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19-09-2010, 18:56
I played in a 5 game tournament this weekend.

I took the following list (fairly standard)

Slann, rumination, mystery, cognition, cupped hands, bane head, Huanchi banner, lore of life

Skink priest lv2, cube of darkness

10 skink skirmishers
11 skinks, krox, musician, banner
11 skinks, krox, musician, banner
24 saurus, spears, full com
24 saurus, spears, full com

20 temple guard. full com, ironcurse charm, banner of eternal flame
6 cham skinks
6 cham skinks
6 cham skinks

3 Salamanders

Fairly normal list, I tried units of 2 krox and more skinks a while back but felt they didn't do too well so I moved back to these minimum sized units (as I don't have more saurus models. They do ok on the flanks but not great.

1 vs Skaven
2 vs Dark elves
3 vs Warriors of Chaos
4 vs Empire
5 vs Dark elves

Game 1, skaven armylist

Grey seer on screaming bell
bsb hero
engineer (or something like that)

3 large units of slaves
3 units of clan rats
2 plague mortars, 1 flamethrower war machine
Doom wheel

Warp lightning cannon
Stone thrower

2 units of slingshot scouts

Special scenario in this game meant war machines don't all start on the board, in this game the WLC started on the table but could not fire on turn 1, stone thrower arrived but could not fire on turn 2.

This game was really short because we somehow managed to spend 3h playing 2 turns! (don't ask)

Deployment had the table split in two from the opposite diagonals with 6" from the center being a no deployment zone (so 12" each other to start)

Our armies pretty much both started 12" from each other.

The only really notable thing about the terrain was a impassable terrain hill in the center, I was able to deploy 90% of my army to the right of the terrain, while my opponent deployed 50/50 on either side. Bell on my right.

Lizardmen turn 1. As my opponent had 2 characters in a clanrat unit with the bell, it seems like an ideal dwellers target. I don't move a whole lot, in the magic phase I cast dwellers in the clanrat unit killing 1 of the characters and half the unit. Salamanders pretty much destroy a slave unit.

Skaven first turn, No charges yet, magic does very little due to the slann negating enemy 6s.

Shooting kills about 10 saurus and 6 templeguard and a few skinks.

Lizardmen turn 2.

I activate my Huanchi banner on my templeguard and charge the bell.
I cast throne of vines, flesh of stone, regen etc on this unit.

I also cast awakening of the wood and kill a plague mortar.

A unit of saurus on the left of the impassable hill charges a unit of clanrats.

My saurus decimate the clanrats, the templeguard direct as many attacks as possible on the seer, they manage only 1, both my unit and his are pretty much unbreakable.

My salamanders almost take out 1 unit of clanrats with their 3 flame templates.

Skaven turn 2.
A unit of slaves charges a unit of saurus but are taken out by my saurus (spears are awesome!)

My templeguard put another wound on the seer, (down to 1) the TG not in btb attack the bsb and take it down.

The war machine shooting takes down another 10-15 saurus.

At this point the game ends! we ran out of time which is crazy.

I lost in total only 1 unit of cham skinks that were charged earlier and chose to flee (off the table after a failed rally) for a total loss of 72pts.

I had the bsb, the warlock/priest, the engineer (or whatever it is) 2 units of slaves and 1 unit of clanrates. For a total amount killed at 544 pts. I won 13/7. The game was looking pretty good for me as after the next turn even the seer would have been dead and I had lost almost nothing. I reckon I could have pulled off a much larger win with more time. Will have to play faster from now on.

Result. 13/7 win for the lizardmen

Working on the next game.

19-09-2010, 19:17
Game 2 vs Dark elves

My opponent ran the following list.
Combat lord on horse!
Level 4 mage (Shadow)
Level 2 mage (death)

20-25 spearmen
20-25 spearmen
20 repeater shooters
5-6 cold one riders
5-6 cold one riders
Cold one chartiot
Cold one chartiot

5-6 shades
5-6 shades


My opponent won the roll for choosing sides, both sides had a forest, my side it was located on the left, on the right for my opponents side.
My side also had a very nice hill in the center, opponents side had it towards the left.

The hill in my center was impassable from the enemies side, it could only be reached by walking up from the side of my deployment area.

Special mission rules
Each player has 3 "scout" models, single models that start in your deployment zone, 1 of them is the "real" scout with valuable information, its mission is to walk off the table on the opponents side of the table. These models where WS3 T4 A1 5+ ward save, could not join units. Which of the 3 models was real was unknown to the opponent. Killing a fake scout netted 75pts, the real one was worth 300pts, walking off the table was another 300pts. They had to be deployed 1 per table section (decided into 3)

My real scout was the one on the far left flank, his real one was the one in the center.

I deployed 1 on each extreme flank and one behind the hill in the center
My opponent deploys one on the far right flank, the other two close to the center of his line.

Deployment was as follows.

To the far left I had a unit of skink krox (just to draw some units over there)
Then from left to right I had a unit of saurus and the templeguard to the left of the hill, behind the hill I had a unit of skinks and the salamanders and on the right of the hill I have a unit of saurus and a unit of skink krox to the far right flank.

The idea was that my main force would be on the left of the hill (which was impassable from my opponents side) I would put the salamanders on the hill creating a HUGE no go zone for the enemy, or they would take 3 flame templates. On the right I had a few units which I planned to turn around on turn 1 and move towards the left of the hill.

My opponent deployment from left to right.
Cold ones opposite my skrox, combat lord next to them, then towards the center he deployed his army fairly evenly on either side of the hill.

Chariot, repeater shooters, Hydra, spears, spears, chariot, cold ones
lv4 mage went into left spear unit while the lv2 went into the repeater elves.

I win the roll for deploying scouts, so I deploy 1 unit onto the hill towards the center of the table, my opponent deploys a unit of shades with additional HWs in my deployment zone behind my forces (with the ability to shoot either my center or right most scout unit if he wins the first turn), his other unit is deployed in his own deployment zone. My remaining 2 units of chameleon skinks deployed to take out the shades in my deployment zone.

I win the first turn, my 2 units of chameleon skinks in my deployment zone and my unit of 10 normal skinks all move into close range of the shades, 44 poison darts later I manage to kill the 6 shades.

My templeguard and left saurus unit move up on the left of the hill, my templeguard is hugging the hill so it cannot be flanked on the right, the left is kept safe by my saurus unit.

On the left flank my skrox stay put. On the right of the hill my saurus reform and start walking to the left, the plan is to not engage anything with this unit all game, merely to make sure no one attacks the rear of my templeguard. On the right my skrox moves up slightly, staying out of range of the cold one charge.

The salamanders move up a full 12" onto the hill.

In the magic phase I manage to cast throne of vines and dwellers on the spears with the lv4 caster, iirc it was a irresistible force cast on 7 dice (the slann can do that), the lv4 mage survives but the unit is decimated. My salamanders then flame the same unit and what is left is about 5 spear elves and the mage.

Elves turn 1. All but the repeater elves move up. The cold ones on the left move towards the center, opting to ignore the skrox opposite them and my scout hiding behind a building. The knights and cold ones all move towards the center with the hydra taking the lead.

The Hydra moves up a full 12", my opponent even says I have nothing in my army that scares the hydra! (say hello to my flaming banner :)

The others move up a little slower.
The lv4 mage jumps from his spear unit into the fully functional one on the right.

His mages had the lore of death for the lv4 and metal for the lv2.
With my cognition taking away the 6s from his level 4 his casting was not significant.

His shooting managed to kill a few templeguard and skinks but nothing significant. All he had was 24 shooters.

Lizardmen turn 2:
I measure I am 10" from the hydra, I activate the huanchi banner so I get to roll 3d6+4 for my charge, I make the charge but the hydra is placed in a way that due to the hill on my right I can only get 2 models in btb with the hydra and another 2 into btb with the handlers which my opponent then placed next to it.!
I move the saurus to the left of my templeguard up to cover the templeguard flank.

On the right of the hill my saurus shuffle more to cover my rear.

In the magic phase I manage to recast throne of vines which was dispelled in my opponents magic phase (people really don't like that spell), I then cast shield of thorns onto my templeguard. Might have managed a few other spells but nothing significant. I was REALLY hoping that shield of thorns would take 1 wound off the hydra so the 2d6 breath attacks would not be at S5! I also managed to get regen on my temple guard but flesh of stone was dispelled.

No other charges where made.

Shield of thorns does exactly what I hoped and takes 1 wound of the hydra! much less scary now.

In my shooting phase my salamanders fire on the 2nd unit of spearmen, they manage about 35-40 hits in total and kill all but maybe 7-8 spearmen and the lv4 mage.

In CC the hydra really does a whole lot of nothing, with regen cast and the flaming attacks only being S4 I lose maybe 3-4 templeguard, I in turn cause a wound or 2 on the hydra and kill 1 of the handlers.

With my additional ranks, banner, bsb etc the hydra has to test on ld5-6, it fails and runs despite its re-roll, failing to rally the following turn! as it ran out of range of the bsb.

DEs turn 2:
With 2 units of spears decimated and the hydra gone with my opponent only having 2 untis of knights and 2 CO chariots as combat units, neither of which could really take out my huge saurus/temple guard units, there was little they could do. The combat lord manages a charge on my unit of skrox, it takes a 2-3 combat turns for it to go through them but it manages to do so taking 0 wounds, my krox needs 5+ to hit so was largely ineffective.

My opponent does attempt a dual charge with a CO unit and a unit of knights on the left flank onto my saurus, the cold one fails to make the distance, the knights are decimated, I kill all 5! knights, 24 S4 attacks was plenty vs 2+ save knights. I managed about 10 wounds of which my opponent rolled badly for saves.

After this the game became one of mop up. I concentrated on killing his scout units, I got all 3 by the last turn netting me an extra 450 VPs, I managed to keep all 3 of mine alive but I started moving up too slowly and my own real scout managed to make it to 1" from my opponents table edge but I did not get the +300VPs from that.

When the game ended I had lost a few units of skinks and my salamanders which his combat lord finally managed to get to on turn 5, they ran but as the terrain behind them was impassable where destroyed.

My opponent had lost his 3 scouts, both units of spears, a unit of knights, both chariots and both mages. lv4 was poisoned to death after his unit was killed and the lv2 was killed when my unit of saurus on the left charged his repeater unit on turn 3-4.

20/0 win for the lizardmen.

I have to say I have never played a game where the terrain was so critical in how the game went, I managed to get my salamanders onto the center of the table onto a hill that my opponent could not charge without either fliers or going around to the rear o the hill and through several units. The only reason the lord managed was because I moved out and stopped protecting the hill (as I had won the game already)

The elves being T3, they really cannot take S3 flame templates turn after turn. I think if my opponent had concentrated all his shooting and magic onto the salamander unit until it was gone he might have done better.

20-09-2010, 09:16
Game 3 vs Warriors of Chaos

Level 4 caster (shadow)
Level 2 caster (metal?)
Battle standard bearer

44 MOK marauders with GW
44 MOK marauders with GW
44 MOK marauders with GW
44 MOK marauders with GW

Tzeenztch war shrine
Hell cannon (tournament had a restriction of no duplicate rares, else he would have had 2)

Fairly scary list.

Table was divided into 4, own deployment quarter was worth 1 point, the other two were worth 2 and the opponents one was worth 3.

Game points to be decided on the above points, quarters could only be held by units costing over 100pts that have a banner (something I forgot after 4 beers)

Deployment: fairly tight for my opponent since he had 4 hordes. He deployed all 3! heroes into the center most unit (they all had a high S so he was not afraid of dwellers as such) also the tournament had a special rule where characters get a special look out sir roll against characteristic test spells such as dwellers, purple sun, pit etc that don't normally allow saves.

The rule stated that characters get a look out sir roll, if they pass they take only 1 wound rather than all of their wounds, the remaining wounds are transferred to the unit.

My deployment had a unit of skrox towards either flank, ready to take quarters, the temple guard deploy 30" from the enemies center most unit, the other units deploy even further back, I have no intention of fighting the GW marauders. I deploy 3 units of chameleon skinks back behind his lines.

I will keep this report brief as until turn 5 very little happened.

Basically turns 1-4 see my opponent move up as fast as he can, he fires his hellcannon on the skinks! (glad he didn't go after the sallies), my 3 units of cham skinks fire on the hellcannon, one unit is charged on turn 2, that unit runs off the board. The other 2 units take out the hellcannon on turn 3-4. Basically the cannon did very little. Killed a unit of cham skinks, maybe 2, nothing else.

The marauders keep moving up as fast as possible while his mages cast. I continue to move my unit of templeguard back 2" a turn while casting.

I manage a IF dwellers on 7 dice on turn 1, due to my banehead item my opponent loses his īlevel 2 mage with puppet. I manage to get another 3 dwellers over the course of the game, my salamanders also manage to get 2 rounds of fire on units of marauders.

On turn 5 my opponent has 3 severely depleted units of marauders with about 20 marauders each and 1 intact one that is behind the other units (so will never get a charge)

Now as I mentioned I had a few beers during this game so I pretty much forgot about the mission, I thought I could take the quarters with my skink units, not so. I thought I would take the game 20/0 or so, until someone mentioned on turn 6 that in fact I needed banners in the units. My opponent turns his last unit of marauders around and just barely manages to get it back into his own deployment zone, (half the unit at least).

So the game ends up ending 1 point to 0 for my opponent for a 13/7 win.

I would have done much better had I remembered the mission. I just needed to move out a turn earlier.

My skrox should have gone around his units while my 3 units of saurus engaged the weakned marauder units. A lore of life buff here and there would have made the combats go my way. I even had a unit of skrox on 1 far flank that could have ran around my opponents marauders to get into a uncontested quarter but I didn't do so because I thought I already had the quarter with skinks.

The only combats we saw were a unit of marauders kill 2 salamanders, which then ran but were not caught. and the giant flank my TG, it killed 10 or so over 2 rounds before it was killed. 1 unit of saurus also attacked a weakened marauder unit but they where beaten badly as they where out of range of my bsb.

Attacking the marauders 6 wide was foolish as I do not get to use all my attacks and I don't get my spear attacks. Much better is to widen the unit so ALL the models get to attack and let the opponent make the charge so that spears are in us.

A unit 24 strong 6 wide gets 18 attacks on the charge, 12 wide it gets 36 attacks when charged! Lesson learned for next time I meet them. Should kill about 12 marauders before they attack. As long as there are less than 30 you will still win, and by the time I was fighting the units where down to about 2 ranks of 10.

Result 7/13 for opponent

20-09-2010, 12:03
Game 4 vs Empire

Archlector on war alter
lv4 sorcerer lord
Battle standard bearer

20-30 flagellants
40 halberds
40 halberds
5 knights
5 knights

Steam tank

Key terrain, a building at the center of the table.
A large hill in his deployment zone which cut his deployment zone in half to some extent.

Special mission rules. The game is played for game points.
Units under 100pts are worth 1 point
Common units are worth 1 point
Special units worth 2 points
Rare units worth 3 points.

The building is quite large in the center and divides the battlefield in two.

I go with a refused flank type role once again.

To the left of the building I deploy the majority of my army.
Left to right.
Skrox on the far left flank, then towards the building on its left I had saurus, temple guard and skink skirmisher unit, to the right of the building saurus, skrox salamanders.

My opponent deploys from left to right
Knights on far left flank, flagellants near the center to the left of the hill to protect the war machines on the hilld (mortar & cannon), to the right of his hill - steam tank, arch lector, Halberd, halberd, cannon & mortar, knight.

Turn 1 Empire:
Halberds, steam tank and arch lector move up on the right of the hill in his deployment zone, on the left the flaggelants move up to protect the 2 war machines on the hill. The knights move slightly towards the center to help the flagellants.

Magic phase is real interesting. My opponent gets 10 dice, I get 5 dispel dice. I knew he had lore of life and dwellers so I made sure to deploy my TG so far that he would not be in range on turn 1. He casts throne of vines on 4 dice, I throw my 5 dice to dispel this figuring he will spend the rest on dwellers which will likely IF or have such a high casting value that I cannot dispel it anyway. So I get rid of his TOV.

He does indeed use 6 dice to cast dwellers... but one what? a unit of 6 chameleon skinks! (awakening of the wood would likely kill just as many) He gets a IF and the spell goes through. I lose 2/6 of my cham skinks.... so sad.

He rolls his miscast and rolls a 1,1!
Mage dies on a 1-3, he rolls a 2! mage is dead and the unit takes 10 casualties from the large S10 tempate! nice! (all for 2 skinks)

As this is his only mage I am pretty happy, he still gets +2 DD from the lector each round but no +4 to dispel anymore.


The steam tank decides it would be a great idea to fire on my salamanders with the cannon, it misfires and takes 3 wounds! nice!

His 2 mortars and 2 cannons fire on the salamanders killing all 3, which was sad as I would have loved to heal the unit back up had I been given the chance. Bad deployment on my part as both cannons had line of sight (do they even need it?)

Lizardmen turn 1
On the right of the building I have a unit of saurus and skrox, I reform these and start moving towards the right, away from the steam tank, 2 halberd units and arch lector.
my saurus block on the left moves into the building in the center.

My cham skinks that scouted behind the knights on the left flank take some shots at them but kill nothing.

my saurus and temple guard move towards the left of the building.

In my magic phase I attempt a dwellers on the flagellants on 7 dice after casting throne of vines, I cast it with a 30 but no IF, my opponent has only 4-5 DD but manages a IF dispel with 2 6s.

Empire turn 2.
The halberds, steam tank and arch lector move up again, still sticking to the right of the building in the center, nothing wants to charge inside (as only the halberds and flagellants can...they want to protect the war machines still) Steam tank is moving very slowly at this point taking only 1 steam point.

No magic left for the empire, shooting sees a mortar take down half of my skrox unit on the left flank, the cannons no longer have any multi wound targets so they end up firing on my skinks lols. The knights on the left flank move up towards the center of the map, no longer concerned about my skrox unit there is little that can hard them from the left flank at least.

Lizardmen turn 2:
My temple guard is 11" from the knights (I don't think he was thinking I would charge them) and 6" from the flaggelants. I declare a charge on the knights, I activate my Huanchi banner to make sure I make the required 7 roll, I roll 1,1,1 oh noes.

My magic kills a few flagellants, I attempt another dwellers but it is dispelled again. (should have gone for the buffs)

My skrox and saurus on the right move back towards the left slightly and turn around to face the enemy.

Empire turn 3.
As I failed my charge on the knights, my TG is stuck in fron tof the flagellants, they charge!

The halberds knights and arch lector move down below the building, towards my saurus and skrox unit that where in retreat. The steam tank turns around and starts moving towards my TG on the other side of the building.

The flagellants make the charge on the templeguard, not good, they are 7 wide! so have 14+7 S5 attacks on the charge... But wait! the arch lector casts bironas timewarp on them, giving them an extra attack for the front range and ASF, so 28 S5 attacks coming my way. Not good.

He cast the spell with IF on 6 dice (everything seems to be cast with IF these days)

No other charges.

War machines do their thing, mortars kill a few saurus and cannons no longer have any targets bar skirmishing skinks, they tend to fail to kill any, sometimes they get 1.

The flagellants kill 14! temple guard in a single round of CC! I am left with 3! damn! I kill maybe

Lizardmen turn 3:

I need to save my slann! I am worried about a charge from the knights that are close by, in order to make room for my saurus to come and support my TG, I have to get some skinks out of the way, I also want to charge the kights with my skrox, skrox +7 skinks left in the unit. To make room I do a combi charge, skink skirmishers and the skrox charge the knights who hold.

the skrox fail to make the distance so only 6 skink charge the 4 knights.

I am also worried about the arch lector charging my slann, I also knew he had a character killing weapon, hits on 2+ S6? and deals d3 wounds.

I take my unit of saurus out of the building and place it in front of the arch lector to block its charge.

My skrox unit down below charge his unit of knights (they weren't expecting a charge) I make the charge but my saurus luckily block the route to the knights so only 3 of the knights are in hitting range.

In the magic phase I do a lot of buffs on my templeguard, flesh of stone, TOV, shield of thorns, earth blood, all go through, regrowth does not as my opponent throws ALL his dice at it. Shield of thrones kill half the flagellants remaining, love this spell!

Combat, up above my 6 skinks vs 4 knights manage to win combat after killing 1 knight, knights kill only 1 skink, they hold.

Below my skrox vs the knights manage to kill 1 knight (the skinks did the killing, krox missed), the knights hold due to the bsb on the lector.

The flagellants are now fighting 3 TG and the slann, they manage to kill 1 TG, T8 4+ regen seems too much for their S3 attacks.

Empire turn 4:
The steam tank takes a chance and rolls for 4 steam points, it gets it and charges my TG, 2 left at this point!

Down below the lector charges my saurus, it is basically trapped between my skrox in combat with his knights and the building so it could not turn around, it could charge or be charged basically so it charged. I manage 2 wounds on the lectors chariot, it kills nothing, loses but holds.

My skrox down below fighting the knights are charged by a unit of halberds. After combat I am down to 3 skinks and a krox who hold (really good parry saves!)

Up above my 5 skinks kill another knight! 2 left hehe, they kill 2 skinks.

The steam tank does 14 S6 hits on my 2 templeguard It manages 2 wounds but regen saves 1. the flaggelants attack my slann but do nothing.

Lizards turn 4:
I cast all the buffs on the TG again, regrowth is again dispelled.
My saurus down below the building put another 2 wounds onto the lectors chariot, 1 left, I lose a few saurus.

My skrox lose all skinks, krox is left alive, I lose but hold due to slanns ld9 with reroll. Rolled 1,1,6.

Up above my skinks die to the the knights (actually 3 left, I guess there was 5 when the combat started)

The slann and TG along with shield of thorns kills the remaining flagellants. I do a wound on the tank, hoorah. My saurus that came to help charged in this turn but due to the flagellants dieing in the magic phase never get to attack.

Empire turn 5.
The lector loses his chartiot but holds combat with the saurus.
the last krox fighting next to the lector against the knights and halberds is taken out (not sure if I took out the knights the turn before, think the krox killed 3)

The empire player resigns to his fate of not being able to kill the last TG, he tries again with the tank but fails to do anything vs the T8 4+ regen TG.

the knights (3) above charge my saurus unit in the flank, they win combat, I hold due to cold blooded ld9 from the slann with reroll, I turn to face them.

My saurus in combat with the lector take him out, I do one wound and he runs due to 2 ranks, flag etc. I overrun into the halberd unit behind them.

Lizards turn 5.
Same drill with magic, all buffs on TG.
The saurus fighting 3 knights kill them.
the saurus fighting halberds lose but hold (no spear use this round)

Empire turn 6.
Tank tries last time to kill remaining TG but fails.
Halberds fighting my saurus now lose, I kill 11! he kills 1! They are run down.

Lizards turn 6. My skrox unit that earlier failed its charge against the kngihts on the hill can charge either an engineer, a mortar or cannon. I charge the mortar (only wrong choice due to sceario special rules) and kill them.

Game ends.

Empire is left with a mortar, engineer, 2 cannons and 1 unit of halberds.

Lizards have lost a skrox unit a cham skink unit, my salamanders and a normal skink unit and my lv2 priest that was with a unit of skinks. 8 game points according to the scenario.

Empire lost.
Lv4 sorcerer
arch lector
knights (maybe)

For a total of 11 points. I win 12/8
Had I charged the engineer or a cannon rather than the mortar it would have been 13/7.

Result 12/8 to the lizardmen

(Edit) Game 5 is found below.

20-09-2010, 16:45
44 MOK marauders with GW
44 MOK marauders with GW
44 MOK marauders with GW
44 MOK marauders with GW


Were they at least modeled right?

20-09-2010, 17:07
Nice reports. Thanks for all the work.
I don't think an archlector can be a bsb, btw.

20-09-2010, 17:12
Nice reports. Thanks for all the work.
I don't think an archlector can be a bsb, btw.

He cannot indeed

20-09-2010, 18:34
The archlector can both make units unbreakable via prayer and have an 18" leadership bubble on his war altar. The other player was probably treating this with the same mindset as a BSB since it's a nice leadership boost for Empire.

20-09-2010, 22:02
Actually I just remembered incorrectly, the BSB was in the halberd unit besides the arch lector which is why I got confused, due to all the hills and other terrain the model kept falling over and ended up at the back of the unit rather than the front rank.

As for the marauders they weren't all marauder models, the units actually looked quite nice. He used a lot of all kinds of models, marauders where in the front rank, inside the units he had marauders on horses, other chaos type spiky models, 1 unit had a chariot inside and maybe they also had chaos knights, not sure exactly.

Basically about half marauders and half unit fillers but the units as a whole looked pretty sweet. They looked like hordes of angry rabble rather than orderly ranks.

I will go add the BSB to the armylist above, will try to correct the report tomorrow.

Last game and tournament results to follow tomorrow also.

21-09-2010, 13:28
Game 5 vs Dark Elves

Level 4 sorcerer (death)
Level 2 sorcerer (metal)
Battle standard bearer

20-30 spear elves
20 repeater elves
10 repeaters
10 repeaters
1 cold one chariot
1 cold one chariot

20 or so black guard
6 shades
6 shades
Cauldren of blood.


Special rules
The objective of the game was to garrison a building at the center of the table, the person who controls this building at the end of the game gains +450VPs. Also no magic can be cast within 6" of the building nor do magic weapons work inside the building (except against ethereal units inside). Spells can be cast into the building as long as they are cast form over 6" away from the building. Also all spell ranges are HALVED and unlimited range spells receive a 24" casting range. Purple sun which my opponent manages to get is not effected as it has no range as such.

As both of our armies where somewhat magic heavy, with 600-700pts each spent on casters neither really wanted to go in for most of the game.

Deployment Lizards from left to right.
Skrox on far left flank. Then towards the center I have a unit of saurus, temple guard just to the right of the building, saurus, skinks with salamanders behind at the base of a hill towards the right of my deployment zone with the last unit of skrox on my right flank.

Basically this gave me the option of putting 1 unit of saurus into the building while I have my templeguard unit and a saurus on the right with skrox holding my flanks, I wasn't willing to give up casting with my slann.

My opponent's deployment from left to right.

On the left flank on a hill he deploys his 20 repeater unit with lv2 mage, to their right he has the cold one chariot, hydra, on the left of the building. Behind the building he has his unit of blackguard with cauldron behind along with the BSB, to their right a unit of 10 repeaters, his spear unit a cold one chariot and finally the last unit of repeaters.

My chameleon skinks deploy with 1 unit behind the building in the center, one in his deployment zone behind the 20 strong repeater unit (well to their corner) and another in a wood in front of my left most skrox unit in a wood. The idea is for them to go after the hydra (though normally I never manage to poison hydras to death)

My opponents shades deploy with 1 unit behind the building on his side of the deployment zone. The second unit deploys on the right flank in a wood next to the unit of 10 repeaters.

DE turn 1
My opponent wins first turn, chariot and hydra moves up, as do the spears with the lv4 caster and the black guard behind the building, they could have gone inside but chose not to. (glad they did not!...well, I suppose I would have just cast dwellers on them if they had)

He fires his 30 repeater bolt throwers, large unit on the left fires my cham skinks in the wood, -1 skirmisher, - 1 chameleon, - 1 soft cover, 6s to hit, they kill 1 or 2. On the right the 20 repeaters fire on the temple guard and my skrox, killing a few skinks and 2-3 temple guard.

Magic saw get 9 or so PD, he tried to cast the larger version of purple sun on 5-6 dice, not nearly enough to get the needed 25 casting value considering my becalming cognition negates his 6s. I dispel his second dice. (what I was worried was him casting the large purple sun on 9-12 dice each and every turn, what I would have done)

Lizards turn 1
I move up my slann and TG towards the right of the building, keeping more than 6" away, unfortunately with all casting values halved, I was not in range for dwellers just yet.

My saurus unit on the left of the TG move up, I didn't want to take the building as I didn't think the enemy would charge me if I took it. I probably should have since my saurus do better in the building rather than charging it once buffed.

My saurus on the right of my TG also move up onto the hill in front of them. My skrox also move up on the right flank, while the skrox on the left move up into the woods in front of them.

My chameleon skinks, both units on my side of the table move towards the hydra, I place both units just over 11" from the hydra so I won't have to run necessarily if the hydra charges. the final chameleon skink moves behind the 20 strong repeater unit.

The hydra takes 24 poison shots, all wounding on 6s to hit, I manage to get 5 wounds in of which my opponent fails to save 2! not bad, I was mainly just hoping to get 1 wound in so the breath attack is no longer S5.

In my magic phase I do little due to casting ranges being half this game. My salamanders which also moved up onto the hill next to the saurus on the right, they fire on the spear unit and manage 1 nice hit killing about 6-7 spears. They pass their panic check.

Dark elves turn 2
Charges: hydra charges 1 unit of cham skinks in front of him, 11" away, meaning he needs a 5, I flee. Cold one chariot on left flank charges the other cham skink unit, needing a 7, I opt to flee yet again.

On the right there are no charges, the spears and black guard move up a little once again.

shooting has his unit of 20 repeaters on the left kill a few more skinks from my skrox unit on the left flank. On the right his shooting does 2 wounds on my salamanders and kills a few handlers, a few more TG also go down. My normal skinks are taken down to 4 models.

Lizards turn 2
I fail both rally tests on my cham skinks and flee off the board, wish I had taken the stand and shoots instead. oh well. On the right I move up my salamanders, they move up 12", putting them about 1" from my opponents shades, I know they will be charged next turn but as a trade off I get 3 really nice flame templates, shooting diagonally I can hit his unit of 10 repeaters, his CO chariot and his unit of spears.

My salamanders manage to kill 5 repeaters from the 10 strong block, and about 10 spears.

My chameleon skinks, the final unit alive moves up behind the hydra, into close range this time, I manage to poison it 3 times and 1 normal wound as well. The hydra fails 2! saves and is down to 1!

My 2 saurus units, TG and the skrox on the right all move up ready for next turn charges. My skrox on my left attempts a charge on the CO chariot but fails to make the distance.

My casting does almost nothing, I believe I cast a dwellers which was dispelled with a IF dispel.

Dark elves turn 3
The black guard charge my Temple Guard, the cold one chariot attempts to do the same but fails to make the distance. No other charges.

The cauldron buffs them with an extra attack! 3! S6! attacks per model. Madness! They proceed to kill about 14 Temple Guard before I get to strike! nasty.

Worst of all the champion challenges, I figure if I take it with my champion it will die before it gets to strike, so I accept with the slann, big mistake. The champ has 4 S6 attacks each round (some magic weapon), with Hatred it scores 4 hits, causes 4 wounds, and I fail 4! 4+ ward saves! slann down to 1 wound!!!

Shooting and magic does little, my opponent continues to try and cast purple sun on about 5 dice, with me negating 6s they all either fail or are easy enough to dispel. the repeaters kill a few saurus and skinks here and there but ultimately S3 shots vs T4 is not too great.

The shades charge my salamanders, as do the remaining 5 repeater elves, they manage to kill1 salamander, the unit holds, a 2nd salamander is on 1 wound.

Lizardmen turn 3
My TG and slann are in trouble, the slann has only 5 or so temple guard left to protect it, losing it would be a disaster. Also it being down to 1 wound is somewhat scary! I really need to get a lot of life spells off this turn to heal it back up.

I move my saurus on the left of the TG into the Black guard units flank, ready to charge next turn. On the right my saurus charge the repeater elves in combat with my salamanders. I would have come to help the TG but the elves where in the charge arc.

My skrox on the right charge the 10 strong unit of repeater elves in the woods.

My magic phase sees my opponent dispel earthblood but I manage to get throne of vines, flesh of stone, regrowth and shield of thorns. At this point I realise how amazing shield of thorns is vs elves! amazing! It kills about 7-8 black guard before we even get to the CC phase! AND the spell is a RIP so will be around the following turn as well (unless my opponent dispels) Also my slann is healed back to 5 wounds, whew.

My 4 remaining normal skinks move towards the hydra, along with the 1 remaining chameleon skink unit, they manage to put the final wound on the hydra, which never made it to combat (thanks to the building in the center of the table)

In CC my remaining templeguard kill a few BG while taking 3! casualties themselves despite their T8.

I lose another salamander, leaving 1 on 1 wound, the opponent loses his repeater elves meaning my saurus never get to attack!

On the right my skrox kill a few repeater elves in the wood after passing their panic test caused by the stand and shoot, the elves win! but I hold.

Dark elves turn 4
The elves are starting to run out of units.

On the left flank the 20 strong unit of repeaters and lv2 mage turn to fire on my cham skinks killing 1 or 2.

on the right side all but the cauldron are in CC.

The cauldron realises that +1 attack will do little vs T8 models switches their ability to Killing blow! Did I mention taking challenges with a slann is a baaaad idea! So 4 killing blow strikes later my slann is still alive! no 6s rolled. The BG loses combat but holds after cutting the heads of a few of my TG and losing several of their own number.

The cold one chariot also charges in, hoping to kill the few remaining TG (not that I need stubborn for my slann to stick around) but with S5 impact hits against the immovable wall of T8 temple guard it fails to kill any.

The salamander and handlers manage to kill the remaining shades in CC with them despite needing 5s to hit.

The skrox unit fares poorly again with the elves causing about 6 wounds on them, a 6+ save and 6+ ward later only 2 die (they made about 10/20 6+/6+ saves that game) eventually beating the repeater elves down. (this turn or the next not sure)

My opponent attempts and fails on anther purple sun, i use my dice on the 1 spell he does successfully cast.

Lizardmen turn 4
My saurus on the left of the TG charge his unit of spear elves and lv4 mage, they flee, my salamander declares a charge on the same unit hoping they run off the table, though as it comes from an angle the required roll is 11, they run again but do not go off the table.

The saurus unit then redirects to the cauldren.

The saurus on the left charge the chariot.

My salamander moves up to flame the remaining spears and lv4.

The game pretty much winds down from here. I use shield of thorns to kill the remaining Black guard and do a few wounds onto the chariot. The saurus kill what is left of the chariot.

I manage to charge the spear elves the following turn while the 2nd saurus unit takes the building for 450VPS.

The opponent is left with a unit of shades, his unit of 20 repeaters with a lv2 mage and possibly 1 CO chariot.

I had lost in total 2 units of chameleon skinks, 1 unit of normal skinks (shades took them out after they killed the hydra) 1 unit of skrox. Everything else was alive.

Result 20/0 victory for the lizardmen.

21-09-2010, 13:48
Post tournament thoughts:
In most of my games, my saurus and temple guard, often took a beating, I ended many a game with 1-5 models left in the units.

This makes me think that I should definitely not make them any smaller.
They were fantastic points denial units, costing 320-355 points each, if I have 1 model left alive at the end of the game my opponent gets nothing. Amazing!

I also really liked the spears over HW/S although it did lead to a funny situation against the marauders where the best course of action was to walk in front of them and NOT charge, instead let them do the charging so I get more attacks.

The unit of 3 salamanders was great, it kept it alive longer for my slann to heal it, I wish there was some way to help them out against war machines, flesh of stone helps vs mortars but otherwise there is not much that can be done.

The skrox are an interesting unit, I tried units of 2 krox and 16 skinks earlier and they did horribly. the smaller 11+1 units really don't pack much of a punch at all! I lost to shooting units in CC! so its really hard to say about them.

That said they did protect the flanks, they don't really have to get into CC to do that, they can draw fire and protect flanks without really charging a whole lot. Most enemies don't like to take their charge in the flank as charge, flank, rank, banner and whatever they can kill is likely to break a non steadfast unit like knights or chariot that tends to hang on flanks. My 11 skinks, krox, banner and musician cost only 124pts.

The unit itself is not great but I certainly cannot come up with anything with a similar cost to replace them with.

Magic did well but I really need to start casting earth blood on the unit of temple guard even when there seems to be no immediate danger, in two games the unit was almost wiped out and earth blood would have made a world of difference. It costs 1 dice to cast after all.

I am not entirely convinced of the value of my skink priest, I only ever used the dispel scroll in 1 or 2 games, that said my empire opponent had to play without a magic phase all game because he had only 1 mage so I guess I will stick with it, it just seems like a drag on the army as I pay 140pts for the model and in most games it does nothing but give my opponent easy VPs as the only safe place for the model is in a unit of saurus.

The Huanchi banner really failed in this tournament, it did not buy me a single extra charge! I might replace it with the Banner of discipline next time round.

Overall I came 3rd with 72 points, 2nd place went for 74pts and 1st for 81 to a VC player with a 2 ghoul hordes, a horde of grave guard, some wraiths, a vargulf, vamp lord, vamp bsb, necromancer, 2 small bat units and a unit of zombies.

He even managed to beat the marauder army 20/0.

Fun tournament overall.
I was fairly happy with my performance, could have done better vs the skaven if only we had a few more turns to play and vs the marauders if I hadn't forgot the mission.

21-09-2010, 13:52
Black guard are really nasty and hit hard....good thing they are also expensive fragile units so can be countered....

who won overall?

21-09-2010, 14:18
Great reports and congratulations on your results.
Skrox units are nice because they have the speed the Saurus lack. They are nice support units that are hard to eliminate with small support units like wolves or fast cav.
Thanks for posting these reports

21-09-2010, 14:52
Black guard are really nasty and hit hard....good thing they are also expensive fragile units so can be countered....

who won overall?

Yea I didn't really realize they had 2 attacks, otherwise I might have used the salamanders or slann magic on them, the magic was just tough in this game with ranges halved.

Vamps won overall, read more about it in my above post.

21-09-2010, 17:06
Yea I didn't really realize they had 2 attacks, otherwise I might have used the salamanders or slann magic on them, the magic was just tough in this game with ranges halved.

Vamps won overall, read more about it in my above post.

ah great finish! And good point on large units being a means of points denial hmm....