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07-03-2006, 17:33
After several days trapped in the smoking skeleton of the apartment complex,Sergeant Jeridd began to lose hope.

It had been twelve days since he had slept,and his skull felt the pressure of his tired and swollen eyes.He tried not to look,but again he found his gaze returning to Marik.Poor Marik who he had begun his career in the Imperial Guard with as Whiteshields so many years ago.They were children then,and Marik never showed fear,never showed a lack of faith in the Imperium or the God-Emperor.
Not until four days ago,when he found himself firing on children orphaned in the anarchy of the invasion.Children with the eyes of madmen and stubbers in their small hands.Jeridd knew it was the desecration of the church that pushed them over the brink.That made them so desperate that they turned away from the Emperor and attacked those that would protect them.

But this knowledge offered no solace to Marik,who weeped uncontrollably as he clutched one of the childrens' stuffed animals to his chest,rocking back and forth asking the same question over and over.

"Emperor's blood.Why is this happening?How can this be happening?"

He asked that question until that moment yesterday at dawn,when he placed the muzzle of his laspistol in front of his right eye and squeezed the trigger.

Jeridd finally turned away from the remains of his friend.He was once a brother.Now he was an inanimate object.

"What the feth was that??"

Sergeant Jeridd turned to Liam,who was peering out behind a girder.There was a noticable tremble in his words.Tomas moved in closely to Liam,clutching his lasgun to his chest defensively.

"What did you see,Liam?",Said Tomas.

"I...I dunno man.Something in the distance.In the sky."

"It was nothing but your mind deceiving you..."Jeridd said to his last surviving men.He regretted it immediately.He knew how cynical the words must've sounded,even if they were true.

Tomas eyed his Sergeant warily,then returned to his post.Liam continued to look for phantoms in the black sky.

After twelve days,they still were clueless who the attackers were.Communications were severed immediately by an simultaneous attack on the satellite stations,followed by the detonation of nuclear warheads in unpopulated areas.The world was now under a cover of artificial night thanks to the Nuclear Winter.Most power supplies barely held a charge,and Jeridd and his men were forced to take meds designed to counter the radiation poisoning.

And still no sight of the attackers.Just screams and explosions in the darkness of the smoldering city.

And the messages,written in blood everywhere in High Gothic.Messages that led Jeridd to believe the attackers were of the Traitor Legions.

A screech broke the silence,and a shape followed by flames ripped past the exterior of the building.Liam screamed,and even Jeridd felt his blood run cold at the sound that came from outside.

"I SAW YOU.You BASTARD!I SAW YOU!"Spittle sprayed from Liam's lips as he ranted into the darkness.Tomas told him to keep quiet,but Jeridd saw it was no use.Madness had taken hold.Liam's sanity was broken.He leaped out of cover and ran outside,firing his lasgun upward in the direction the shape went.

"FRAK!He'll give away our position!Liam!"Tomas reached for him.

A shape dove in from behind Liam,screeching that hideous sound.It's legs terminated into hideous armoured claws,and it clutched both of Liam's shoulders and tore him from the concrete into the sky.

"Emperor save us...please.."Jeridd spoke the words with no conscious thought,and realized he was crying.
Tomas raised his lasgun to fire on the thing that had claimed Liam,and Jeridd followed suit.The two filled the heavens with fire.
There was a sudden sound and flash,like lightning,and then silence.Jeridd thought for a moment he had been struck deaf,but as he fell and the ringing began he realized he had been shot.

Things began to move in slow motion for him.

He saw the headless body of Tomas fall where it stood.

He saw the thing holding Liam activate a chainsword and drive it through his sternum in the air.

He saw the lifeless eye of Marik,his oldest friend, staring back at him.

And he could see what was no doubt his lower right leg some distance way,seeping blood.

The pain was surprisingly dull,he thought to himself.

And then he saw him.

A monster of a man in an archaic suit of deep blue power armour,framed in dark gold.Lightning bolts were designed in it's surface.

The Nightlord stepped forward menacingly,and Jeridd weeped.

"No...Emperor's blood.Not like this...please."

Even as he said the words he knew the truth.The Emperor did not care.The Emperor was a lie.

The Nightlord stood over him and leveled the boltgun at his head.

"Sors Imanis,Et Inanis."

The Nightlord pulled the trigger,and Jeridd finally knew true darkness.


Warboss Garfang
07-03-2006, 20:32
Not bad, I like the ending.