View Full Version : My knight titan

19-09-2010, 18:17
heres my knight titan i made took a while and i dont have progress pics but i am going to make a second larger one and i will post those pics soon all coments are welcome

20-09-2010, 11:34
Nice work mate.

22-09-2010, 01:03
It looks like it belongs in Battletech. I think you've done a good job there.

22-09-2010, 20:38

keep 'em coming

23-09-2010, 07:41
This one really looks good. But better pics would be great!

What parts did you use for the legs? Is that defiler legs?

Do you have any idea how much this babe did cost you?


23-09-2010, 20:34
thanks guys yeah the pics arent the best im hoping to lend a digi camera to take some more pics of this one and the one im building now. the legs are made from the legs of 2 defilers i bought on ebay i the main body shape was made from plasti-card with building sections added on. its total cost i would say would approx be around 50 pounds because instead of buying full kits i bought the seperate parts from an ebay seller. ive also made my own version off a super balistik from 2 land raiders and other parts pics hopefully up soon!