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11-09-2010, 20:05
going to have a massive great game tomorrow vs dark elves vs vampire counts, vs dwarves: was wondering which lore to take? I already decided to take a wizard lord, grandmaster, Warrior priest, and a lvl1 wizard with the lore of beasts. so heres the delemma. i was thinking of the lore of death, which is sweet, especially against dwarves and undead, but then again it is not that powerful against dark elves. the lore of metal was also in my choice list but then i thought not really that many armored things out there except a unit of blood knights and cold one knights. now my third choice was the now every popular lore of life (my wizard has 5 spells so will almost ALWAYS get throne of vines. plus i like all the buffs and dwellers below. which can hurt undead, dwarves, and vampires alike (well the normal troops anyways) and my artillary, army, knights, and hard characters like the warrior priest, and grand master (all are equipped very well and will present a threat) as well as my gun units. so yeah, any opinion will be very welcome.

12-09-2010, 04:17
I would take lore of heavens if your runing lots of guns and lore of shadows if your going halberds and knights, post a rough list if you want good answers.

Kiras of the flame
12-09-2010, 04:55
I'm guessing that your army is combat heavy...

that being said take a lore that will either buff your units well (Lore of Light does well on this) or weakens your enemy to the point where you can fight on better terms (Lore of Shadow, Metal, or Death works well)

If you care about fire support take Lore of Heavens... or in a more literal sense, the Lore of Fire... they bring some serious firepower and can cause alot of havoc on the field...

12-09-2010, 06:23
If you can swing 2 casters Death and Shadow will just wreck shop. Other wise its suicide level 2 on horse with purple sun and power scroll. Who cares if they live or die, one well placed sun and watch the points rack up.

12-09-2010, 14:56
I think you should decide it this way-

What lore would you field if you didn't know what armies you were up against?

Personally IMO all lists should be put together this way- as an all comers- with the exception of a themed battle that is meant to have a theme and has been discussed before hand.

12-09-2010, 15:28
Personally IMO all lists should be put together this way- as an all comers- with the exception of a themed battle that is meant to have a theme and has been discussed before hand.
With that point of view, the best bet is lore of life or light for empire. You could do lore of metal, but it gets weak against lists that field a lot of cheap, throw away units. The fact is, offensive magic's effectiveness is always based on what your opponent brings where as buff magic always has the same effect because you're always using it on your army. Beside that, the lore of life specifically has very affordable casting levels for the all the spells that are very useful regardless of who you are playing.

12-09-2010, 21:25
thanks for the advice, yes that is what i did, i went for what i normally do, beasts on the level 2 and life on the level 4. i actually did very well and managed to eliminate each of them (picked my fights). I usually rotate between metal, life, and beasts anyways. and your absolutely correct russellmoo, i never taylor my lists, my army is always the same, just thinking of trying out different lores. i take a hellcannon, blaster, rocket, small unit of hand gunners and xbows, 2 cannons, mortar, 3 huge blocks of infantry, warrior priest, wizard lord, noob wizard, and a large block of inner circle. so yeah my army is balanced. lots of shooting/magic/CC. i usually cast the signature beast spell and buff up my swordsmen and watch them shine against other infantry. life worked wonders. i love the throne spell. meh basically not a fan of death in my empire army (use it lots with my undead) so yeah if i do rotate, will rotate between life and metal and i need to try out fire kiras. it sounds...toasty.

13-09-2010, 00:16
How about this for an empire wizard build-

Lvl 4 Heavens
2 Lvl 1 or 2 Fire mages-

The heavens mage defends the army/pushes units bacwards- while the fire mages roast the enemy

Kiras of the flame
13-09-2010, 02:37
...and i need to try out fire kiras. it sounds...toasty.

How come I had a feeling I was setting myself up for something?