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19-09-2010, 01:39
Hey Im trying to put together a army using the battalion and the awesome looking highborn with gw model! I just ordered the army book. This is wahat i got.

8 Glade Riders
24 Archers
12 DRyads
1 eagle
1 Higborn with gw( and watever else)

Could I make an army with this? Also, what does it mean on gw's website that the archers can be assemled as scouts (would they not be glade guard)? Last but not least, could someone tell me if glade riders are core. Thank you so much!

19-09-2010, 02:25
is there really no hope?

19-09-2010, 04:11
Everything looks fine (i.e. yes, yes, and yes.) You're gonna want to get a wizard though. Also, consult your armybook regarding scouts. The answer is in the army list under Glade Guard.

19-09-2010, 19:23
Hi Puckus10, there is hope. All of the models in the battalion box are useful.
Scouts are an upgrade for glade guard. For an additional 5 points ( I think) a glade can become a scout. There is a different minimum amount in the unit, the unit gains skirmish and scout but loses the glade guard longbow special rule. They still count as core.
Since youhave 24 GG models I would have 1 unit of 19 or 1 unit of 10 and 1 of 9 and then a unit of 5 scouts. If you don't like them as scouts in the future you haven't lost any models.
Glade Riders are very useful as warmachine hunters and can still march block. I wouldn't give them a banner (you can if you want) but a musician is mandatory.
The Dryads are still a good hand to hand unit. A unit of 12 with a branch Nymph is about as big as you want to go. Run them in a 6x2 formation, don't just scatter them.They can't take on a fully ranked up infantry unit but they can pounce on what ever the GG weaken.
The Eagle is also a great warmachine hunter.
I also like the GW weapon holding highborn model. Do NOT give him a greatweapon. With only T3 and striking last he is deadmeat.
I agree that you will need a mage model of some kind, but then you are ready to go.

19-09-2010, 23:23
cool thanks
so much guys

Ive actually been looking some more into wood elves and looked in my Games workshops army book and think i know what my first stuff will be:

40 glade guard
1 eagle
10 wardancers
1 mage
1 noble(what should i use the sword as if not a great weapon?)
1 shooty noble
12 Dryads
8 glade riders

Does anyone think they could put a list together for me? I know its asking alot but if you could:)
Thanks in advance, puckus

20-09-2010, 16:45
You could use a great weapon, just be sure to give him something like the amber pendant so he is not striking last

20-09-2010, 20:39
I think you would be better off giving him a magical sword if you want him to have a sword for fluff reasons, otherwise i would give him a spear:P. You bought woodelves so in the immediate future your not going to be a top tier army in 8th edition but they are still quite fun to play with. Level 4 mage imo helps a lot because then you can use lore of life. (level 2 is restricted to the wood elf lore which is not as useful imo) I would consider getting a treeman unless you strongly dislike them. I find them to be one of the more useful models a majority of the time.