View Full Version : Conversion Army - Vampire 2500pts

10-09-2010, 20:59
I was looking for an army to start that would be made up of a lot of converted models. I thought of Zombies being a great conversion choice. I have decided to buy models from every army and I plan on converting them into the newly dead. I still want the list with this many zombies to be competitive. He goes:

29 Skeletons (horde) with spear, full command, battle banner
25 zombies (horde) full command
25 zombies (horde) full command
10 Skeletons (bunker) full command
1 Corpse Cart with Load stone

29 Grave Guard with GW, Full command, +1 to hit banner

7 Cairn Wraiths

Vampire Lord
Vampire Powers: Master of the Black Arts, +1 Level, Lord of the dead
Magic Items: 4+ ward Pendent, Crown of Command
Other: +1 Level

Vampire: Master of the Black Arts, Staff of Damnation
Vampire: Lore Master (LIGHT), dispel scroll, black p.
Wight Lord: BSB, GW, 4+ ward (stupidity)

I should be able to raise at least 30 models in the first 2 turns. Once I get into combat I can give one unit WS7 and I have the Light spells to buff my units. If I roll Snake Eyes in the magic phase I should still get 7 dice to their 1 dispel dice.

I think it is vaible. 4 hoard units will look amazing.

What you think?