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13-09-2010, 02:03
Ok, taking part in my first WHFB tourney shortly. It's a 2k tourney play all the scenarios and against possibly all armies. Even though I'm just starting, feel free to rip apart my list and what I need to do, don't hold back on the criticism :p

Lords - 323/500

Arch Lector - 323 pts
War Altar, Dawn Armour, Shield, Mace of Helsturm

Heroes - 350/500

BSB - 133 pts - With Greatswords
Enchanted Shield, Full Plate, Dawnstone, Biting Blade

Warrior Priest - 119 pts - With Greatswords
Great Weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron

Warrior Priest - 98 pts - With halberds
Two hand weapons, heavy armour

Core - 510>500

Halberds - x39 - 215 pts - 10x4 most likely
Full command

Knights - x5 - 115 pts - Strictly for War machine and solo wizard hunting up the back
Great Weapons

Handgunners - x10 - 80 pts

Flagellants - x10 - 100 pts - Strictly for war machine protection, sitting in a 10x1 line infront of my cannons

Special - 510/1000

Greatswords - x28 - 310 pts - 10x3
Full command

Cannon - 100 pts

Cannon - 100 pts

Rare - 300/500

Steam Tank - 300 pts

Total - 1993/2000

Kiras of the flame
13-09-2010, 02:08
wait... I thought Frenzy means that you have to make them go towards the enemy... better check the book...

13-09-2010, 02:28
wait... I thought Frenzy means that you have to make them go towards the enemy... better check the book...

Nope, just have to declare a charge if someone is in charge range and I have the handgunners picking off people coming up to them anyways.

Kiras of the flame
13-09-2010, 02:56
ok well here's my two cents:

there's too many Religious people... swtich one of them with a Wizard with the Lore of shadow since you're planning to go all out with infantry (it'd be funny to see a wizard suddenly turn into a Warrior Priest in close combat wouldn't you agree?)
I'd also switch one of the Cannons with a Mortar...

Dark Aly
13-09-2010, 07:44
Kiras is right on both accounts. A mortar is invaluable and the wizard would be better than a priest. only 2 combat units don't seem enough to me either, you seem to have spent too many points on toys and not enough on bodies.

14-09-2010, 04:42
Took out a cannon for a mortar, made the DW WP a level 2, but went with life to keep my stank healed, just for a test, but if it's not needed in my test run on thursday, ill go shadow like you said.

As for 2 combat units, keep in mind they are both horde formation. The STank + WAltar chew up a lot of points by themselves, but in my experience, they chew a lot of face too and are worth it.

Kiras of the flame
14-09-2010, 05:28
well in my (I'll admit limited) Knowledge of the General Lores, each one is tailored to a play-style... look around the lores and see which one's you're more likely to use in your army...

for me I preffer the Lores of Shadow, Light, Beasts or Fire... basically because they're very helpful in most situations. Though Light is more useful against Daemons and Beasts on... well beast men....

the Other Lores are good too... I'm gonna try the Heavens sometime but I hate all the guess work involved in some of the spells (the comet of Cassandora is more or less based on luck really... but boy does it hurt when you get lucky...) I tend to avoid life because it's too popular and that ticks me off...

on Hordes... be careful on what you do with them... remember that they have a big footpad and can basically run amok and cause large scale panic... the spells from the War Altar will do you some good... good luck with that list