View Full Version : first attempt at DoC 2k list

10-09-2010, 16:52
hey it's getting tiring seeing all the same models every day so going to try something new.. but so im not wasting moneys i'd like to make sure i've built this properly.. please rate/abuse/harrass or whatever to make it a decent list :)

cheers in advance!!

Demon prince (gone wrong already? haha), many armed monstrosity, soul hunger.

The Masque

Herald Of slaanesh, Allure of slaanesh, Siren Song, BSB, Great icon of despair, Lvl1 wizard.

44x Demonettes of Slaanesh, Command, Siren Standard

10x Bloodletters

6x Fiends of Slaanesh

3x Flamers

3x Flamers.

total: 1998

10-09-2010, 17:54
i tink possibly a skulltaker instead of a deamon prince, however if advanced in points then i would keep the deamon prince as it is an underated character

10-09-2010, 20:41
skulltaker is 150 points.. i'd be 30 points over hero allowance lol.

11-09-2010, 17:16
Maybe the ASF gift instead of soul hunger. Reroll on hits would likely be of more use depending on your opponent.

11-09-2010, 19:32
truu,, i was torn between them 2.. my logic was to find a way to leak in more spells.. n use the ASF to get re-roll to hit + wound :)

unpheasable atm but im trying >.<.. if i cant find a way ill deffo switch to ASF