View Full Version : Empire Army Take 1!

10-09-2010, 19:16
So after deciding to take up fantasy along with my 40k i have settled on empire as my army of choice.

So here is my first try at an army list


Great Weapon, Dawn Armour 131

Great Weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron,
Pegasus 129

Full Plate 89

Battle Wizard
Level 2, Dispell Scroll, Wizards Staff 135

Battle Wizard
Level 2, Dispell Scroll 125


Halberdiers 330
Full Command, 50 men, Razor Standard

20 swordsmen 120

Full Command, 50 men 270

20 Swordsmen 120

Full Command, 20 men 180

Full Command, 20 men 180

Mortar 75

Great Cannon 100


11-09-2010, 01:16
maybe take the captain off the pegasus because characters are not exactly the empires stron suit. he would be better off in a unit giving them his leadership (another one of our weaker suits).

maybe instead of 2 lvl 2 wizards you should take at least one level
four. use him to bolster our troops or perhaps hamper this enemy, so light or life would be good. ive been using lore of shadow and it's been working pretty good so far.

i' vehad pretty good luck with using crossbow men as detachments for larger units. maybe split those 2 regiments of 20 up into 4 detachments of 10? this way it distributes your shooting a little more evenly?

have oyu ocnsidered dropping 10 men from each of the big units to get another mortar? artillery is the empires bread and butter. you could even get another cannon doing this.

personally i dont usually use swordmen as a detachment becasue they make a better anvil than a hammer with WS4, and even then i dont usually take more than 15 of any kind of detachment because that number gives spearmen the necessary 3 ranks and even two ranks will still cancel out the enemy ranks.

i'm not sure how to do it, but i would think about putting a steam tank in there somewhere. In my expierence it holds up 99% of units the whole game if it doesnt destroy them all together.