View Full Version : Zerohammer!

10-09-2010, 19:58
Ok.... Well not quite zero.

I haven't played a lot recently so I've decided it's time for a laugh.
There's been a lot about big Lord characters and multiple cheap heroes hereabouts.
So, after chuntering a bit, I've decided to chart my progress for a bit using a maximum of 2 hero level characters in any game!

It means some limitations, especially magic but it'll mean more units for me to move about and maybe a bit more spectacle!

We'll see how it goes.....

I'll be playing with a few different armies - I'll even dig out the Beastmen for some!

First Batrep tomorrow night Beastmen V Dark Elves.... uh-oh....

10-09-2010, 20:06
Look forward to it.

11-09-2010, 17:10
sounds promising, and best of luck/skill (pick one)