View Full Version : Precinct Omega paints Grind

13-09-2010, 10:19
I've had Grind - the Privateer equivalent of Bloodbowl, in which teams of cumstomizable warjacks play an extreme form of football - for a few months now and have finally started painting the minis:


A bit of a rush job, just to get a feel from the models - the arms all come off (they have to, so you can customize your 'jacks) and the minis are snap-together. I might gloss varnish them and then satin varnish them. This will allow plenty of handling and bashing about.


Zark the Damned
15-09-2010, 16:49
Been thinking of painting my Grind for a while - how does the paint stick to the weird plastic they use? Does it come off easily when you pull off the arms?

Anyway, looking good so far :D

15-09-2010, 17:11
I've not tried removing the arms yet, because I plan to varnish the model before I give it serious handling, and haven't got around to that, yet! But the primer stuck surprisingly well to the mini and, once it was undercoated, it was just like painting anything else.


27-10-2010, 18:52
I'm very impressed for what you describe as a 'rush job'; when do we get to see more of the team(s)?