View Full Version : 3000pt WoC Slaanesh/Khorne

Col. Custard
12-09-2010, 22:43
This is a list for a planned 6000pt game next weekend using the new allies rules. My WoC allied with VC going against Bretonnians and Dwarves. Here is my list. I focused on more blender/hitter units, while my opponent will be focusing on the magic pool.


Chaos Lord of Slaanesh - 365
-Chaos Runesword, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Endurance, Favor of the Gods, Daemonic Mount
(joins Slaanesh Knights)

Sorcerer Lord - 295
-Power Familiar, Lore of Death
(joins Slaanesh Warriors)


Exhalted Hero of Khorne - 165
-BSB, Banner of Swiftness


Marauders of Khorne (30) - 184
-Greatweapons, Musician

Marauders of Khorne (30) - 184
-Greatweapons, Musician

Warriors of Khorne (15) - 300
-Extra Handweapon, Full Command

Warriors of Slaanesh (20) - 360
-Shields, Full Command

Chaos Hounds (10) - 60

Chaos Hounds (10) - 60

Chaos Hounds (10) - 60


Knights of Slaanesh (15) - 710
-Full Command, Wailing Banner


Giant of Khorne - 255

Marauders are just blender units to screen Warriors. Knights will be main hammer unit to support and initate charges with support. My team-mate will be bringing the heavy magic support, with my caster to support cast. We voted to combine power pools for our teams so there should be plenty of casting dice between the two of us. Thougts and suggestions, even moving into playing this list solo?