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14-09-2010, 23:17

Throg 175

troll mage spell famil dispel scroll 210
i use the spider from lord of the rings and put a troll on its back with drapes going over his neck made with green stuf looks like a cross between a savage ork shamen and a troll.


9 trolls 405

8 trolls 360

8 trolls 360

4x5 warhounds 120


6 dragoonogers champ 482

6 dragoonogers champ 482


2x hell canons 410


will post pictures soon and any coments real welcome thanks for cheking it out:)

14-09-2010, 23:27
A minor observation: 300x is over 3k which is the "absolute cap" according to some. Beware as some players would certainly call your list over th point limit and thus illegal. Never mind the fact that your trolls need to be Chaos trolls for this project to work, at all, and some find the "too ugly" factor too much to stomach. :p

Other than that, it's perfectly valid... and the sorcerer-turned Troll shaman idea sound nifty, indeed.

14-09-2010, 23:34
Spell Familiar and Dispel Scroll can't be taken together, unfortunately.

14-09-2010, 23:36
Never mind. I made a mistake.

Yep. You need to decide between the Familiar or Dispell scroll.

May I suggest "Golden Eye of Tzeench" or "Book of Secrets" instead of the Dscroll? That way the points remain under the 3k cap, and your sorcerer would pack a bit of a punch, too.

14-09-2010, 23:58
Book of secrets is a bad bad choice.....

Drop some trolls and stick Sigvald in the Trolls-you can deathstar around him and another Hero.

Hero-armoured up,bsb,MoK,Jugger,Flail,shld,Collar of Kh,Favour of the gods.

Warshrines will work well-aim them at the TrollStar and adjust the result with the Favour.

Every time you pass 2 regens you roll on the table-bonus.......

This juggernaut will be MENTAL by the time it reaches combat.....I suggest a very wide unit as Siggi makes em stubborn anyway.

Order you want gifts:

Probably magic res if fire is abound
Ward save and full stubborn -duh
+ 1 T against mucho shooting- although this may prevent further rolls on the table...

Sigvald will probably die to cannons/snipers etc so its probably worth hiding him if possible.

With 2 effective Bsbs then the Trollstar will be Ld 10 with a reroll stubborn from Sigvald.

Throgg is a beast for 175.

Take a scroll.

Have fun it's a mad army and remember....trolls and anything in their unit are immune to panic! Huzzah!

Please let me know how you get on.


15-09-2010, 00:23
Dan, wouldn't Sigvald be... I dunno... against the obvious spirit of the army? :eyebrows:

Your line-up is deffo aggro and super-competitive. Heck! It's pretty much 'Ard boyz stuff to the last bit. I took it as moogoodoo trying for a fluffy one. But your army comp sure sound wicked... I might even try to out as a friend of mine has a Sigvald I can borrow, and he like to use really, really tough lists.

I can picture it... "Mind if I borrow this one for this game?" :p

15-09-2010, 00:51
You could make a themed army around a converted character........

I like the idea of say .....Yoda (on a 25mm base-gnoblar trapper model maybe?) directing an academy class of Jedi younglings- each modelled on a 40mm base and striking a dramatic pose with a light sabre.

Or adult Jedi using flagellent models, green stuffed to look less ragged and Necron weapon tube thingies as light sabres.They are available in red from some internet bits stores-mmm wonder if they do blue?

At least 1 would be a Twilek (blue with headtails) and Mace Windu could be made from a warrrior priest

Hmm "Do, or do not, there is no try!"

16-09-2010, 07:31
A minor observation: 300x is over 3k which is the "absolute cap" according to some. Beware as some players would certainly call your list over th point limit and thus illegal. Never mind the fact that your trolls need to be Chaos trolls for this project to work, at all, and some find the "too ugly" factor too much to stomach. :p

Other than that, it's perfectly valid... and the sorcerer-turned Troll shaman idea sound nifty, indeed.

thanks for that i have bin useing the spawn box set to make the trolls from the river troll box look chaosy and make the spawns look trolly thay look pritty good i had no ideea that you canot use ds with a spel familia i only wanted the extra spel to stand a better chance of getting the spell i want in lore of death do you think its a competative army bin finding it really hard to make a competative troll army thanks

18-09-2010, 08:22
dan that sounds amazing that will work amazingly think i will try that in a torn. I just want a fluffy troll army thats why ive only got monsters in this list can you put up a full list with the trollstar if you can wright one for about 2k that wud b better thanks mate

18-09-2010, 16:12
At 3k Points, and really only throgg and a level 2 to choose from as a general, I would be more inclined to field Kholek as the general. Large target, so his Ld9 is 18" for IP. Maybe only 1 bigger unit of trolls to soak up damage and then units of 3 or 4 to hit the flanks/chase stuff.


Giant of Slannesh

Thats roughly a list I took to a no-comp tournament. It did okay (2nd place behind a very skilled OnG player). Side Note: The TO let me run Throgg, normally special characters aren't allowed, but due to the nature of my army, he allowed it.

18-09-2010, 23:42
I reckon Sigvald is better, Kholek is a beast, but if you screen him/the Trollstar from cannons using,well,trolls.... then it should work out.

I use a unit of 14-16 trolls with Sigi and Throgg, a small unit of trolls to catch cannon balls for Sig, 2 warshrines and a helcannon and an exalted with the favour,4+ ward,MoT and bsb stick,shld,halberd.A scroll caddy is a good idea-but only a lvl1.

Drogres suck, ogres are quite good though.

If you can squeeze in a big block of marauders or dogs that works well.

In 2k sigvald fills the whole slot
throgg and the bsb are 371 so a caddy is doable
15 trolls circa 670

2 shrines and a Helcannon circa 465....its a squeeze

2500 is better as you can have another unit of 3 trolls, a block of marauders/dogs and some other stuff.

Have fun with it....it's literally a bit of a beast.


19-09-2010, 00:27
I myself am playing a Troll Throgg list. You really, really need a BSB. Trust me on this. I didn't believe it at first but you definitely do.

I agree with Sigvald not fitting the theme at all. You've chosen a strong theme, run with it! I run Throgg, a mounted book of secrets BSB (using a Confrontation Ophidian model), Trolls, Chaos Ogres, a Warshrine, Dragon Ogres, Dogs, Spawn and a Hellcannon at different pt levels. Even Giants really shine in this sort of army. Warshrines are awesome in an army like this.

19-09-2010, 09:40
Also a Troll player, and I love them. The only issue is the magic phase. I tend to loose if they have the 'right' lore. Try to get a Hellcannon and a warshrine, if just for something to do in the shooting phase. Galrauch is nice aswell, dont under rate him. Pandamonium is probably the best defence we have against magic.

A quick question here too, how do you guys deal with the 4th and 6th senarios? My list has the Gen a BSB and 1 standard with some ogres. Meaning if one of those die, I loose. The 6th Senario is a bit strange too, keeping a unit in the tower just looks like a waste to me.

19-09-2010, 16:23
Not many people play those scenarios, certainly not at a competetive level as they are a bit lame.

19-09-2010, 16:54
Lame they may be, but are standard games now.

I just hope and pray in the banner game. You're basically gonna lose unless you take hummies.

19-09-2010, 19:39
Ive been too 2 8th Ed tournys (with a different army) and both have used the Scenarios from the book. The first just did 1 through 6, as there was 6 games, the other only had 3 and the organiser randomed it at the start of each round. I know all the official GW tournys will use them aswell, so writing them off isnt somehing you can do.

19-09-2010, 23:20
i think iwud take kolek in a 4000 point army and have my dragoonogres in bloks of 8 i like the ideea of takeing sigvald but only in a torny and only to be a git i mite take out 4 trolls and add a warshrine and may b sum gifts to my shamen do you guys think at 3k my list is competative thanks guys