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16-09-2010, 03:12
Hey all. Tomorrow will be my first match using my new Orc and Goblin army, and it will most likely be a 2000 point game. I'm only using models that are completely painted and, for all intents and purposes finished...I wouldn't do it any other way. I've had an extremely difficult time coming up with a 2000 point Greenskin list that I really liked, but I've finally worked it out. I'm pretty pleased with it. Of course, I'd love to see your suggestions and thoughts in regards to it, and possibly some ideas on how to go about strengthening this 2000 point version of the list, and also possible expansions to 2500 and 3000 points. I've already got quite a few models finished, and could easily take this army to 3000 points, but I'd like to see where you all think I should go with it. Anyway, here's the 2000 point finished list of the Bloody Horn Tribe...

Great Boss Klaw
Black Orc Warboss-
Armour of Destiny
The Collar of Zorga
Guzzla's Battle Brew

Snaga Yellowskull
Orc Great Shaman-
Level 4 Wizard
Staff of Baduumm
Opal Amulet

Black Orc Big Boss-
Battle Standard Bearer
Armour of Silvered Steel

Morgruk the Slaya
Black Orc Big Boss-
Heavy Armour
Shrieking Blade

Skargor's Spike Fangs
28 Orc Boyz-
Standard Bearer
Boss Skargor
*Warboss and BSB join this unit

Gorag's Gutslashas
29 Orc Boyz-
Standard Bearer
Boss Gorag
*Black Orc Big Boss joins this unit

Grubwort's Stikkas
20 Night Goblins-
Short Bows
1 Fanatic

Orc Boar Chariot

Orc Boar Chariot

Iron Tusks
19 Black Orcs-
Standard Bearer
Boss Gnashrag
*Great Shaman joins this unit

Goblin Rock Lobber-
Orc Bully

Doom Diver Catapult

Hakka's Trolls
3 Trolls

TOTAL 1999pts.

So, there we have it. Like I said, I'm pretty content with the list as it stands right now. I'm quite sure it's not optimal or anything like that, but really it isn't meant to be entirely. It's one of those "half casual wanting fun, half I'd still like to win maybe" situations. Also the environment I'm playing in tomorrow isn't super competitive...as far as I know, anyway. I guess I'll find out for sure one way or another.

Firstly, I think in the near future I need to bulk my Boyz units out a bit more, most likely to 40 strong each. At the moment I've only got enough Boyz painted up for 30 strong each, which I suppose is better than nothing. I know a lot of folks tend to think that Black Orcs are a little too pricey for games of this size, especailly considering that for the points, you can get a good deal more normal Orcs, who can most likely do the job just as well(if not better in some cases). Again, I guess we'll see how it goes, but please let me know what you think of the matter.

Enough of my rambling. There's the list, complete with some necessary (to me, anyway) character and such. I look forward to seeing your thoughts on it. Finally, aside from making changes to this list, which isn't going to happen right away anyway, I'd really like your thoughts on how you think I should play this list, what I should be wary and aware of, and suchlike. Thanks for reading.

16-09-2010, 09:42
I personnaly dont like the trolls, maybe drop them for more warmachines

and i would try and squeeze iron curse icon on the bsb for a bit of a save aghinst the unit which will get pelted most of all


16-09-2010, 12:39
I like the list so far the only thing i dont like is the NGobbo unit..........
Its almost an afterthought unit and 1 Fanatic is Kinda usless with out some friends......
ie more units og Gobbs to keep your opp. guessing where the hurt will come from.......
I would personaly change them to HW/S and through in some nets......Drop a BO or two to make up the points diff as 18 run 6 wide are a bit more attacks, dont need that 4th rank when one casualty will take it away anyways...................

16-09-2010, 15:03
Thanks so much for responses guys, I appreciate it!

As for the Trolls, I originally really wanted to have my full unit of 6 of them, which I think is pretty darn awesome. Lots of attacks, Regeneration, Fear, Stomp, Vomit, etc. All in all, besides the Stupidity, I think they're a great unit and I think 6 is a nice number for them. Unfortunately at this points level, I could only afford the 3 of them. Maybe it would be better to spend the points on war machines at this point, and we'll see after the game I guess. I have a feeling you're right. I could replace them with another Doom Diver and another Rock Lobber, both of which I actually have available.

I could try and find a way to get the Iron Curse Icon on the BSB too though, that's pretty doable.

The Night Goblin unit was, pretty much, an afterthought:) I mean, I wanted some of my Night Gobbos in the army, but just couldn't find the points to add a big, fully battle-ready horde of them like I wanted, complete with Netters and Fanatics. So this was the compromise. We'll see if it actually does, well, anything in the game.

Thanks so much!

17-09-2010, 02:15
Update: So, the game happened. It went very well, actually, and was a lot of fun. Awesome, awesome start to 8th edition! I must say, now having played 8th, I'm in love with it. I think it's such a wonderful system now, and I just had so much fun playing this game...in fact, the most fun I've had playing Warhammer Fantasy, to be honest. I can see myself playing more now than I have in a few years, most likely I'll be aiming for one gaming session a week. Such fun, such an elegant and effective system, and so many viable options for play. It's great!

As for my Boyz, they fared very well! My game was against a pretty solid seeming Dwarf army, which I thought was pretty cool for my first match up(the enmity between Greenskins and Dwarfs and all....). Wicked fun game, first and most importantly, no complaints whatsoever. I can't say enough good things about 8th edition, my opponent, everything. That said, I didn't even walk away with a victory! Then again, neither did the Stunties;) It was a close, bloody battle, and both sides did very well. His artillery and war machines took a heavy toll on my ladz, and my Boyz were absolutely nasty in close combat. My Warboss collected about a dozen scalped Dwarf beards for his trophy rack, and all is right with the world.

My army list performed quite well, actually, and surprisingly I have no complaints, and nothing stands out as something I really feel I NEED to change right away. I'll come back with more thoughts later on...little sleepy.

Da GoBBo
17-09-2010, 16:24
Now there's a list I would take to the battlefield any day. Two solid blocks of boyz, two boarchariots, warlord and a bsb ... and anything else you like. In 8th you really want that 4th level shaman as well, you got it. Apart from that you don't really make use of some of the new really good rules in 8th (horde) but ye can't have it all. The first change I would make is in order to find points to buff the gobbo's. I guess you have the painted models, so I would ditch the second big boss, get some fanatics, nets and extra gobbo's. Nice list.

26-09-2010, 22:15
regular trolls are naff i'd have stone trolls good flank support for boys and magic resistance river trolls suck big time

p.s i haven't seen 8th yet