View Full Version : WoC armylist:New to 8th, need some help

Your pale companion
19-09-2010, 14:04
I haven't played any games with 8th edition yet (and I haven't read the rules, although in general I know what changed) and I am putting together a list.
I know it's not competetive, I just go with what looks best.
I'd like some input on what to look out for and what to do to bring this list to it's full potential.

I haven't worked out the details yet.It will go like this (2500pts):
Daemon prince lvl4, Tendrils of Tzeentch (might go with MoT as well, not sure yet).

Exalted hero on Juggy
Exalted hero on Juggy
I am thinking of giving these guys 2handed weps, but not really sure if they will survive long enough to hit back with their 2 wounds.Will also buy them some protection.
Their role is most likely going to be to hunt down targets with no static combat resolution.

Thinking of either another mage to back up the lvl4 or a bsb (kinda leaning on this option, would like to know what your thoughts are on running only one lvl4 wizard).

2 blocks of 30 chaos warriors with shields.One unit has halberds.Thinking on command and marks.

A hellcannon.

The rest of the points will most likely be spent on 2 chariots and some marauder horsemen.