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16-09-2010, 15:33
Right, soon I plan on starting painting my army!!
This will be the first time i have painted since i was 6-7, so my painting knowledge never went further than painting from the pot!! *shame* :*)

This is the colour scheme i shall be going for across all my miniatures
or this

What i wanted to know and ask really is this.

How should i start?..What brand of paints? Vallejo, Reaper, Coat D'arms, GW? i see so many in tutorials and videos i'm massively confused!

Brushes?..I mean i figure i will need a base coat and wash brush, along with some fine detail ones!...But do i go Army Painter or GW?..Kolinsky even?

Thinning paints, water?..P3 Mixing Medium!?..Reaper flow improver!?

Essentially, how in the blue hell do i start!...I am a COMPLETE newbie as-far as painting goes!

Ray K.
17-09-2010, 20:37
Take a deep breath and slow down, dude. Go buy the basic colors you'll need for your models and a standard spread of brushes. I recommend vallejo paints but that's just personal preference. Unless you're lucky your first miniatures will generally be terrible. So just take your time and worry about your technique. Learn the basic concepts of highlighting and shading or ink washing. Water down your paints. In time start to explore more advanced techniques, but keep it simple at first. Work on achieving a clean solid coat of paint with effective highlighting and shading. That's tabletop quality alone right there.

17-09-2010, 23:13
same as Ray says, also if your near a GW or have a local games club then pop in and ask them for help, they'll be more then happy to show you some hints and tips, but just try not to run before you can walk and you'll be fine buddy

19-09-2010, 00:28
Also, grab one of the super cheap 3 marine packs to work on technique and try your color scheme. No point in wasting beginner mistakes on expensive models.

Ray K.
19-09-2010, 00:54
Or the Assault on Black Reach Marines if you can get your hands on them. They're beautiful models :)

19-09-2010, 17:34
A wise decision to ask the community first before charging in headfirst.

One thing I would like to give you as advice, buy the Foundation Paint "Dheneb Stone". As you are going for what I am guessing is a Bleached Bone armour colour, Dheneb Stone will be the perfect foundation.

It may seem strange to start of with a lighter colour than Bleached Bone, but if yuo are trying to paint Bleached Bone over any other, darker colour (such as perhaps Bubonic Brown or Bestial Brown), it will take several layers to get a good, clean finish and it will probably mess up your model.

Starting with Dheneb Stone, you will have the perfect foundation to lay Bleached Bone over. After that, you can also add some shading with washes, which is not only an easier way to shade, but also one with a better finish... I will admit, I am very stubborn and refuse to abandon my old, futile ways of layering, but I know that it is against better judgment. You are lucky GW has come up with better methods since then, I am unlucky that I am so stubborn.

I hope this helps.