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20-09-2010, 19:05
hi all!

the second of Oktober, i have this small tournement at the local warhammer store (in Maastricht if you're curious :P) and it's a small one. 1000 points which makes it all the more difficult for me to make a good army list because, well.. i dont really think the warriors of chaos' list is very handy at these small battles. everything is too expensive and there are just too many options!! ^^. anyway. this is what I came up with. afterwards, i talk about "da Plan"

level 2 wizzard
dispel scroll
lore of fire (a well placed, well timed fireball can be lethal to an army at small sized games like these)

25 marauders

26 marauders
musicien (just enough to fill the core points required xD)

20 chosen
Mark of Tzeetch
Musicien, Standert Bearer (no points left for a champ)
Rapturous Standert

Warshrine (and no points for a MoT...:()

Add it all up and you'll find out that it's 996 points.

Ass you'll no doubt have noted it a deathstar army. My chosen are going to be fielded in the centre, flanked by marauders on both sides and the sorceror either goes skirmish or in one of the marauder units.

I know this isnt mindblowing or original in any way but of all the lists I've made it looks the most decent to me.

Please C&C

20-09-2010, 22:12
Not so much a deathstar as a load of very expensive dudes stood around with no protection-surely a dozen chosen with s/c/m and the MoT, favour OTG, and an anti-shooty banner is better?

20-09-2010, 22:28
Make the marauders 50 big (combine them), and make the chosen normal warriors. Use the points you save to make the shrine a hellcannon. In small games, there broken, and funny.


21-09-2010, 07:39
Thanks you guys for reacting so fast ^^
okay... so,

level 2 with scroll

20 warriors
Standert, Musicien
Mark of Tzeetch
Rapturous Standert

50 marauders
Mark of Khorne


which makes a total of 1020 points. the problem is.. what isnt really nesscecary? my first guess would be the MoK on the marauders, since they already have 30 attacks in the front (unlikely to get the all in base contact but still...)


21-09-2010, 08:55
Drop the standard of the warriors maybe?

21-09-2010, 10:57
Do you really need 50 marauders??

Going down to 40 gives you (the amount of points it does - don't think I can technically post it?)

But simply put, enough to give your wiz a ward save, a 2+ shield (which improves base save) and some war-hounds for baiting, screening, and that bit of manoeuvrability that you don't have with only two infantry units.

21-09-2010, 13:23
You could drop the MoK on the marauders and give them MoS and greatweapons. They lose some attacks but they have to be badly beaten in close combat to get rid of them.


21-09-2010, 20:59
Drop the standard of the warriors maybe? no that has to stay i'm afraid... that makes them pretty much unbreakable, well, maybe thats exagurated, but it makes them really really really tough to break ^^

okay, 40 marauders.

level 2 with scroll
lore of fire

20 warriors
Standert, Musicien
Mark of Tzeetch
Rapturous Standert

40 marauders
flails, musicien


which leaves me 56 points. Ohh and btw, i'm testing this saturday so i'll ofcourse tell you my experience
any more suggestions?
i'd also like to thank all of you for reacting so fast,

21-09-2010, 23:48
Mark of khorne on the Marauders and 5 more guys?

Some dogs, halberds for the warriors .....the list goes on.

Lore of fire isn't that great unless you get flame cage-I like death for putting pressure on characters.

I have a 1 k tourney on saturday here is my list:

level 2 with scroll
Death magic

12 warriors of Nurgle,s/c/m ,halb/shld
Banner of Rage

30 marauders of Tzeentch, light armour,shld, s/c/m


A unit of dogs.

Almost 1 k bang on.

Whatever you do-keep the Helcannon, it's as good as it gets in 1 k.

22-09-2010, 09:02
right... good point
Mark of Khorne and 5 more guys.

I'm doing 2 battles this saturday so if you dont mind i'm just gonna steal your lists and test it aswel ^^

yeah, the hellcanon is a keeper, i know, in larger games i dont ever leave home without but i was doubting because it's a lot of points in 1k.

thanks mate