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20-09-2010, 21:40
I personally love Chaos Trolls and have wanted to use them. I finally got a hold of 4 boxes of the plastic trolls (which I'm sure I can use as Chaos trolls with a badass paintscheme.) I keep hearing about how Trolls are crap because of Stupidity and the flaming banner. 1 banner can make 12 trolls(including Throgg) useless?

I don't buy that, the montrous infantry rules of 3 to a rank, 3 support attacks per model in the second row, and stomp attacks make them to me a great asset if used right. Then there is Eye of the Gods if two or more wounds are regenerated per phase. This to me can be used to great effect. Does anyone agree That Trolls suck even when taken with Throgg? Im thinking Throgg with a group of 3-5 Trolls for 2250 and for 3,000 (maybe 2500 at the lowest) I use Throgg in a unit of 5 and another unit of 6.

Is this a good idea? If not what should I take for special?

P.S. A couple questions, Its says Throgg's vomit can be used as a Breath Attack. Does that mean the other Trolls can attack as normal or must they vomit too? Second Question, can a unit of trolls in 2 ranks of 3 negate enemy ranks in a flank attack? I think its stupid if you need 10 trolls to do it.

20-09-2010, 21:53
What's stupid about 10 trolls? I know someone who fields a horde of them + throgg :P

20-09-2010, 21:55
I have heard of people using them to great effect IF the tournament allows them use Throgg.

With Throgg out (if the rules dont allow it), then they become more dicey IMO.

a unit of 6 trolls is equivalent to about 5 Khorne knights with FC, one flaming template weapon at the beginning of a shooting phase can wipe the whole unit quite easily.

Still worth considering though.

20-09-2010, 21:57
trogg is a char and can vomit while normal trolls attack....yes to negating ranks with 6 trolls and other than the one game my trolls got hit with purple sun, they have never fully died to anything at all. Chaos trolls are easily my favorite unit now...since I dont use a chaos lord I make throgg my general, 5t 4w and regenerate is pretty good. With a bsb near by then have never failed stupidity for me. with throgg trolls are core on top of it. Trolls=pimpin

20-09-2010, 23:26
They have initiative 1 and are pretty vulnerable to flaming attacks. Other than that, they're rock solid. If you face pit of shades or purple sun, they could have a rough time of it. Aside from that, chaos trolls are amazing in large units which gain stats as opponents try to kill them.

Stupidity isn't bad with a reroll from a BSB while in the general's leadership bubble.

21-09-2010, 02:20
Agreed, I use 2 units of 4 as support for my warrior line and they've never really disappointed. Not always optimal, but never a bad choice...

21-09-2010, 06:24
I like the idea of trolls tearing through and stomping Infantry(dwarfs come to mind for some reason) Now that I know that Throgg can use his vomit/breath attack and the other trolls can use their regular attacks makes me more motivated to take them.

21-09-2010, 06:39
I'm terrified of the idea of a horde of them. Trying to kill that would be horrible with mutant regeneration.
They don't seem to really need Throgg, he's just a secondary general/BSB (irrelevant if they're nearby anyway) and makes them core (which shouldn't be an issue with WoC).

21-09-2010, 06:48
Meh, I suppose, I do not like being limited by special choices if I want to spam them. Taking Throgg remedies this, and while I can take abunch of warriors at 5,000 points I'd rather have Trolls as core to help reach the 1,250 points requirement for core since Im not sure if I have enough warriors and Marauders.

21-09-2010, 07:44
I have often taken Chaos Trolls and I have never been disappointed with their performance. They became, in my eyes, even better with the disappearance of special slots in the new edition.

Oh, and Throgg is a Grade A certifiable bad ass.

21-09-2010, 10:06
I have often taken Chaos Trolls and I have never been disappointed with their performance. They became, in my eyes, even better with the disappearance of special slots in the new edition.

Oh, and Throgg is a Grade A certifiable bad ass.


Since 8th my group allows the use of special chars again. so a unit of 5 trolls with trogg (makes 6) is included ad all times now. well my opponents now this so i face the flaming banner ad all times now to ;)

still Trogg is a great char and not that expencive for a chaos hero with his abeleties. (s5 breath attack with now armorsaves??? yes please)

21-09-2010, 11:03
I love trolls!
You just have to keep them near your BSB and general, is all. They act as a perfect cushion for almost anything your opponent can bring down on them.

And for the Flaming banner: There are ways to circumvent this. In my experience people who employ a certain tick give themselves away with their eagerness to see it come to fruition.
So when deploying your trolls and moving them the first couple of turns, keep an eye on your opponent and which units he moves to counter your trolls with. That unit will most likely have the flaming banner.
Use your trolls as bait, and flankcharge with knights. I did this to a unit of white lions quite recently.