View Full Version : Runes of Penetrating on Grudge Throwers

11-09-2010, 19:11
How many runes of penetrating can be stacked on a Dwarven GT in 8th ed?

One(10/4) or 2(Str11/5)?

11-09-2010, 19:18
why not 3?

11-09-2010, 19:29
The same as could be put on in any other edition. Either 1, 2, or 3. Each machine simply can't have the same combination of runes, otherwise it's just a max of 3 and you can't have more than one master rune in an army or on an item.

11-09-2010, 21:05
If You put 1, then the strength value will be 4(10)
If You put 2, then the strength value will be 5(10)
If You put 3, then the strength value will be 6(10)
You cannot exceed 10 on any stat, so the strength value under template hole will cap after one Rune of Penetration.
The maximum of runes You can put on one machine is three and it can be the same combination of runes, as long as no other machine has the same rune combination.

If You questioned if Grudge Thrower can have more than one Rune of Penetration, since it cannot exceed Strength 10 value, under template's hole - then yes, it can have more runes. The strength under template's hole will just stay the same.

11-09-2010, 21:32
However, I doubt we will ever see someone put three RoP, on a Grudge Thrower the re-roll on the scatter dice is just to useful, (I don't remember the name.)

I have been expecting to see the following personally, I think these War Machines are under 500 points.

Grudge Thrower: RRR, RoP
-Cheap, and great

Grudge Thrower: RRR, RoP, Flaming Rune
-HPA, Hydra priority

2 Cannons with Rune of Forging, one with Flaming Rune as well.