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14-09-2010, 13:45
Ok heres my stab at a new empire tourn'y list for 8th edition: (revised from Matt's comment below)

Templar Grand Master
+Sword of Fate
+Holy Relic

Warrior Priest
(Mounted on barded horse w/ hvy armour)
+Van Horstmann's Spectrum

Battle Wizard (lore of life)
(Mounted on horse)
+Casket of Socery
+Channeling Staff

Battle Wizard (lore of life)
(Mounted on horse)
+Rod of Power

10x Handgunners

10x Handgunners

5x Knights

5x Knights

Special Units:
9x Knights of the Inner Circle w/Standard
(General joins this unit)

9x Knights of the Inner Circle w/Standard
(Warrior Priest joins this unit)

Rare Units:
Steam Tank

Total points: 1860

Combat Wise:
So have a general with 1+ AS, 4+ ward save, and can pick out the toughest SOB in the enemy army to go after. His unit is also immune to pyschology.

The warrior priest is just as tough. Van horstmann's means hes also able to pursue the toughest character out there (incase my opponent keeps him away from my general).

Steam tank is just insurance. Anything extra thats tough and needs grinding to a pulp it'll go after.

The two 5x knights will bolster any combats that need supporting from the flank or rear.

20x hand gunners should hopefully widdle down the enemies forces and steam Tank's cannon also adds a bit shooty here as well.

Eek bound spells kinda suck now, overlooked them in the rulebook.
Will generate 2d6 + 2 channeling (one wizard will channel on 5 or 6) + priests prayer + rod of power + casket of sorcery. This all adds up to pretty decent magic I think. On a turn where I have saved up, I potentially have + 3 extra power dice + the normal 2d6 power dice + channelling with one wizard getting it on 5 or 6.

Highest D6 + 2 channelling (one wizard will channel on 5 or 6) + priest adds 1 dispel dice. Could also save the Rod of Power for defense here.

I took the lore of life for both wizards so that I have a greater chance of rolling doubles and picking my spells at will. The healing spells in there are just gonna keep my army rolling.

Points left:

I have 140 points left over. I am debating what to do...

Option 1: Add a power stone to the wizard increasing my magic. Then add either 5x knights or 12x flagellants?

Option 2: Add the opal amulet to my warrior priest to give him a bit more defense. Then add either 5x knights or 12x flagellants?

What do you guys think about the list so far? and what should I do with the left over points?

14-09-2010, 14:21
I belive you can have only 1 hockland LR per unit of gunners. Remember that bound items and prayers now use power dice. You may not always have enough to take advantage of all the casting opertrunitys. Also, cav has been severly weekeneds in 8th ed. They may be cheep decent knights but. . . Can they pay forthemselfs in a fight?

14-09-2010, 15:45
Not sure I see it in the rulebook... but how come you think cav are so much weaker in 8th? Simply because of the dangerous terrain tests?

15-09-2010, 00:07
One word. Steadfast.

Basically, infantry don't really care if they get charged by most cav, as they will simply hold on silly LD, then watch you fail. Certain units can do it (chaos knights of khorne, for example), but most... no.

To be honest, this is not an 8th ed tournament list, at all. Sorry, but you need to rethink it from the ground up, go look at the empire tactica. For example, i wrote a list involving

Arch lector

2x warrior priests

3 x 30 odd halberdiers with standard,musician
all with 2x5 handgunners (so 30 total)

3 mortars
2 cannons

15-09-2010, 02:24
Yeah the steadfast does suck, but tbh, the knights still pack a punch. Your winning the first round of combat on the charge almost always. Having 5 roaming units of them means alot of charging going on. Charging in from the front, side, rear. Big infantry blocks will start to crumble under that.

Then moving into subsequent combat phases, you've got knights with a 1+ armor save. Thats pretty tough for base to base contact infantry blocks to deal with anyways.

I agree they arnt as crazy for busting up units in one quick round. However, I think their terrific armor saves with their still decent charge and add in the great maneauvability they come with and you got a really nice unit still.

15-09-2010, 04:10
To be honest, now this is just my opinion, with a Cav list you should just play Brets. Empire seems to be doing better in 8th with big bricks of Infantry and Warmachines backing it up.

At the end of the day, it only matters if you like the list and if you can make it work. Everyone plays differently.

Good Luck!

Kiras of the flame
15-09-2010, 06:06
go with a diffrent lore than life... imho their buff spells are good... but beasts can do a better job... or shadow or even better light...

I have to say a very dicey gamble you play friend... but you can effectively get rid of some opposition if you remove the melee in an effective round... if not then prepare to feel retribution (even though you have hard as nails troops... don't think that they're invincible...