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11-09-2010, 00:37
i dont have the codex in front of me so im going off of memory. so this is as close to my list as i can remember, please bear with me.

3 mortars-225
2 cannons-200
5 outirders-105
5 outriders-105

1 steam tank-300

1 lvl. 4 with dispel scroll-225(?)
1 general with full plate, shield, holy relic, sword of sigimund-185(?)
1 arch lector with H.A., shield, sword of battle-150(?)

40 swordsmen with f.c., army standard-285(?)
10 xbows-80
10 xbows-80

30 halberdiers with f.c.-150
10 xbows-80
10 xbows-80

30 swordsmen with f.c-150
10 xbows-80
10 xbows-80

this is basically it. so far i've had some pretty good luck with it. i've beat beastmen, V.C., and highelves, but lost miserably to dark elves (they got behind me and to my artillery on the first turn.) oh, also right now i am using lore of shadow on my wiz. in the past i've used fire or life as well, but shadow with it's ability to bring my opponets down to my level then rack up wounds with occams mind razor has done pretty well for me so far.

The steam tank is a *******' beast. it has soloed a few units so far so i like it a lot.

so what do you guys think? this is supposed to be an all comers list, but i just feel like im missing something.


11-09-2010, 19:23
I think the General is pretty useless considering you have the Arch Lector for leadership 9. I would swap him for a BSB. Apart from that, if you like playing gun lines, the list looks solid.

Kiras of the flame
11-09-2010, 20:27
switch either the General or the Arch Lector with a regular WP ... get a BSB captain and I suggest Lore of Shadow... debuffs are fun... also the spells are cool

12-09-2010, 16:58
yeha i think i will get rid of the general. all he was doing was giving leadership anyway, and for that purpose a captain is pretty effective too. Taking a captain BSB is a pretty good idea. i guess thats why i post on here.