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20-09-2010, 19:43
I have a bit of a weird one here. Over the last few days I have been thinking about my daemon army from 7th. I tended to run a Lord of Change, a big unit of horrors supported by a back up Herald, a couple of smaller units of horrors, and flamers and flesh hounds for combat. Possibly what people called cheese, but I never went as far as some, sticking to one Flamer unit and no special characters.

I've been thinking about the Lord of Change, and I can't really justify him in 8th. I always used to run him as a Lvl 3, as Lvl 4 became expensive quickly. With all his gear being expensive, and knowing i'd have a big unit of horrors as well, I'm not going to use him to start with. which is a shame, as i like the figure.
Question 1, can anyone convince me that a Lord of Change is worth it in a Tzeentch army with a big block of horrors?

Second, I looked at the selection of models I have, and kinda dispared about my chances. But, i decided to try a list anyway. The main part of it was going to have to be a large amount of horrors, supported by Heralds, as that was what I have. I've always loved Tzeentch, and I wanted a distinct theme to the army. so this is what i came up with. questions follow

2400 points
Daemon Prince: Etherblade, Unnatural Swiftness

Herald of Tzeentch: Master of Sorcery - Life, General
Herald of Tzeentch: Master of Sorcery - ?
Herald of Tzeentch: Power Vortex, BSB

39 Horrors: Musician, Standard, Icon of Sorcery
10 Horrors: Standard
10 Horrors: Standard

6 Flesh Hounds
6 Flesh Hounds
6 Flesh Hounds

5 Flamers

Question 2, what do you think? Given that my model collection doesn't really exceed this, army changes are likely to be minimal. the question really means what do you think this army will be like to use from you more experienced 8th ed daemon generals? does it stand a chance?

Question 3, given the recent discussion on Daemon Princes, is the Gift selection on this guy decent? I was planning on using him as a stop-gap-er, someone that can plug gaps and take out small elite H2H units that are coming for my battery of wizards. Unnatural Swiftness seems a godsend, with the changes to ASF making it awesome combined with I7, but is the Etherblade too much? Should I make him slightly cheaper by just going for the rerolls to wound?

Question 4, are 6 flesh hounds per unit enough? I'm not thinking that they are going to beat up big units on their own, i'm not that naive. But i would like them to at least hold up units for a turn or two, or take out weaker units in combination charges.

Question 5, and final question, what lore for the other Master? With a Lvl 4 and Lvl 2 using the Lore of Tzeentch, I see a fair amount of blasting coming from those. Life is a no brainer, but what makes sense for the other guy? what fills the gaps? I'm thinking Light or Beasts gives me a good variety of options, especially if i can get some models to represent the chimera and dragon!

Sorry for rambling a bit, but i really like the way the army feels when it's tzeentchified to the extent i did in 7th. not because it was powerful, but because magic is fun and so very characterful for Tzeentch. Now i just need it to work... :P

20-09-2010, 21:10
Put spellbreaker on the bsb and winged horror on the other herald. Also, swap the 18 hounds for 10 hounds and 7 flamers.

I would drop the ether blade on the prince, and add winged horror, MOT, Master of sorcery, lv.2. That will give you a jack of all trades monster, which will help your magic indefinatly.

And life on both tzeentch heralds. 2 of each amazing life spell is very handy indeed.