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10-09-2010, 20:42
A few questions on how this interacts with a few things.

Here is the situation: I drive two units up the field, one infront of the other. The unit in front gets charged, I declare a Flee charge reaction. They run into (and through?) my unit directly behind them. What happens?

What happens if the fleeing unit doesn't roll high enough to get through my own unit?

What happens if the enemy rolls, say, 7 to catch my fleeing unit, my fleeing unit rolls 6, but that means the charging unit would crash into the unit that my guys are fleeing through first?

What happens if both the above situations occur at once (didn't roll high enough to completely run through my unit, and the charging unit would catch them normally, but also would crash into my non-fleeing unit)?

10-09-2010, 20:50
Your unit flees first. If they would end up on top of another friendly unit, they are moved to the opposite side of the unit, in a direct line from where they were fleeing. If they would end up on top of an enemy unit, the same happens but they must take a dangerous terrain test. If the charging unit contacts the unit that didn't flee then it becomes a charge against that unit. I think.

Ultimate Life Form
10-09-2010, 20:56
- If a unit flees through a friendly unit, this results in a Panic check ('Panic' page 62).

- If it would get stuck somehow it is instead placed behind the obstacle. I once had a unit 'flee' across half the table that way (through multiple units obviously).

- The fleeing unit is destroyed as soon as it is clear they didn't roll high enough. Accordingly they do not move through other units.

- Should they get away, the fled-through unit must take the mentioned Panic check immediately. If they stay in place, the enemy unit counts as charging (pursuit into a new enemy page 59). If not, they flee (through the already fleeing unit behind them, again placing them 1" behind if not rolled high enough).

10-09-2010, 21:01
The fleeing unit flees as far as it needs to (as per the rules for fleeing). The rest of the charge declaration phase (including possibly redirecting into the fled-through unit) occurs. Then charging happens.

There's no comparing of dice rolls in the movement phase. Charging isn't pursuit. The fleeing unit moves, and then the charging unit has to reach it.