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11-09-2010, 00:56
i am looking to make a fairly compeditive HE list, but i honestly am a total newb with these guys, in face in all my fantasy career i have never versed them...so i am very shakey on what is good and what is bad :)

Great weapon
Talisman of preservation
Armour of Caledor

Dispel scroll

LvL 2
Annulian crystal

BsB-Standard of Bloodlust
Heavy armour

40 Spearmen=385
Full command

10 archers=110

10 archers=110

20 pheonix guard=345
Full command
Amulet of light

20 swordmasters=330
Full command

Lion Chariot=140

Lion Chariot=140

Repeater bolt thrower=100
Repeater bolt thrower=100

all comments are appreciated :)

11-09-2010, 18:14
What Lores are your Mages taking?

Personally I wouldn't take both a Dispel Scroll and the Annulian Crystal, and would take the Silver Wand for an extra spell on one of the Mages instead.

Your BSB looks a bit naked without a ward and only a 4+ save. What's the Standard of Bloodlust? It certainly isn't a banner HE can take.

Find 10 points to swap the Talisman on your Prince for the Vambraces of Defence. Same ward save and you re-roll your armour save.

I'd stick the Banner of Sorcery on the Phoenix Guard for extra magic.

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14-09-2010, 04:49
Hey there and welcome.

First off I think you're over invested in characters and I don't think you'll get value out of that foot Prince.

Personally, I'd suggest an Archmage (lvl4), Mage (lvl2) and BSB combo.

On your BSB, you want to keep him alive. Ergo, Armor of Caledor and Guardian Phoenix and GW. Done.

If you go with an archmage, a nice defensive combo is Forlaith's Robe, Loremaster's Cloak and toss him the Silver Wand to use up his points.

The level 2 could have a dispell scroll and either Talisman of Endurance or, if you want to go offensive, Ring of Ruin.

As for troops, you have too many spears. They'll be unwieldy. Don't go for horde. It's not worth it. Consider a block of 28 to 30 LSG with Banner of Eternal Flame. Varguhlfs, Trolls, Treemen will hate them.

The 2 units of Archers are fine but give them Musicians.

Personally, I think you need to drop the Lion Chariots for more Special infantry. I write that reluctantly because it's been hard shelving mine after all the time I put into painting them. Those SM's should be 24, maybe 28 strong. 3 x 8 or 4 x 7. It's all about the steadfast rule. Put the Amulet of Light on them and maybe Banner of Arcane Protection. They'll be a target for shooting and magic.

PG are actually OK in 20 (5 wide) but better in 25, depending how you reallocate your points.

While not as good as before, Eagles are still cheap speed bumps and artillery hunters.

I'm actually going to try dumping my RBT's - and I've NEVER played a game in 8 years without them. They're vulnerable and I'm tired of the distraction trying to protect them. I'm not recommending that, as I haven't tried it yet. (I'll feel so naked.) Just putting it out there for consideration.

If you're really a newb, just know there's no perfect formula. There is general guidance but you have to try some things out, game after game, against different opponents to get the feel of works for you.

I think your list is totally playable as is. The one change I feel strongest about is in the characters as described above. Move those points to your elites. They're your workhorses.

Good luck!