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10-09-2010, 00:52
The following is a list I just used against a friend's WoC army. I lost by 300 points or so. I have not used a greater daemon in the new rules in fear of cannon death. I am considering a daemon prince with an ether blade and unnatural swiftness on foot as a general to this list, amonst other changes, for armour chopping (or a KoS with Etherblade).

I could do with some input on this list please, it would be greatly appreciated. I am gong to leave the plaguebearers and nurgle herald out. I am considering dropping some flamers, and giving an etherblade to the HoS, and beefing up the horror's numbers.

Army Total: 2494

Hero Herald of Khorne Total: Heroes Total: 625
Armour of Khorne

Hero Herald of Slaanesh Total:
Battle Standard

Hero Herald of Tzeentch Total:
Master of Sorcery

Hero Herald of Tzeentch Total:
Master of Sorcery

Hero Herald of Nurgle Total:

Core 40 Bloodletters Total: Core Total: 1449
Full Command
Icon of Endless War

Core 19 Daemonettes Total:
Full Command
Siren Standard

Core 14 Horrors Total:

Core 14 Horrors Total:

Core 20 Plague bearers Total:
Full command
Stand. Seeping decay

Rare 6 Flamers Total: Rare Total: 420

Rare 6 Flamers Total:

10-09-2010, 02:25
That list lookd fairly good. I'd combine the Horrors into one unit though.

10-09-2010, 10:21
I am tinkering around with an alternate list (which is still in a state of transition) with the following changes.

I'm taking out: The Plaguebearers and the herald

I'm adding: A keeper of secrets with etherblade, and an etherblade on the BSB

I'm pondering removing: A Tzeentch Herald and some Flamers

I'm pondering adding: Flesh Hounds, another rank of Daemonettes, more Bloodletters

Undecided on: Bloodcrushers, seekers