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16-09-2010, 18:50
Hey do you think this is a competative list???

Warriors of Chaos Army

1 Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch @ 385.0 Pts
Mark of Tzeentch; General; Magic Level 4; Chaos Armour
Enchanted Shield
Golden Eye of Tzeentch
Infernal Puppet

1 Disc of Tzeentch

1 Exalted Hero of Tzeentch @ 236.0 Pts
Mark of Tzeentch; Chaos Armour; Shield; Battle Standard; Barding
Biting Blade
Talisman of Preservation
Stream of Corruption

1 Barded Chaos Steed

1 Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch @ 140.0 Pts
Mark of Tzeentch; Magic Level 1; Chaos Armour
Charmed Shield
Dispel Scroll
Favour of the Gods

1 * Exalted Hero of Tzeentch @ 219.0 Pts
Mark of Tzeentch; Flail; Shield
Armour of Destiny
Bloodcurdling Roar

1 Disc of Tzeentch

20 Chaos Marauders of Khorne 142.0 Pts
Mark of Khorne; Frenzy; Flail; Standard; Musican

20 Chaos Marauders of Khorne @ 150.0 Pts
Mark of Khorne; Frenzy; Flail; FCG

18 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch @ 338.0 Pts
Mark of Tzeentch; Option Qualifier; Chaos Armour; Shield; FCG

17 Chaos Warriors of Khorne @ 364.0 Pts
Mark of Khorne; Frenzy; Option Qualifier; Halberd; Chaos Armour; Shield;
Banner of Swiftness

6 Trolls @ 270.0 Pts

6 Chaos Knights of Tzeentch @ 320.0 Pts
Mark of Tzeentch; Barding; Ensorcelled Weapons; Chaos Armour; Shield;
Blasted Standard

1 Hellcannon @ 205.0 Pts

1 Chaos Warshrine @ 130.0 Pts
No Mark

Additional Casting Dice: 0

Additional Dispel Dice: 0

Models in Army: 94

Total Army Cost: 2899.0

The basic idea is that the Small mage go's to either Khorne Warriors or Tzeentch Warriors to use EOTG on Warshrine blessings hoping to get either Divine Greatenes or some nice bonus like +1 S,A or T. Tzeentch fellows on discs will hunt enemy warmashines. BSB will be joining Troll's.

16-09-2010, 23:24
OK only suggestion is drop tzn from the lvl 1 mage and take fire...not gonna be able to str 7 hit nething but 1,2,3 d6 str4 hits are better than 7 max.....and your 20 mara blocks will die so fast it isnt funny, they are naked with 3t, Id argue either 1 block of 40 or atleast make 1 unit tzn with shields to try and live.