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16-09-2010, 14:05
Been playing Vampire Counts since 5th edition when they were Undead.

This is my latest painting list. Please comment on my character setup? I think it looks good.

Where should my characters go? Lord in Grave Guard if I am fighting a deathstar.

CORE: 27%

27 Skeletons with Spears and full command (HOARD)
10 Skeletons with HW/S and full command
20 Zombies with STD/MUS
20 Zombies with STD/MUS


30 Grave Guard with GW and full command with +1 to hit banner (Hoard)

RARE: 10%

4 Cairn Wraiths

HEROS: 20%

Vampire -
Master of the Black Arts: +2 power dice
Magic Armour: 2+AS
Talisman: re-roll failed armour saves

Vampire -
Master of the Black Arts: +2 power dice
Helm of Commandment: pass WS6 to another unit
Black Periept: store a power or dispel dice for the next magic phase

LORD: 20%

Vampire Lord
Red Fury: extra attack for each attack that wounds
Forbidden Lore (Beast): know full beast lore of magic on top of Invocation of Nehek
Lord of the Dead: +1 to summon skeletons, can be raise above starting number
Talisman: 4+ ward save
Magic Weapon: Blood Drinker: for each wound inflicted, him or his unit get wounds back.

I think Beast Magic is the perfect compliment to the Vampire Count Army. Your thoughts...

16-09-2010, 16:06
I've played a few vamp-heavy lists and find that any more than 2 for sure they become redundant - Necros as caddies / redundant raisers / VDM casters and Wights as T5, cheap and combat monsters are a better way to go.

Also remember 2 x Necro + change is 1 vamp, that is 2 vs 1 dice on channelling for that extra PD. OK both have MOTBA which garantees you 6 PD minimum, but thats an extra 2 Necros - so at least 4 Necros - dont get me wrong, I can see with ur lord set up you dont want 30 points sunk into HoC for the WS7 that most lkely wont be used as he'll be in combat... But it seems 8th is about the large infantry blocks and not about Herohammer - in my experience!

So far there seems to be a divide on the Lord choice, as without him (or her), the army dies - and a good un is normally your 25% loadout. thats at least 4 models in combat that can single out the vampire (if on a corner vs std troops) or 6 + when adding additional things like horde, spears, elves...

Don't get me wrong - I loved the Red Fury, Blooddrinker combo in 7th sat in a unit of [blood knights] for instance where he'd choppy choppy and res a dead knight, but I guess I havent found that playstyle yet as I'm still testing out what can / cant be done yet - please let me know if it works but the risks so far outweigh the rewards for me....

I'd get some ghouls in there somewhere, as they are the heavy hitters of the vamp list but it is down to preference!

Havent tried Wraiths yet, but new skirmising rules put me off and banshee with howl hasnt been my best roller especially vs likes of Skaven [my meta] with high LD then vs warpstone and thats rare dead quick...

Varghulf has been my Rare choice so far, being such a heavy hitter all be it at I2!

Last thing - pay for zombies?!??! Thats like Ketchup on Lobster!

16-09-2010, 17:14
I think a mountain chimera with Red Fury in a unit carrying the banner of Strigos (Hatred) would be the funiest thing I, or anyone else has ever seen on a warhammer battlefield.

Average of 14 Attacks with a reroll to hit and wounding 90% of stuff on 2's means he'll be looking at killing in the region of 20 enemy infantry a turn.
Pretty good in 8th huh?

Might be worth getting him a buddy with Heavens-harmonic convergence would make this boy absolutely unstoppable.

It would be more characterful to turn into a dragon but the chimera is better.

You can thank me later.


22-09-2010, 14:26
lol, exact same lord build as me. exact same 2 vamps with moba as me. makes me think im doin something right hahah :P powa to the magic boosted cc vamp xD i have mental images of lore of beasts being like protean bloodline power from vampire: dark ages.. hah

dragon still seems better to me tho. ive been wondering about it. 8 attacks, strength 8, red fury styled. then super stomp, fury styled. then even cc breath weapon attack for 2d6 strength 5 more.. fury styled? does that work? broken as it sounds to me. i like it as u say that it suits better. ive been wondering with my list if i should substitute the blood drinker for sword of strife, and then u dont need to turn into chimera to get 20 kills. savage beast of horrors is easier to cast. plus u get to keep an armour save, ward save and magic capability that u lose when u turn into chimera. wat do you think?

ive also been tinkering with changing up one of the moba vamps for a death lore vamp to take out enemy wizards to help boost my magic phase even further. or just having him as a 3rd hero lol. super magic phase. power scroll for some giant template one hit wonder purple sun fun xD invocation at the ready for the aftermath...

i agree about the zombies comment, dear god dont pay for them theyre just free combat res to watever they fight against. ghouls or even more skellies i think. also agree with vargulf comment hes great, even better now he gets super stomp without being a large target. yes, albeit with I2.. toughness 5 w/ regen to the rescue i guess.

please feel free to shoot me down and offer more insights about anything ive said im always keen to learn more about how to use my good ol VC's