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What Would Batman Do?
16-09-2010, 17:06
After several years of "life" I've returned to the hobby and most important, my beloved Rat-men. Now I used to collect Warhammer as a kid but never really bothered with the rules or actulally having an army list so I am new to this.
A friend and I are going to have a small battle of 500 pts and this is the list I'm thinking of using when I pop my cherry.

Clan Tempest

Chieftain – 45 pts
shield – 2 pts
Warlock pistol/Tail weapon -8 pts
55 pts

Warlock Engineer – 15 pts
lvl 1 – 50 pts
65 pts

30 x Clan Rats
Standard and Musician

30 x Clan Rats
Standard and Musician

20 x Slaves

Total: 494

Now the army is going to keep evolving after this stage, adding alot of Skryre madness. The tactic at this level is going to be pretty straight forward, chieftain in the first Clanrat unit and warlock in the second, using the slaves as a shield. Mob the enemy and blast them with Warplightning

So I appreciate any kind of pointers and/or criticism.

Edit: Forgot to add a wee question, warplock pistol or tailweapon? The chieftains main job will be staying alive and boosting the leadership.

17-09-2010, 16:31
Like you I have recently returned after a lon break due to life. I would add some more Skyre madness to the Warlock at the expense of the shields on the Slaves if I were you. At least get a warplock pistol on that guy. Just my two pence worth. Best of luck with the list.

17-09-2010, 21:01
Drop the Spears on the Clan Rats, they're not worth the extra 1/2 point. CRs are much better fielded cheap with shields. That 6+ ward helps sometimes.

For the chief, between the two options I'd take the tail weapon, it's an extra attack. But personally wouldn't take either.

With the extra points I would either add more slaves and/or a ward save for you general.

What Would Batman Do?
18-09-2010, 11:40
Dont you get the 6+ ward save when using spears?
The way I see it, since I WILL have more units than my opponent at 500 pts I might aswell use spears and get as many attacks in as possible.
Hmm, so I might put the pistol on the Warlock instead, so he gets abit more punch.

18-09-2010, 20:41
6+ ward only comes with hand weapon/shield combo.

Drop the pistol all together, it's not worth the points nor the risk if you roll a 1.
The Warlock should just cast warp-lightning and really do nothing else but ld to a unit.

I just find CRs are way too expensive with both shields and spears. Good place for skaven stuff is http://underempire.net