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15-09-2010, 19:39
Greetings all,

I'm a long-time Fantasy player and have recently ventured into the realm of the Vampires. I understand the game mechanics well but of course, I am a complete rookie when it comes to playing this unique race.

Any advice you could all give me would be great! Particularly on whether a Varghulf goes well in this army.

Here goes:

VAMPIRES 2000pts.

Vampire Lord - 395 pts.
Master of the Black Arts, Forbidden Lore (Light), Summon Ghouls.
Cad. Cuirass, WofBlack Gold, Helm of Commandment, Black Periapt.

Necromancer - 70 pts.

Necromancer - 70 pts.

10 Skeletons - 100 pts. (small bunker for Lord)
Full Command

25 Ghouls - 200 pts.

25 Ghouls - 200 pts.

30 Grave Guard - 465 pts.
Full Command, Great Weapons, Banner of the Barrows.

5 Blood Knights - 325 pts.
Full Command

Varghulf - 175 pts.

TOTAL - 2000pts.

My thoughts were the Lord is gonna fulfil the dual roles of main caster, and inspiring leader - he'll tuck behind the horde of Grave Guard in the unit of skeletons and allow the battleline to march properly (probably the only hassle and thing I don't like about the VC rules...). The Grave Guard will be flanked on either side by the Ghouls (in horde formation also), who will be boosted by the casters above starting weight. Blood Knights and Varghulf provide two hammer units on either flank, Blood Knights will hit blocks hard, whilst the Varghulf will take on mages, warmachines, skirmishers, etc...

One question. Is my Lord still allowed to take Invocation, on top of the Lore of Light? It says in the book that all Vampires know it innately...or do I have to take Lore of Vampires to unlock it?


15-09-2010, 20:39
I've been playing VC since it became an army, so I should qualify as a vet :skull:. The list looks pretty good overall, but here are a few observations:

1. Cadaverous Cuirass is not really needed on the casty vamp as long as you bunker well, wristbands should be sufficient to protect him.

2. I worry that your bunker is too small in 8th. 7th I ran a min sized bunker all the time, but in 8th it is far too easy to wipe it out in 1 turn with warmachines, magic, etc. Consider beefing that unit up to 15-20.

3. Varghulf is good, but I fear your Blood Knights will suffer the same fate as your bunker. One turn of shooting could leave you with a dead unit. I don't run them in 8th, but if you want to stick with them, they need support. I wouldn't run them without at least the Banner of Blood Keep. Although opinions on this are mixed, I find Wraiths are still very good in 8th, as most armies aren't using magic missiles and magic weapons are being left at home in favor of defensive items.

In answer to your question, Vampires all have Invocation in addition to their other spells, so you would have it on your Lord.

16-09-2010, 13:15
Why the 2 necros? I feel 1 is enough and you'll mostly be 2-dicing IoN. Good to have the redundancy but try both 1 / 2 builds I guess and see what u feel comfortable with. I feel with Lord + 1 Necro as redudnancy to him bouncing out IoN, a 3rd is wasted... Get a Wight King / BSB / Combat char in there :)

Skeleton bunker is too small as previously said - you need 15 min, 20 safe as you cant raise above starter value.

GG look good, Ghouls on pref - how would you deploy?

My Blood Knights get chewed up by shooting + magic as you cant get the Blood Keep in there on them with Varg for the 500 25% max rare so had to shelf them for now.

Varghulf has a place in the army: YES.