View Full Version : Island of Blood High Elves - can a decent army be created?

09-09-2010, 18:37
Soon I will have 4 box sets worth of the IoB High Elves. I don't have the Army book yet, that will be my next purchase.

If I take out the command models from 3 of the sets, I'll end up with 31 Sea Guard, 31 SwordMasters and 10-13 Reavers (assuming no banners).
The 4 mages and 4 griffons will probably be worked out in a trade and I'll end up with maybe 2 of each.
I did pick up a box of silver helms and a lion chariot (they were technically free to me anyway).
Am I on the right path to a decent army?
I'm thinking my next purchases will include the new plastics coming out next month... not sure what yet. Anything else I should look toward?

What kind of "army" does multiple IoB sets create? How many points (total-ish) is that?

09-09-2010, 20:36
youll be very short on core choices. youre only looking at 400 or so points, depending on the size of the army youre playing, that could be problematic. i should add im no huge HE player, i took the skavens out of the box and traded with a HE player. all i know is if you think this is going to make you an army, youll be sadly mistaken. the swordmasters usually cut through my skaven like a hot knife through butter, but thats the only thing im really scared of in those boxes. personally, i wouldnt get rid of the mages either. the magic is the only ranged attacks that really are impressive in your army right now.

just my two cents from a skaven player, i could be way off. also, in just using the IoB contents, your army is going to look like every other HE player out there right now. take a glance at some of the other forum posts with players in a similiar boat to get much better details on gears and what not. also, GET THE CODEX ASAP!!!! its the best way to "study" your army.

09-09-2010, 20:38
Well, Sea Guard make a good core choice, and with only 3 options, there's not much left to do. HE elite infantry is all very good, if a bit frail, but that' HE. I'd probably look at picking up the plastic hero box, as it makes a mounted and foot hero, one of which can take the BSB.