tomb King goes with TG and Liche Priest with the skeleton warriors. Another option is to drop one tomb scorpion, add a Ruby ring of Ruin a tomb guard or two and give some stuff to the Tomb King.